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We invite you to the international conference "Digital Change & Customers”


In modern realities, banking cybercrime is no longer just a problem, but a real threat. And even one small mistake on the line of defense against this threat can become fatal for banking systems. Most cybercrime acts fall on the shoulders of the banks, despite the fact that they are the once who remain in a special dependence on the integrity and confidentiality of their databases, and last but not least, on the reliability of the secure operation of the computer systems. [AY2] Banks become particularly vulnerable when they ignore cybersecurity technologies. That is why it's so important to ensure an effective corporate culture in the field of cybersecurity by choosing a high-quality, uninterruptedly reliable IT solution.

To assist the financial sector in solving cybersecurity problems, the International Financial Club «БАНКИРЪ» gathers representatives of the financial, public and insurance sectors, as well as the best experts of the technology industry within the international conference "Digital Change & Customers " on August 12 at the Kyiv convention center INVERIA. Participants will meet within an offline event to discuss new emerging problems of fintech and find the best ways to solve them.

iIT Didtribution (together with the GTB Technologies and Safe-T) as partner of this event provides a valuable opportunity to exchange the experience of implementation of the best solutions for banking cybersecurity, as well as optimization of digital banking.

Alexander Pogrebnoy, pre-sales manager at GTB Technologies, will talk about the flexible and effective DLP (Data Loss Prevention) system , which prevents a leak of information. A DLP solution is valuable in its ability to minimize the risk of confidential data leak through various information channels.

In addition, DLP prevents data leaks from corporate computers by using content filtering techniques in combination with context control technologies. The most advanced DLP systems support optical recognition of data both in movement and in storage (Discovery); have built-in data classification (no need to buy tools from Bolden James or Titus Labs); implement a complete DRM / IRM system as part of the package. And this is not the whole list of the possibilities of this solution.

Although this technology has been known for decades and has been used for a long time, it develops permanently because of the requirements, which are also always growing. Together with Alexander we will talk about new challenges, DLP requirements and what you should pay attention to while choosing this system nowadays.

Our second speaker, Inna Lazarenko, Sales Engineer at iIT Distribution, will talk about the Zero Trust model characterized by a complete distrust in access towards all, even users inside the perimeter. The most advanced Zero Trust solutions change the approach to secure access by providing data-plane and control-plane separation, monitoring and strengthening of the application-plane policy, also MFA integration into any application or service.

We will share our invaluable experience in the area of cybersecurity not only from the stage. Throughout the day, our consultants and first-class specialists will hold product demonstrations, advise on the corporate information security and answer to any questions!

We remind that iIT Distribution is the official distributor of GTB Technologies and Safe-T brands in Ukraine. We work closely with our partners to meet the needs of the end customers and provide full support for the design and implementation of projects. You can always order product testing or get detailed consultation on our website.


GTB Technologies comprehensive DLP solution received a certificate from the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine


The Administration of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine has issued a certificate of conformity to iB Distribution for GTB Technologies software products.

The results of the expert assessment confirm that the information security system GTB DLP Suite meets high standards of technical information protection, the requirements of the current legal framework for security and can be used to create comprehensive information security systems for various purposes in public and commercial organizations.

The obtained certificate allows iIT Distribution to work with information that contains a state secret in the implementation of comprehensive security systems based on the GTB DLP Suite solution in all government, financial, international and other organizations where certified software products are required. Dozens of government organizations and hundreds of businesses will now be able to appreciate all the benefits of comprehensive information protection against GTB DLP leaks, which allows you to track not only text documents, but also drawings, video and audio files; controls both cloud services and temporary files, webmail and the clipboard.

GTB Technologies has long entered the DLP market, but despite this, it is actively developing its products and constantly taking into account the growing requirements for information security. Its solution allows you to intercept and analyze different types of network traffic, control access to data on different network devices. And also to control access to the information in file network storages and on removable devices. The system easily integrates with other information security monitoring systems and supports a large number of protocols for interception and analysis.

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Intelligent IT Distribution takes part in the third annual international forum "Cybersecurity - protect business, protect the state"


On the 6-th of October 2020 in Kyiv the Third Annual International Forum "Cybersecurity - Protect Business, Protect the State"was held in Kiev, in which iIT Distribution acted as a partner and sponsor.

We thank the organizers of the CIS Events Group and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.We believe that the support of such state structures as the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine and the Cyberpolice shows that cybersecurity is finally being brought to the level of state strategy.

The Month of Cybersecurity, which has been held in Ukraine for three years in a row, received wide support in society, provided an opportunity to focus the attention of state structures, business and civil society on the urgency of problems, confirmed the effectiveness of public-private interaction in the development of safe cyberspace in Ukraine.

We, as a specialized IT distributor, presented at our booth at this event such partners as CrowdStrike (the world's number 1 leader in endpoint security) and GTB Technologies (a leading developer of solutions for protecting confidential information - DLP)Also with our support Alexander Pogrebnoy, the solution Manager of GTB Technologies, presented an informative and interesting report - "The hidden threat - the most unexpected points of information leakage".

The topic of cybersecurity today is no longer just a hype, it is a necessity of today. Our team iIT Distribution professionally works in the field of digital information protection and represents the best manufacturers on the market. Join us!


IITD - partner of the forum "Cybersecurity - protect business, protect the country" 2020



Ukraine is in the TOP 10 countries that have most often become the target of significant and systemic cyberattacks over the past 14 years (Specops, 2020). Therefore, it is for our country that the joint efforts of the government and business aimed at strengthening cybersecurity measures in Ukraine are extremely important.

The Intelligent IT Distribution (iITD) team decided to become a partner of such an important event for Ukraine as the Third International Forum "Cybersecurity - Protect Business, Protect the Country", organized by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We recommend that you pay special attention to the report "The hidden threat - the most unexpected points of information leakage" (speaker - Alexander Pogrebnoy, Solution Manager, GTB Technologies).

The speakers of the conference are leading Ukrainian and world experts in the cybersecurity industry: Gennady Chizhikov, President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Mikhail Shmelev, Microsoft Director for Technology Strategies and Policies for the MultiCountry region of Central and Eastern Europe , Dr. Olaf Schultz, Nokia Director for Cooperation with the EU and Development Strategy, Germany, Alexander Timoshik, Head of Information Security Department, Raiffeizen Bank Aval, etc.

The forum program consists of a plenary session and 5 interdisciplinary sections:

Section 1: Safe Online Environment - Coronavirus Experience.

Section 2: Cybersecurity is not an application, but a product built into every system since its inception.

Section 3: Topical issues of information security in the banking and financial spheres.

Section 4: Technologies and Law: Corrected Terms of Digital Transformation.

Section 5: Awareness as the basis for the formation of a new culture of behavior in cyberspace.

To comply with the restrictions and recommendations for countering Covid-19, the event will be held in a chamber format in the Colosseum conference hall of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya Street33, Kiev. For everyone, there is an opportunity to take part in an online meeting format. 

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Compliance with cyberrisk insurance

Articles and reviews

The threat of data leaks is now an important component of the operational risk of corporations, which is why data security insurance is in great demand. This area is showing rapid growth, its volume will soon become multibillion in US dollars.

Data insurance includes:

    • Data breach cases when unauthorized access to confidential, vulnerableor classified data has been obtained.

    • Data loss due to negligence or data leakage.

Most often, insurance covers legal costs, losses incurred, settlement of obligations in relation to customers or individuals who have suffered because of data breaches.

The cyber insurance contract warranty is not only about direct damages caused by data breaches. The current approach to data security regulation suggests that companies may have serious legal obligations in the event of a leak of confidential information.

Business at risk

The standards of modern data regulation, the European GDPR and the California CCPA, require a "secure by design" approach to the handling of confidential information (that is, data security must be ensured when developing software).

Thus, corporations are responsible for the storage and use of their customers' personal information. Data Security Insurance helps companies minimize risk and adhere to international best practices.

But data insurance is not easy to get.

As with other forms of insurance companies require companies to comply with safety standards. That is to qualify for this level of security, companies must demonstrate that they have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the security of their systems.

Role of DLP (Data Loss / Leakage Prevention)

Data loss protection plays an important role in compliance and data security insurance.

First, DLP strengthens the company's compliance control. While the installation of a DLP platform is not required by data regulation standards, experts point out that DLP is an important factor in demonstrating a company's efforts to protect its data.

That in the event of a data breach company executives will be able to point to these actions as evidence that modern and effective security measures have been taken.

Second, it will be easier for a company to insure its data. Insurance providers are unlikely to want to do business with companies that do not use corporate data loss prevention software.

Compliance with GTB standards

DLP GTB provides users with significant data security optimization benefits.

The artificial intelligence (AI) platform offers customers a high level of protection against data loss, ensuring that company processes comply with all current regulatory standards.

With the help of GTB, the company can take care of the level of confidentiality, which is the reason for the current regulation of the safety of the people, to seize their most valuable resources, as well as to change the potential of the specialists in the sphere of results.

About iITD:

The company Intelligent IT Distribution (iITD) is a classic Value-Added Distributor, which is a good service for the development of the IT system, as well as the service provided by the project support. iITD is the official distributor of GTB Technologies products in Ukraine.  

In English GTB Technologies
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Information leakage protection system. GTB DLP Suite consists of only two main components, while competitors need it at least 6 servers to achieve the same functionality.

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GTB DLP Suite supports optical data recognition for both moving and storage (Discovery). Unlike others, the recognition function supports regular images, as well as images in files such as MS Office and PDF. Libraries are available in 75 languages.

GTB supports local digital fingerprint detection for all its aspects of DLP (network scanning, endpoint device detection and control). The unique patented GTB Fingerprinting technology allows you to protect a huge amount of data with a minimum number of hash prints. Some competitors are limited to only 100,000 hash prints, others do not support fingerprinting properly, or due to inaccurate algorithms, they need to "call home" to get digital prints.

GTB is the only supplier that:

  • It has a built-in data classification: for both files and Outlook. No need to buy tools from Bolden James or Titus Labs. The system can classify data based on the DLP content in the file by comparing classification levels with DLP classifiers.
  • It can give companies full visibility of data moving in the clouds, including the ability to prevent access / block unauthorized access.
  • Implemented a complete DRM / IRM system as part of the package. Nobody has it anymore. File-level access control is based on DLP classifiers.

Reliable opportunities to protect intellectual property:

Combination with data fingerprinting, OCR recognition and native SSL decryption.

Analysis of large amounts of data and rapid classification:

In various data warehouses, including local and cloud platforms.

Monthly set of managed service:

GTB offers its own set of managed service. However, because of the ease of use and management, customers typically feel that they do not need to continue working for three to six months. Thus, GTB offers this option as a monthly, without binding customers to a term commitment.

Wide cloud search coverage:

With support for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for business through their own API-based integrations.

The Failure of Traditional DLP Solutions

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