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The most effective and productive solution for detecting and preventing DDoS attacks. High scalability, performance, deployment flexibility makes the A10 Thunder TPS a leader among such solutions.

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A wide range of implementations on virtual platforms, hardware devices and in the form of cloud implementations makes the solution easily adapted to any deployment options. High performance (up to 380 Gbps) with minimal weight and size significantly reduces the level of operating costs (OPEX). Flexibility of command line management (CLI) for graphical shell with the ability to visualize and build reports (aGALAXY) allows the solution to be convenient for administration and monitoring. Different variants of the solution architecture (active, proactive, symmetrical, asymmetric, out-of-band) allow to adapt the solution to different variants of protection construction.

Thunder TPS is:

  • Protection at different levels of the protocol stack through the use of proprietary signatures.
  • High performance solution and the ability to increase capacity.
  • Availability of API and own language for creation of scripts which allow to provide deep detection of network anomalies.


Automatic zero day protection (ZAP):

Automatic calculation of blocking filters and analysis without prior adjustment or manual intervention with subsequent blocking of abnormal behavior.


The only 5-level adaptive policy escalation in the industry, protection based on machine learning.

Best performance in the industry:

Up to 220 Gbps per 1 RU. Flow detector at a speed of 6 million frames per second (22 times more than competitors).

Management and analytics:

Single control panel, real-time visualization and tracking. Intelligent detection of services with automatic assignment of mitigation policy.

The only protection against DDoS attacks:

Integration with other A10 Thunder products (ADC, CGN, CFW). Protect applications from DDoS attacks, which does not require special training for applications and servers.

Threat analysis:

More than four dozen sources of information on security threats for instant detection and blocking of harmful traffic. Up to 96 million records to block toxic IP addresses.

The Rise of Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks

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