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iIT Distribution announces that, despite all the external circumstances, the company's logistics is working intensively!

You can simply take advantage of fast delivery of multi-petabyte enterprise-class DSS solutions from INFINIDAT, as well as Inspur high-end server hardware on demand. We are ready to deliver your selected products in a MAXIMUM of 45 days after you submit your order.

To order, contact infinidat@iitd.com.ua and inspur@iitd.com.ua respectively.

As a reminder, INFINIDAT is the market leader in storage systems according to the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for core storage systems! The company has developed its own innovative storage technologies (both primary - InfiniGuardsolutions, and disk backup - Built using the market-leading InfiniBox solution) and reliable protection of thousands of terabytes of data at the lowest possible price.

Learn more about INFINIDAT solutions.

We are excited to introduce you the products of Inspur, the company that is the absolute leader in the Chinese AI server market and the No. 3 server provider in the world (according to IDC and Gartner estimates).Inspur's high-end storage solutions have set more than 80 records in various tests, such as TPC-E, TPC-H, SPECAppServer and SPECPower!

Check out products from Inspur to suit all tastes!

If you have delayed this before, now is the time to focus on the selection and purchase of truly high-quality equipment for reliable storage of data from world leaders in the industry.

iIT Distribution is constantly concerned about the security and efficient, uninterrupted operation of our customers' IT infrastructures. In wartime, we feel a special responsibility for the security and digital comfort of every customer. That is why iITD, as an official distributor of INFINIDAT and Inspur, will continue to offer its support in selecting, designing and implementing the most effective cyber solutions of these vendors.


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