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Advanced anti-DDoS solutions from A10 Networks are available for installation!


Whether we like it or not, our systems are in the zone of cyber warfare to one degree or another in today's environment. You must be prepared for the worst, as threats are waiting for their potential victims at every turn, and that' s why the iIT Distribution team understands how important it is to be committed to an ongoing process of customer protection.

Due to the temporary constraints on the supply of hardware from the leader in developing solutions for balancing traffic, network perimeter protection and optimization of IP addressing A10 Networks, we would like to draw your attention to high-performance anti-DDoS solutions A10 Thunder TPS, available for seamless and fast deployment in a virtual environment.

High scalability, performance and deployment flexibility make the vThunder TPS a leader among other cyber products for detecting / preventing DDoS attacks., This solution, depending on the type of license and hardware capabilities of the virtual environment, can work with up to 100 Gbps, supporting flow detection of up to 1.5 million frames per second.A wide range of implementations on any virtual platform (ESXi, KVM, Hyper-V) makes vThunder TPS easily adapted to all possible deployment options.

Learn more about solutions from A10 Networks.

We are ready to provide our customers with A10 Thunder TPS trial licenses with full functionality for the required term (pilot period, setup, and start-up periods). Please pay attention that after signing the contract for purchasing the solution, the license replacement will take minutes without causing the customer's system to stop. This also applies to other products from A10 (A10 Thunder ADC and A10 Thunder CGN).

iIT Distribution is an official distributor of A10 Networksproviding distribution and promotion of vendor's solutions in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia, as well as professional support in their design and implementation.




Take active steps to protect your organization from becoming a puppet in the hands of Russian cyber intruders

What good does revealing the information in the previous two articles in our series do? It clearly shows that many organizations worldwide may have services that are contributing to attacks on Ukrainian digital infrastructure. While these are not intentional as they are legitimate systems that have been manipulated into becoming DDoS weapons, IT professionals should look at their systems and act, using all their tools, not just DDoS protection systems.

Steps to address this issue can include:

  • Turning off any non-essential services that might generate potential attacks
  • Investigating unusual traffic flows from their organizations around these protocols which could be used in amplification and reflection attacks, specifically UDP services (e.g., traditional protocols like DNS, NTP etc. and less common protocols like ARD, CLDAP etc.)
  • Turn on available access controls on firewalls and networking equipment to prevent systems from being weaponized
  • Ensure all systems are patched and up to date to combat known CVEs
  • Review guidelines from multiple sources: CISA, vendors, and other security resources to keep up to date on the evolving situation, and then take steps to ensure systems are secure
  • Check that procedures are in place in the case of cyberattacks. It is especially important when DDoS attacks have often been used as smokescreens to distract for other attacks

Specialized DDoS protection systems also provide an enhanced level of protection, specifically enabling techniques to mitigate these attacks, such as actionable (large-scale) threat lists pulling from multiple threat databases, traffic anomaly inspection, finding traffic baseline violations, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and more.

It is important to note that organizations should cross reference multiple observability and reporting capabilities to get a comprehensive picture of the network status to ensure the previously mentioned anomalous behaviors are thwarted.

Larger and More Frequent DDoS Attacks Illustrate Action Should be Taken Now

The examples above illustrate that DDoS amplification and reflection attacks continue to be fast, cheap and easy to perform. Evidence from the A10 DDoS Attack Mitigation: A Threat Intelligence Report, points to a new record for the largest reported attack when Microsoft reported in Jan 2022 a3.47 Tbps and 340 million packets per secondbreaking last year’s record. This brings home the scale these coordinated attacks can be. It also shows that attacks can potentially be much larger. Microsoft mitigated these attacks by being prepared, both to detect and mitigate these attacks.

Increasingly, organizations are falling into the prepared and unprepared categories. Unprepared organizations are the ones more likely to make the headlines or contribute to the spread of problems. Increased public reporting and visibility will lead to more awareness of cyber threats and will help the IT and security communities better plan to mitigate threats and limit disruption. As an example, the 2016 Mirai DDoS attacks increased awareness and caused defenses to be shored up, resulting in some of the successful mitigations we see today.

Summary: Be One of the Prepared with the Right Protection in Place

By implementing the above steps to protect systems, organizations can rest assured that they will not become a destructive puppet in the hands of Russian criminal actors seeking to disrupt Internet services and other critical infrastructure in Ukraine. As illustrated from A10 Networks, threat research, there are certain organization types and regions have been targeted. Due to this changing threat landscape, it is also advisable for organizations in sensitive sectors worldwide, whether government, military or critical commercial infrastructure to reassess their services to ensure adequate defenses are in place to avoid being an unwitting participant of malicious activity.

iIT Distribution is an official distributor of advanced solutions from A10 Networks in Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We are grateful to A10 company for broadcasting anti-tamper position by implementing measures to suppress Russian attacks on Ukrainian systems!

For our part, iITD will continue to help its customers in the selection and implementation of security products of this vendor.




A10 Networks research monitors attacks on Ukrainian systems.

In the previous article in this series, we looked at data from A10 to understand the nature of recent Russian government-sponsored cybercrimes aimed at Ukrainian targets. The massive spike in attacks on Ukrainian government systems occurred on the first day of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Recall the two main targets aimed by the Russian coordinated DDoS Amplification and Reflection Attacks:

  • Private Company "Infoservice-Link" with more than two million requested responses to AppleRemoteDesktop (ARD). This target is included in the block of IP addresses, which are tied by their geolocation to one of the largest cities of Ukraine - Kharkiv. At the same time, whois information identifies it as Severodonetsk, Lugansk region, Ukraine, Lugansk.
  • Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – more than 600 000 requests to NetworkTimeProtocol (NTP).

Studying these attacks, we can see that they were similar, but not identical. For example, the second target was requesting Network Time Protocol (NTP) for a DDoS amplification and reflection attack on UDP port 123, which is quite common, while the first target had requests for the less common Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) protocol on UDP port 3.283.

Figure 1: Protocols directed to Ukrainian registered ASNs via UDP on February 24, 2022 to a single honeypot. Accordingly, ARD, NTP and CLDAP are the most requested. During the next six days, NTP became the largest protocol observed on the same honeypot after a spike in activity during the first day of the war

Since UDP ports have no connection (unlike connection-oriented TCP), they allow to substitute the source address, masking the requestor and, at the same time, reflecting the response to the assigned victim, which receives a large, boosted payload. This is why attackers prefer Amplification and Reflection techniques.

ARD, for example, can have an amplification factor of more than 34 times higher than the original request. For the ARD attack on the first target, A10 Networks⠀estimated that most of the requested packets were 370 bytes (70%). However, considering the large number of packets of 1,014 bytes (23%), we can calculate an average of ~500 bytes. If we multiply 500 bytes by 2,099,092 requests, we get 1049546000 bytes⠀of just over 1 gigabyte, and they were all requested from the same machine.

In the "A10 DDoS Attack Mitigation: A Threat Intelligence Report," none of these protocols are in the top five. According to the research, there are 30,622 potential DDoS weapons for ARD that A10 monitors. Using only 10 percent of them could theoretically generate 3.2 terabytes of traffic, while using 50 percent could generate 16 terabytes of traffic.

Figure 2: Top 10 ARD UDP Locations of Potential DDoS Weapons Tracked by A10 (by Country and Overall)

Comparing the ARD protocol identified against the first cyber attack target, we see that there are 30,622 weapons tracked by A10, but 18,290 (59%) are in the US. Although there are many such weapons, that clearly illustrates that IT organizations outside of the warring nations may be actively involved in cyber conflicts. These organizations can directly help minimize the damage to Ukraine. The honeypot we analyzed was based in the United States.

As mentioned above, the two examples highlighted on February 24 were extremely large-scale. However, we have seen a steady increase in the number of smaller attacks on targets in Ukraine using various UDP protocols. The mix of these protocols has varied over time. ARD dominated the first day, and NTP dominated the next six days. Thus, owners need to ensure that their systems are not used to carry out Russian cyber attacks and illegal activities aimed at Ukrainian targets.

Learn more about А10 Networks and its high-performance solutions.

More to come. Stay tuned for updates so you don't miss Part 3 of the series from iIT Distribution and A10 Networks!!




A10 Networks research monitors attacks on Ukrainian systems.

A A10 Networks Networks is one of those vendors who actively supports Ukraine during this very difficult time, condemning in every way Russia's crimes against the Ukrainian nation. The Russian-Ukrainian war is shocking in the scale of its bloodshed. Russian terrorists are focusing not only on territorial offensives, but also on destabilizing cyber-attacks on Ukrainian systems which are sponsored by the Russian state. To stop these destructive activities and, as well as the potential harmful effects on other countries, immediate action is required. We need to act now. In this series of articles, we'll explain in detail the characteristics and specifics of new cyber-attacks detected by A10 Networks' security research group. A10 NetworksLearn what actions you can take to reduce the impact of Russian cyber-attacks and how exactly you can make sure that you are not "unconscious accomplices" of the aggressor.

Threat Vectors Reports and Recommendations

State-sponsored attacks are not a novelty. The world has seen occasions in which a number of major enterprises in fields such as banking, healthcare, and government agencies have been subjected to massive DDoS attacks, making headlines. But as for the current cyberconflict, it is being waged on multiple fronts.Recent reports have included malware, DDoS attacks and damage to Ukrainian websites. Executives at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency (CISA), part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, are warning of a new threat:

«Further disruptive cyberattacks against Ukrainian organizations are likely and could unintentionally affect organizations in other countries. Companies should increase their vigilance and re-evaluate their capabilities to plan, prepare, detect and respond to such threats».

Today, we can observe the results of preparations for the current cyber conflict. For example, in 2020 it was revealed that the Russian FSB was aiming to create a massive IoT botnet. We have also seen reports of malware with multiple variations, such as Wiper, causing damage by removing sensitive data from target computer systems. In addition, state-sponsored DDoS attacks target government, banking, and educational services, in other words, organizations that serve ordinary people. We are also seeing reports of revenge attacks by hacktivists. For example, the Anonymous group have hacked into prominent Russian websites to post the group's anti-war messages. This clearly demonstrates that both offensive and defensive measures and countermeasures are actively being pursued.

DDoS Amplification and Reflection Attacks were and still are targeting Ukraine

The systems of security research group A10 recorded powerful and sustained attacks on Ukrainian state networks and, as a result, on commercial Internet resources. The massive spike was observed on the first day of the military conflict.

Studying one of our research honeypots and focusing on the spike in first-day breaches, we can see that hackers are trying to engage legitimate systems in a coordinated DDoS Amplification/Reflection attack. The first attempt to breach the honeypot node was made several hours after the initial territorial attacks against Ukraine started on February 24. Taking into account the answers to the requests of the systems concerning Ukrainian targets, two main goals can be identified:

1) Private Company "Infoservice-Link" with more than two million requested responses to AppleRemoteDesktop (ARD).

2) Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – more than 600 000 requests to NetworkTimeProtocol (NTP).

The first target is slightly unclear at first because of its name, which we were able to find out as a result of an automatic search. When we get the in-depth information of the “Infoservice-Link”, we see that it refers to the block of IP addresses Checking where it was bound to, we see that in one source it is indicated as geolocation to one of the largest cities of Ukraine - Kharkiv, while the whois information shows it as Severodonetsk, Lugansk region, Ukraine, Lugansk. Flooding a block, although not on a specific host, still creates a DDoS attack, which the network equipment should in theory be able to handle if it is not weakened. Thus, we can conclude that the goal of the attack is to damage multiple applications, servers and the core infrastructure served by the block and equipment.

The second target – a government department, looks like an obvious source of opportunity for attackers:

"The main task of the Secretariat is organizational, expert-analytical, legal, informational, logistical support of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, government committees of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, First Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ", - Wikipedia.

Figure 1: Location information from ipinfo.io

Figure 2: 645 248 attempts to amplification-request to one honeypot in 15 minutes

To be continued. Stay tuned for more updates!

iIT Distribution is an official distributor of A10 Networks products in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Uzbekistan. We are sincerely thankful to A10 for active broadcasting the anti-tamper position by implementing measures to crack down Russian attacks on Ukrainian systems! For our part, iITD will continue to help our partners in selecting and implementing the most effective cyber solutions of this vendor.


Компанія iIT Distribution отримала статус офіційного дистриб'ютора A10 Networks


Ми горді повідомити про підписання партнерської угоди, що підтверджує статус компанії iIT Distribution як офіційного дистриб’ютора рішень від A10 Networks — лідера галузі балансування трафіку, оптимізації роботи IT-інфраструктур та забезпечення захисту додатків для підприємств і операторів будь-якого масштабу!

Раді відкривати українським організаціям нові горизонти цифрової трансформації та переваги безперебійного кіберзахисту! Відтепер ви маєте можливість придбати продукти A10 Networks в Україні та отримати від нас повну підтримку в проєктуванні та впровадженні замовлених рішень.

A10 Networks є провідним виробником галузі завдяки різноманіттю варіантів реалізації своїх рішень, надійній модульній операційній системі власної розробки ACOS, спеціалізованій елементній базі (FPGA) та кращим масогабаритним показникам обладнання.

Дізнавайтеся більше про продукти від виробника A10 Networks.

Не слід забувати, що в сучасних реаліях з'являється дедалі більше розподілених та динамізованих додатків, через що процес забезпечення стійкого захисту з часом лише ускладнюється. Варто додати до цього збільшення кількості DDoS-атак, цільової злочинної діяльності найманих хакерів, а також звичайнісінькі людські помилки — і ось перед вами ідеальні обставини для експлуатації вразливостей безпеки вашої установи. A10 Networks належить до постачальників рішень безпеки, які зосереджуються на автоматизації and спрощенні ІТ-ландшафту. Використання вендором саме такого підходу надає всі шанси забезпечити своїм клієнтам максимальне зміцнення систем безпеки. Продукти від A10 Networks вже багато років підвищують бізнес-показники компаній-замовників та надають їм якісну підтримку в захисті корпоративних даних.

Очевидним підтвердженням того, що рішення вендора є кращими серед конкурентів даної галузі є його клієнти:

  • близько 200 компаній зі списку Global Fortune 500;
  • 10 з 10 ТОП телеком-операторів;
  • 2 з 3 ТОП хмарних провайдерів;
  • 5 з 10 ТОП медіакомпаній.

Чому б вам не перевірити потенціал продуктів від A10 Networks особисто? Надсилайте запит на отримання демоверсії рішень A10 Networks та замовляйте тестування продуктів через форму зворотного зв'язку на сайті або звертайтеся за нашими контактами!


A10 Thunder ADC application delivery controller in our warehouse!


In today's digital business environment, companies of all sizes and industries (financial institutions, service providers and cloud operators, retail, etc.) should remain flexible and innovative to compete, grow and thrive. They all manage large and critical applications. Without their reliable productivity and availability the work of employees can stop, customer service will become impossible which will cause the wave of disruptions in the work of the whole business. More than 40 percent of businesses report that one hour of downtime can cost their business between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.

All these requirements have led to such a decision as application delivery controller (ADC), has become one of the most important components of a modern digital infrastructure of any company. An application delivery controller can help maintain a high quality of user interaction by providing a unified approach to performance management, troubleshooting, and traffic optimization in complex environments with holistic visibility of devices, applications, policies and users.


Special application delivery controller Thunder ADC from the leader in the development and production of traffic balancing solutions A10 Networks ensures high availability, performance and security of applications. It is possible to learn more about the manufacturer by the link. The A10 Networks load balancer helps reduce network downtime, sustain business continuity, and create high-availability systems that span global data centers and numerous clouds. In addition the Thunder ADC lineup has the highest bandwidth in the industry when transmitting application traffic which makes this solution one of the best in the industry. Learn more about the Thunder ADC line by the link.

As part of its global web traffic management capabilities the A10 Networks load balancer can evaluate the performance and response time of each resource in your environment and then make smart adjustments to application traffic to prevent the impact of server failure on users. Also the A10 Networks ADC solution can help you use the public cloud as a backup for your on-premises data center by using global load balancing on the server to determine when and how to use that capacity and then redirect traffic accordingly.

While application performance and availability are key to choosing the right ADC, A10 Networks does not stop there and pays special attention to cybersecurity prevention.

Load balancers from this vendor provide the ability to apply uniform policy compliance schemes to each platform you use which simplifies the provision of the same consistent information security for applications and services:

  • Sequential authentication management on cloud and local platforms allows you to support the Zero Trust security model.
  • Thunder ADC security measures such as security analytics, DDoS attack protection, web application firewalls (WAF), modern SSL / TLS encryption standards and threat analysis provide a multi-tiered approach to cybersecurity for deep protection.

Thunder ADC can be applied as a virtual machine or container. Its placement is possible in the core of the network, in a multi-cloud environment (in private and public clouds). The A10 Networks application delivery controller supports a multi-user environment which allowing you to configure application delivery partitions (ADPs) that are virtual ADCs.


One of the representatives of the model range of load balancing solutions — А10 Thunder ADC 1040 already presented in our warehouse! This device can be commissioned to ensure efficient application delivery, load balancing and information security. In addition, the model 1040 can act not only as a controller: it contains carrier-grade NAT functions to expand the use of IPv4 address space and migration to IPv6. Using these various functions is possible by switching operating modes.

This decision:

  • load balancing at levels L4-L7;
  • provides several levels of security: WAF (Web Application Firewall) and DAF (DNS Application Firewall) functionality, single sign-on authentication (SSO), advanced encryption methods (including PFS / ECC).

Thunder ADC 1040 is characterized by high capacity, scalability and the ability to program to adapt to a constantly changing environment. This solution reduces the complexity of the network and the total cost of owning it.


By choosing a load balancing solution from A10 Networks you will get:

High application readiness.

Thunder ADC uses several load balancing techniques to efficiently distribute the workload across all available servers while constantly assessing the status of the program. Client requests are forwarded to servers that contain the required content and are able to respond as quickly as possible to requests for optimal delivery of applications and content.

Application protection.

Thunder ADC provides protection against zero-day attacks and other new application-level threats with WAF and DAF, and allows you to centrally manage several aspects of authentication, authorization, and accounting.

Advanced encryption capabilities.

Thunder ADC undertakes complex calculations related to the implementation of the latest cryptographic standards. This maximizes content protection, speeds up delivery and reduces infrastructure costs.

Management automation.

Thunder ADC allows you to fine-tune more than 1 000 individual partitions in your work to implement system policy rules for applications, services and users, as well as to consolidate devices.

Business continuity.

Thunder ADC performs the advanced function of global load balancing on servers (GSLB) to optimize the delivery of applications from different sites.

Competitive advantages.

Thunder ADC overcomes the negative effects of long delays in packet transmission over WAN- channels and inefficiency of programs, providing fast customer service.


iIT Distribution is the official distributor of solutions from A10 Networks. Request a demo of the A10 Thunder ADC application delivery controller or other products to ensure cybersecurity and deploy reliable, optimized, and secure services for your infrastructure on our site.

We work only with market leaders and innovators in their fields, so customers get the best products that solve specific problems, rather than imposing unnecessary functionality. The leadership of A10 Networks products is proven by numerous successful experiences of use by the largest telecom operators, cloud providers and companies from the Global Fortune 500 list worldwide!

Want to know more? All the necessary additional information will be gladly provided to you by our certified specialists! Contact us in any convenient way specified in the section "Contacts" on our site.


A10 Thunder CGN

An advanced operator-class solution that provides productive and transparent translation of network addresses and protocols. Allows service operators and large enterprises to expand IPv4 connectivity and make a smooth transition to IPv6.

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The solution is represented by a wide range of equipment from virtual platforms (vThunder CGN) to hardware, with a bandwidth of 370 Gbps (Thunder 7650CGN). The highly reliable Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) provides advanced functionality in a wide range of hardware form factors.

The A10 Thunder CGN line has a performance of up to 370 Gbps with the number of simultaneous sessions up to 512 million in one device, so it is characterized by the best performance in the industry and outperforms the nearest competitors by 2.5 times. At the same time A10 Thunder CGN has a minimum of weight, size and power consumption, which significantly reduces the cost of ownership of this equipment (TCO) compared to competitors.


Advanced IPv4 connectivity:

Address the lack of IPv4 addresses and extend the life of IPv4 network infrastructure to ensure the continued availability and reliability of critical applications and services.

IPv6 migration management:

Smooth transition to IPv6, supporting translation and tunneling between IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Ability to operate different protocols simultaneously, which allows operators to gradually introduce transition mechanisms as needed.

Scalability for IoT and BYOD:

The introduction of IoT and BYOD facilitates the rapid spread of devices connected to the Internet. This depletes the available IPv4 address space. Planning to meet the needs of IP addresses in expanding connectivity and scalability of the infrastructure to ensure continuity of service.

Decrease in total cost of ownership (TCO):

High performance in the compact form factor leads to a reduction in OPEX and CAPEX due to efficient use of rack space, reduced power consumption and cooling requirements.

Improving protection and availability:

Improve infrastructure security by protecting the NAT IP address pool from large-scale DDoS attacks. Ensuring high connection reliability through the use of application layer gateways (ALG) and other important features such as high availability (HA).

Flexible deployment options:

Ability to deploy Thunder CGN according to the software and hardware strategy of the organization: using a hardware device, a virtual device, a platform without an operating system and CGN containers.

The Rise of Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks

Management and integration

Thunder CGN deployments can be customized through centralized device management and third-party integration as needed. Thunder CGN software options provide fast deployment and flexible operation along with available high-performance hardware options.
  • Global governance based on analytics
  • Ready service for SDN and NFV
  • Hypervisor (software support)
  • Platform without operating system
  • The actual deployment of the container

A10 Thunder TPS

The most effective and productive solution for detecting and preventing DDoS attacks. High scalability, performance, deployment flexibility makes the A10 Thunder TPS a leader among such solutions.

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A wide range of implementations on virtual platforms, hardware devices and in the form of cloud implementations makes the solution easily adapted to any deployment options. High performance (up to 380 Gbps) with minimal weight and size significantly reduces the level of operating costs (OPEX). Flexibility of command line management (CLI) for graphical shell with the ability to visualize and build reports (aGALAXY) allows the solution to be convenient for administration and monitoring. Different variants of the solution architecture (active, proactive, symmetrical, asymmetric, out-of-band) allow to adapt the solution to different variants of protection construction.

Thunder TPS is:

  • Protection at different levels of the protocol stack through the use of proprietary signatures.
  • High performance solution and the ability to increase capacity.
  • Availability of API and own language for creation of scripts which allow to provide deep detection of network anomalies.


Automatic zero day protection (ZAP):

Automatic calculation of blocking filters and analysis without prior adjustment or manual intervention with subsequent blocking of abnormal behavior.


The only 5-level adaptive policy escalation in the industry, protection based on machine learning.

Best performance in the industry:

Up to 220 Gbps per 1 RU. Flow detector at a speed of 6 million frames per second (22 times more than competitors).

Management and analytics:

Single control panel, real-time visualization and tracking. Intelligent detection of services with automatic assignment of mitigation policy.

The only protection against DDoS attacks:

Integration with other A10 Thunder products (ADC, CGN, CFW). Protect applications from DDoS attacks, which does not require special training for applications and servers.

Threat analysis:

More than four dozen sources of information on security threats for instant detection and blocking of harmful traffic. Up to 96 million records to block toxic IP addresses.

The Rise of Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks

A10 Thunder ADC

High-performance solutions that allow customer applications to be fast, balanced and secure. Built on the advanced A10 operating system (ACOS), Thunder ADC solutions provide application performance and security in any environment.

Request a demo

Small, medium business, large enterprises, service providers - all organizations face the problem of rapid growth of critical applications. The specially designed A10 Thunder ADC solution ensures that these applications will always be available and delivered to users in an accelerated and secure mode in any multi-cloud environment. This will help reduce downtime, ensure business continuity and make applications highly available.

Thunder ADC solution provide load balancing of L4-L7 levels and several security levels over the Internet, as well as DNS firewalls, single sign-on (SSO) with authentication, advanced encryption, including high-performance PFS / ECC.

When this solution is needed:

  • High cost of IT infrastructure ownership (TCO)
  • Lack of centralized monitoring of IT systems
  • Lack or decentralization of IT incident management
  • Non-compliance with IT security requirements
  • The need to reduce costs

Thunder ADC solutions are productive, scalable, and easy to customize, making it easy to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Thanks to a single management of all products, the complexity of the network and the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced.


High availability and performance:

  • Improved load balancing at levels 4-7 provides high availability and business continuity for application services.
  • Intelligent traffic management allows you to respond faster using servers with optimal traffic distribution or configured traffic distribution.
  • Application acceleration methods and SSL / TLS protocols further optimize application performance.

Comprehensive application security:

  • Improving application security is centralized, does not require any changes to the server configuration.
  • Web application firewall (WAF) and other advanced security features to protect against malware and botnets and DDoS attacks.
  • Single sign-on (SSO), centralized verification.

Flexible deployment:

  • Cloud native Lightning ADC is available for both public and private cloud, container and service network environment.
  • Available in hardware and multiple form factor software.
  • Harmony Controller provides unified management and orchestration for integrating and automating applications in multiple clouds.

Automation and analytics:

  • Real-time monitoring for each program and effective analytics for instant understanding and quick troubleshooting.
  • Automation for DevOps and SecOps with 100 percent API support.

Harmony Apps – ADC

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