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A10 Networks - a leader in the development and production of solutions for traffic balancing (ADC), network perimeter protection (TPS), expansion and optimization of IP addressing (CGN), encrypted traffic analysis (SSLi), operator-class Firewall solutions (CFW). The company provides secure, scalable application services for local, cloud, and border cloud environments, with better business results and investment protection support. A variety of implementation options, a reliable modular operating system of its own development ACOS, a specialized element base (FPGA), the best weight and size of the equipment make the solutions from A10 Networks an undisputed leader in the industry.

The advantages of A10 Networks solutions are:

  • Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) modular operating system of own development.
  • Use of specialized element base.
  • No license restrictions, all functionality is available in full.
  • Support for industry standards in the field of ACD, CGN, TPS.
  • Cisco-like command-line interface support.
  • The highest productivity at the minimum mass and dimensions in the industry.
  • Easy integration of all manufacturer's solutions in a virtual chassis.
  • Affordable cost of equipment in the analysis of the ratio of performance, size and energy consumption.
  • A wide range of equipment (hardware, virtual, cloud).


About 200 companies from the Global Fortune 500 list, 10 out of 10 top telecom operators, 2 out of 3 top cloud providers, 5 out of 10 top media companies - a clear confirmation that the solutions from A10 Networks are the best among competitors in this field.

What networking solutions does A10 Networks offer?

  • Decisions to optimize and increase the speed of applications A10 Thunder ADC.
  • Detection and protection against DDoS attacks. A10 Thunder TPS - a solution that allows you to detect and prevent DDoS attacks.
  • Encrypted traffic analysis solution. A10 Thunder SSLi allows you to decrypt SSL traffic without affecting the speed and bandwidth of systems.
  • Centralized firewall, VPN & secure web gateway for service providers and large companies. A10 Thunder CFW - integrated solution for application delivery and security in one standalone product.
  • Save IPv4 and control the transition to IPv6. A10 Thunder CGN - solutions to expand the capabilities of the IPv4 protocol and the transition to IPv6.
  • Application management and analysis. Harmony Controller - compliance control, centralized analytics and application management.

iIT Distribution is the official distributor of , provides distribution and promotion of solutions in Ukraine, professional support for their implementation.

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