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Effective systems for detecting intrusions and targeted attacks in networks through the use of traps and lures

Responding to threats in a timely manner will help protect your classified information from external attack. Deception technology uses special hanipots that set false targets, so-called traps that confuse intruders, misleading them. Its use allows you to detect and respond to external threats in a timely manner and provides reliable protection for your data.

At modern enterprises of various industries, banking and other institutions, a very high level of computerization of various processes. Most of them have electronic document management systems, and all information is stored electronically. For the efficient work of employees, their personal computers are combined into a single network, through which they can quickly exchange various information, store and receive all kinds of data to perform their functional duties. Such networks are a real lure for industrial espionage, as unauthorized access to them will provide classified information that can be used for selfish purposes.

How do fraud technologies work to ensure timely detection of network threats?

Such a concept as hanipot emerged at the end of the last century. This is a kind of network object, the main purpose of which is to wait until the attacker begins to attack it. In fact, he simply records and stores all criminal acts. Subsequently, the obtained artifact of the erroneous flow from the open trap is used for analysis. In addition, the hanipot detains the attacker, who spends his time studying it. Hanipot can be a simulation of a server, workstation, any service.

This attack marker has been used for a long time, but it was inconvenient to analyze the information obtained due to the lack of interaction with the real infrastructure.

These data protection tools have been replaced by a more sophisticated fraud technology called Deception, which has a centralized management structure for many traps. Its convenient management system allows the administrator to create traps with the necessary parameters. They immediately respond to attempts to interact and transmit the information to control systems, based on the analysis of which certain protection measures are taken manually or automatically. Such a protection system works until there is a zero-day attack - unauthorized penetration into the trap, then you need to eliminate the imperfections of the system.

The rapid development of Internet technologies is expanding business opportunities every day, but with new opportunities there are still unknown threats. Intelligent IT Distribution is a distributor of solutions from the world's leading software vendors, so it can offer you the most effective ways to protect your network from unauthorized access using Deception technology.

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