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Cossack Labs invites you to visit NONAMECON


The Cossack Labs team has been supporting the NoNameCon conference for several years, which usually passes in spring in Kiev.

This year, thanks to Pandemic COVID-19, the event will take place exclusively in virtual format.

The topics of reports and discussions at the conference are divided into several different directions of cybersecurity: on the 3-rd ofSeptember - Red (Offensive Security), on the 4 -th of September - Blue (Defensive Security).

On the first day, a video interview with the legendary Bruce Schneier is planned, and in the second - reports on post-quantum cryptography, behavior of browsers and antiviruses, creating bots and protection from them.

Also during the conference workshops and debateswill be held with the traditional hacker quiz and online entertainment, including online afterparty..
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Acra Database Protection Suite

Prevent data leakage for your centralized storage systems. Acra provides a number of data security tools and encryption mechanisms that provide multi-layered protection of sensitive data in integrated systems.

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Encryption of confidential and personal data is determined by regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS) and industry best practices. However, integrating cryptography into a modern application is often a difficult task, which has a limited impact on improving security and many architectural trade-offs. The purpose of Acra Database Security Suite is to change this situation.

Data lifecycle protection is the foundation of security in any software solution. Acra is designed to reduce the risk of data leakage and provide convenient security tools that are used at all stages of the data lifecycle within the software application. Acra Database Protection Suite is easy to integrate, does not require significant changes to existing code, and provides reliable encryption and information leakage prevention in your applications.

Typical uses

  • Protection of personal information (PII) in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR (Articles 25, 32, 33 and 34).
  • Secure data aggregation and centralized access control for distributed and microservice-rich applications, multi-application systems, industrial sensors and other high-performance systems. General protection of sensitive data for web and mobile applications, including the financial, medical and e-commerce sectors.
  • Flexible data protection tools for distributed applications.

Форм-фактор та ліцензування

  • Acra Open-source: ліцензована версія з відкритим ядром Apache 2.
  • Acra Pro: покращена продуктивність, легке масштабування, інструменти управління, виділена підтримка.
  • Acra Enterprise: improved service, high availability, audit log, built-in encryption features, encrypted data search, SIEM support.
  • Acra Enterprise option sets: special extensions for special use cases: SCADA, TimeSeries / Monitoring, deep mobile integration.
  • Acra-as-a-Service: Acra as a service with a secure SQL backend of your choice, pre-configured and integrated.

Modern methods of information security on top of legacy infrastructures

The main advantages of a solution

Encryption and key model:

The Acra Integration Library encrypts the data so that only Acra server components can decrypt it. The Acra solution contains all the necessary key management tools to support the process: key distribution, rotation, compartmentalization.

Realistic security model:

Using Acra assumes that data warehouse components and software applications may be compromised by attackers, but the data itself will remain protected. Acra minimizes data leakage, detects unauthorized behavior, and prevents data loss by notifying operators of an incident.

Reducing the attack front:

The Acra encryption model is based on the fact that no credentials stored in application components should be sufficient to decrypt the data stored in the backend.
Because Acra becomes the only gateway for confidential unencrypted data, the system can perform various checks to detect abnormal / unauthorized behavior and record access to sensitive data.

Acra easily integrates with state-of-the-art software of any complexity, protecting every step of the confidential data lifecycle in your application:

  • AcraWriter mode: integrates the SDK into the client software application to securely generate secure entries in the application.
  • Transparent proxi mode: Configure AcraServer to encrypt records only in the specified columns.
Acra Database Protection Suite Intelligent IT Distribution
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