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Load balancing

Load balancing between servers

Many companies in our country face issues of IT infrastructure optimization. Corporate customers are increasingly preferring cloud technologies, the rapid development of which has been observed in recent years. Until a few years ago, a conventional hardware balancer was used to balance and distribute the load between servers, but today this method is considered obsolete. He was replaced by new devices - controllers. They are responsible for many network functions, not just load balancing.

What are the functions of a modern controller?

This multifunctional platform provides the following tasks:

  • оптимізація роботи різних додатків;
  • load distribution between servers;
  • processing encrypted browser requests;
  • security providing.

This device has high performance and is capable of processing millions of requests simultaneously. For cloud environments, virtual controllers are used, which can be several on one platform. Container technology is most popular today among programmers working on cloud applications. They allow you to implement almost any architecture and microservices, test them and, if necessary, deinitialize. The advantage of the controller in the form of a container is also that professionals can test cloud applications according to real work scenarios, covering the functions of optimizing performance, caching, server availability, load balancing. Security, authentication, and attack protection features can be added.

Effective IT infrastructure from iIT

IITD is a dealer in the Ukrainian market of the world's leading manufacturers of integrated solutions in the field of IT infrastructure. The company's specialists will be able to offer you efficient ways to distribute the load using controllers, which will help to save significantly on server service due to the rejection of excess capacity. Along with this, you can increase the performance and security of applications several times, to unite the entire remote access system in a single URL. You will be able to monitor all applications and traffic, organize access based on SSL VPN. Entrust your company's IT infrastructure to a team of iITD professionals.
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