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Aruba Wi-Fi

The best enterprise-class Wi-Fi is simple, secure, stable and scalable.

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Wi-Fi is one of the key destinations in Aruba, where the vendor has historically specialized. The company's long experience in the development of wireless technologies makes the Wi-Fi solution one of the best on the market. The versatility of access points (APs) allows you to implement many additional wireless services: All-in-One. The versatility of AR provides an opportunity to build networks of different functionality and configuration.

The main differences and advantages of wireless networks from Aruba HPE

  • AR scalability when deploying a network: the same AR can operate both in a network from a single point and in a network with hundreds of ARs.
  • Implementation of the solution both without controllers (built into the AR) and with an external controller (hardware or cloud).
  • Built-in routing and switching functionality in the AR.
  • Built-in AR Firewall.
  • Support for Bluetooth technology.
  • Zigbee support for IoT devices on the AP.
  • Geopositioning function (Beacons).
  • Support for NFC technology.
  • Monitoring, management and analytics software based on both On-Promise (hardware) and SaaS (cloud) solutions.
  • Network access controller for various devices, including BYOD.
  • Solutions of object movement analytics (with reporting and visualization).
  • Artificial intelligence for network optimization and security.
  • Large model range of AR with different functionality and compliance with a wide range of tasks.
  • All APs (500 series) are certified under the Wi-Fi 6 standard (802.11ax).

The future of Wi-Fi is here

Discover a wide selection of high-performance access points

Internal access points

When performance and lightness matter, Aruba access points support artificial intelligence capabilities, the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, and several form factors for deployment in any environment.

External access points

Provide seamless connectivity in large public places. Point-to-point wireless options provide a Wi-Fi transit network.

Remote access points

Work from home with solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to manage. Aruba access points are configured automatically, so employees simply connect them to any Internet connection and they are ready to go.

Aruba access points provide fast and stable wireless data transfer in the corporate network. Aruba offers both simple devices to provide the basic functionality of the Wi-Fi network, and very powerful, for networks with high user density and speeds up to 1.73 Gbps, as well as secure models for work in harsh conditions, such as the open air.

iIT Distribution expands its portfolio with networking solutions from Aruba Networks


We provide supplies for the entire product line of the vendor, which is annually ranked among the leaders in the wired and wireless access networks market according to IDC MarketScape and Gartner Magic Quadrant (the leader of the quadrant for 15 years in a row!).

Aruba is a leading provider of innovative solutions for access control, network infrastructure, data network equipment (access points, controllers, routers and switches) and mobile applications for corporate networks. Aruba recently launched a line of devices that support the new wireless standard, Wi-Fi 6.

The technologies and approaches of this vendor make it possible to very quickly deploy and easily manage wireless data transmission networks. Aruba solutions are characterized by low cost of ownership relative to offerings from other manufacturers, versatility of use, ease of deployment and maintenance (installation, configuration and configuration of equipment takes little time) and high level of security. These characteristics have made the demand for Aruba solutions in the corporate sector consistent with strong leadership and worldwide recognition for over a decade.

2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure Report 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure Report.

iIT Distribution company forms its product portfolio in such a way that partners and customers can get the best and most popular solutions for their projects. Having expanded it with products in the field of network infrastructure, our specialists are ready to provide partners with qualified advice on the choice of Aruba equipment, considering specific requirements, business tasks and goals.

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IIT Distribution received the status of a Business Partner in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise affiliate program


Obtaining this status opens even more opportunities for our partners to implement projects based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions, as well as receive qualified support from our specialists. By joining our efforts to drive innovation, we help our customers keep pace with today's economic reality.

HPE Business Partner status means that our specialists have been trained, successfully passed exams and have the skills and experience to ensure the most effective development of corporate IT infrastructure of enterprises.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a leading global manufacturer of software and hardware solutions for creating IT infrastructure of any level. HPE technologies improve the performance, efficiency and security of your IT infrastructure, making it responsive and flexible in the face of rapidly changing competitive environments. The company is a leading provider of servers, storage systems, wired and wireless networking equipment, converged systems, software services and cloud technologies. Hewlett Packard Enterprise tirelessly continues to innovate and improve best-in-class products.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise includes Aruba is the premier manufacturer of wireless networking equipment and other advanced networking equipment. Today Aruba is one of the three absolute world leaders in this segment. Aruba solutions have earned thousands of companies' commitment to being highly secure, easy to deploy and integrate with existing networks, and easy to manage and maintain.

As an official partner we have a unique opportunity to help clients at all stages of their transition to new hybrid technologies we guarantee high-quality consulting and implementation of enterprise-class solutions based on the manufacturer's technologies.

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Aruba Central

Powerful cloud solution (SaaS) based on artificial intelligence for monitoring, management, control and optimization of all network nodes, including access points / controllers, switches, gateways, located in both local and geographically distributed networks.

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Aruba Central does not require lengthy installation and deployment, works immediately upon activation of the license (trial license available). The intuitive management interface does not require a highly paid, highly qualified professional in the staff. It is enough for an employee in remote offices to scan the device code and physically connect the device to the network. Then the device is automatically initiated and configured in the network. The dashboard can be accessed from any device using the Central mobile application. Network management is getting easier than ever.

Central includes three solutions that simplify all work: the setup wizard, Zero Touch Provisioning and a mobile application-installer. The setup wizard saves time, increases accuracy, and reduces the resources required to connect devices to your environment. Zero Touch Provisioning simplifies network deployment, and the Amobile installer allows you to delegate device installation and deployment to a trusted resource or third-party service provider.

The main advantages of a solution

Fast, error-free deployment

Centralized workflows with a graphical interface

Monitoring and troubleshooting thanks to artificial intelligence

Unified threat management

Track contacts and location

Open interfaces for integration with other services and applications

The smart, simple, and secure way to manage your network

Aruba ClearPass

Access controller (NAC), which provides secure connection of users to the network. It is a software and hardware complex that analyzes, monitors and provides access to devices that connect to the corporate network.

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The NAC checks the device for compliance with the company's security policies, and then determines the level of access for that device to the company's network. Aruba ClearPass supports all connection types (wired / wireless), BYOD and IoT solutions, both Aruba solutions and third-party solutions.

The three principles on which the Aruba ClearPass solution is based:

    • Visibility of all devices of the network user, their type, location.
    • Access to resources only after authorization and authentication.
    • Protect all network resources in real time.

Basic modules

  • Policy Manager - a module that allows you to create access policies based on roles or device types for all types of networks.
  • Onboard - module for automatic verification of connected devices for compliance with all company security policies. Provides the concept of BYOD technology.
  • QuickConnect - a module that simplifies and automates 802.1x authentication settings.
  • Profile - a module that applies advanced security policies (OS type, location, device type, manufacturer, etc.). Allows you to dynamically change user privileges.
  • OnGuard - a module that allows for in-depth inspection of devices. In case of non-compliance with the policy, it locks the device with the issuance of recommendations on compliance with security policies.
  • Guest - a module that allows you to automate the process of providing guest access. Automatically creates a temporary login and password for each user.
The main advantages of a solution

Support for most modern devices

Integration with solutions from other manufacturers (Palo Alto, Checkpoint, MDM, etc.)

Flexibility, adaptability and scalability

Aruba ClearPass: Get a crystal-clear view of your networks

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