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Achieve petabyte-scale data protection with lightning-fast recovery!


Modern data protection and disaster recovery architectures require the minimum possible recovery time to ensure seamless data handling and application availability.

Infinidat InfiniGuard offers unmatched speed and reliability in data backup and restore capacity for high-performance business continuity and disaster recovery. Learn more about Infinidat by link. Built using the market-leading InfiniBoxto optimize performance and target-side dedup processing, InfiniGuard enables you to maximize effective capacity for multi-petabyte environments. Learn more about InfiniGuard or order a consultation on this solution by following the link. In this article we will consider all the benefits of the InfiniGuard backup solution!

Restore Speed: realize the fastest possible recovery time to ensure uninterrupted access and availability to your data.

CyberRecovery: protect your backup from malicious cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks and ransomware target backup solutions and storage with ease never before seen and backup is no longer the last line of defense. InfiniGuard’s CyberRecovery capabilities neutralizes the growing threats from ransomware into data centers of large companies, as well as cloud service providers, and provides high protection for the entire backup environment.

CyberRecovery capabilities help you fight back by protecting your backup with immutable snapshots that cannot be deleted, encrypted, or changed. Leverage InfiniGuard’s unique capabilities to validate your recovery environment and begin your recovery process near-instantaneously. As a result, you can be confident in your ability to recover from cyberattacks, technical malfunctions, or human error, without compromise to data integrity.

Reliability: attain exceptional reliability and security.

InfiniGuard is designed using the unmatched availability of the InfiniBox with an innovative self-healing architecture and redundant hardware components. Redundant deduplication engines, in an active/active/passive configuration utilizing stateless recovery, means a fast recovery of the engine state on the standby node if a primary node failure occurs; resuming normal backup/recovery operations quickly and with full data integrity.

Consolidation: reduce data center footprint and consolidate data protection.

With effective capacity up to 50PB+ and multiple protocol support (NFS, RMAN, OST, CIFS, and VTL), it is easier than ever to consolidate data protection for multiple systems in a single high-capacity solution. Consolidation with InfiniGuard also reduces data center footprint, lowers power and cooling costs — significantly reducing your data protection TCO.

Performance: accelerate restore performance for the most demanding applications.

Intelligent read-ahead caching, driven by massive parallelism, is core to InfiniGuard’s ability to address business continuity goals. Predictable performance, based on this next-generation cache management and efficient media orchestration, dramatically reduces restore times to meet the most demanding service-level agreements.

Ease of Management & Integration: simplify operations with InfiniGuard.

Built using the market-leading InfiniBox includes an easy and intuitive HTML5 GUI that makes typically complex backup, replication, and recovery operations simpler. The result is an enterprise data protection system that’s highly efficient and simple to manage. It supports most major backup applications already deployed in the data center.

Total Cost of Ownership: the market leader in price and performance.

InfiniGuard presents considerable savings in acquisition costs as well as operational costs. This solution has the lowest TCO for a solution at this usable/effective capacity. InfiniGuard subscription model is a proportional usage fee in which customers can increase or decrease usage as needed. As a result, customers receive a 100% guarantee of uninterrupted operation and secure data migration!

iIT Distribution qualified technical specialists (iIT Distribution is the official distributor of Infinidat in Ukraine)and Infinidat product managers are ready to provide any support to partners and customers at every stage of the project. To buy Infinidat InfiniBox or InfiniGuard backup, recovery and data protection solution, get advice on choosing a solution or additional information, please call +38 (044) 339 91 16, via the feedback form on the website or by e-mail [email protected]


Infinidat — is the best choice for Gartner Peer Insights 2021 customers!


Infinidat has received the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice in the "Primary Storage Arrays" category.

The company becomes the owner of this award based on reviews and evaluations of customers and end users for the third year in a row!

This recognition is especially important for the manufacturer Infinidat, because the choice is made directly by customers. In total Infinidat has received 390 reviews (160 of which in the last 12 months) from verified customers with an average overall rating 4.9 stars of 5.

Companies recognize Infinidat for its reliability, performance, scalability, unique architecture and best support. There are some striking examples of reviews that have been used in hundreds of Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice ratings:

«We have Infinidat arrays that have emerged over the last two years, and their systems are great for our environment. We have moved from the old XIO to the Ibox and they work great. Infinidat support is the best, it's nice to solve any issues with them», – said the SZD administrator at the service company.

«Fantastic system, excellent performance, reliability and observability. During 25 years of working in the field of corporate storage, I have never met a supplier and a system with which it would be so easy to work», - said an expert in the field of IT infrastructure of large retail.

Infinidat creates products that have a huge impact on the success of people and organizations, because they help thousands of companies achieve more. The careers of millions of IT professionals and the work of IT - teams around the world depend on the quality and performance of these vendor products and services. That is why recognition from engineers and executives who use Infinidat's solutions on a daily basis is critical.

«We are delighted that the experience of our customers has led to the recognition of the best vendor for enterprise-class data storage in a highly competitive industry, – said Phil Bullinger, CEO of Infinidat. . – We not only provide large-scale innovative storage technologies to create a flexible private cloud, but also strive to provide exceptional customer service».

About Peer Insights

Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice — is an online - platform for vendor ratings verified by real customers. IT - professionals and management of departments and companies working with technology leave honest feedback and evaluate the various software products they work with. Because of this evaluation system Gartner Peer Insights helps company executives to make informed decisions about purchasing new technologies and for their suppliers — the opportunity to improve their products based on objective, unbiased feedback from their customers.

About Infinidat

Infinidat's software-focused architecture provides less millisecond latency, 100% availability, and scalability at a much lower total cost of ownership than competing storage technologies. To learn more about the manufacturer on our website. The company expanded its InfiniBox product line with the first 100% solid state technology of the InfiniBox SSA storage system recently, which allows to achieve 3 times more performance with 40% less delay. Tpo learn more about the innovative solution is possible by the link.

About iIT Distribution

iIT Distribution is the official distributor of Infinidat solutions in Ukraine. We provide the opportunity to order, buy, test or receive additional information about the vendor's solution. We also work closely with our partners to meet the needs of end customers and provide full support for the design and implementation of projects based on Infinidat solutions. We remind you that Infinidat has previously launched a new partner accreditation program that helps respond to complex requests from corporate customers. Improving the affiliate program helps to improve the quality of customer service and exceed their expectations. You can get acquainted with the intricacies of the affiliate program by the link or get advice from our certified professionals by filling out the feedback form on our website.


The announcement of a new solution for storing InfiniBox SSA corporate class data from infinidat!


On the 16-th of June a world leader in enterprise class storage solutions providers Infinidat presented its new platform InfiniBox SSA, with the help of which expanded its product line by InfiniBox.

InfiniBox SSA is the first system which use 100% solid state technology for permanent storage. The combination of Infinidat Neural Cache's patented machine learning algorithm and increased DRAM cache takes revolutionary InfiniBox performance to a new level. The available capacity of InfiniBox SSA is 546 TB, and when using compression, this value reaches 1092 TB. IOPS value — up to 1.5 million.


Although both DRAM and SSD are solid-state technologies, DRAM is much faster than flash-based SSDs.

According to the results of testing and comparison with the main solutions based on flash arrays InfiniBox SSA surpassed all AFA products and achieved 3 times more performance with 40% less delay even in multiple failure scenarios.


InfiniBox SSA — is an additional system to InfiniBox, but not a replacement. InfiniBox SSA is created for workloads that require low levels of latency on a regular basis. At the same time, the solution complements the standard InfiniBox system for general purpose applications, which are mainly used in the corporate environment.

The common software base for the standard InfiniBox and InfiniBox SSA provides data transfer between platforms allowing customers to reduce the total total cost of ownership while optimizing latency.

  • InfiniGuard як і раніше найкраще підходить для переважної більшості стандартних застосунків, забезпечуючи в середньому продуктивність з низькою затримкою
    при виключно низькій вартості володіння при місткості в кілька петабайт. Learn more about InfiniBox by the link.
  • InfiniBox SSA — is a solution for unique atypical loads that require stable predictable performance with the lowest possible delays.

Therefore, InfiniBox SSA, like all other Infinidat solutions, provides consistent uncompromising and proven reliability, availability, advanced features, ease of use and quality of customer service.

“Our market research has confirmed that some enterprise applications require super low latency and extremely high performance. Achieving this balance and maximizing speed was a difficult task that required a new, non-traditional approach. The decision to move the internal FDD to solid technology and get the most out of any media - is a new look at how to better address performance-sensitive applications”, —said Paul Nashawati, senior ESGanalyst.


Feedback from customers around the world who have already evaluated and deployed InfiniBox SSA tested for 6 months was extremely positive.

Company iIT Distribution, офіційний дистриб'ютор рішень Infinidat, повідомляє про те, що найприємнішим фактором для перших користувачів даного рішення стане те, що InfiniBox SSA не тільки перемагає в битвах за продуктивність, але і робить це за дуже конкурентними цінами.

InfiniBox SSA is already available worldwide, including in Ukraine! We invite all corporate customers and partners to quickly gain and appreciate not only lightning speed, but also the benefits of ease of use, scalability, high availability and low total cost of ownership (TCO) of the InfiniBox SSA platform. You can order, purchase, test or receive additional information about InfiniBox SSA by ordering a call or filling out the feedback form on our website.


Infinidat is launching a partner accreditation program


Infinidat, a leading independent manufacturer of petabyte storage systems, announces the launch of an accreditation program for partners around the world!

The new program, designed to train and assist in business development, consists of several educational online courses. Accreditation will help partners respond to complex corporate customer inquiries with Infinidat storage solutions. With Infinidat's new accreditation program, partners now have the opportunity to demonstrate to end-users that they have been trained, tested and accredited to sell Infinidat storage products.


It consists of four tracks, which ultimately lead to full accreditation:

  • Partner-Ready,
  • Sales Accreditation,
  • Tech Accreditation,
  • Solutions Track.

Starting this month, partners will have access to a choice of two of the four available tracks to help learn how to sell Infinidat and make money. Partners will have the opportunity to use them to achieve full accreditation by October 2021. And already in the fall Infinidat will expand the course program with deep knowledge to complete the technical accreditation. For example, topics such as virtualization / containerization, data protection, and the Cloud will be included as separate accreditations.

Infinidat cooperates with integrators and companies that create their own solutions based on Infinidat and provides them with training and support for over 10 years. The emergence of an affiliate program is a logical step, as Infinidat is constantly evolving and has recently become even more closely involved with large organizations. These changes will cover a wide range of product knowledge and customer engagement scenarios. The new accreditation program will help increase the readiness of partners to provide assistance to corporate customers and cloud service providers.

As an official distributor of Infinidat, iIT Distribution is pleased to provide professional advice on Infinidat solutions, as well as full support in passing this accreditation to its partners. We have already prepared for you information with a detailed program of each of the four tracks, which ultimately lead to full accreditation as a partner.

iIT Distribution helps its partners build partnerships and friendships with the world's leading manufacturers of unique solutions in the market of IT infrastructure and cybersecurity, which lead to ten years of cooperation and amazing results!

Contact us in any way convenient for you and we will provide you with a detailed overview of the accreditation program and professional support!

Learn more about Infinidat


Why should hosting providers pay attention to Infinidat data storage solution? Practical experience of use

Articles and reviews

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise-class storage solutions, noted that Virtual Data Corp. (VDC) a managed cloud hosting provider has been running smoothly for the past two years using the InfiniBox platform. This high availability allowed the VDC to combine multiple arrays into one for ease of management and cost savings without any disruption. At the same time VDC expanded its storage capabilities with InfiniBox beyond the petabyte to flexibly leverage storage as needed and to support the company's growth strategy.

The move to the InfiniBox storage platform has retooled high-quality, state-of-the-art VDCs in Canada. As an IT solutions provider, VDC provides customers in Canada, the United States and worldwide with public and private cloud hosting, cloud backup, managed server hosting and disaster recovery.

The company was able to combine five to six SANs into a single SAN, thereby simplifying the management of each individual SAN. In addition, VDC has moved on to the broad range of integrations and capabilities that the Infinidat storage platform provides with VMware and Veeam, in particular a disaster recovery (DR) solution.

With 24/7 hosting providers operating in an ever-growing data and workload environment, VDC appreciated the ability to pay for storage incrementally in response to growing business needs. Infinidat provides the ability to purchase and use storage when needed, giving customers a complete picture of their budget.

“The increasing data usage of VDC customers and other service providers has created a significant need to rescale storage capacity. Because we treat our customers as partners, our service and support team calls VDC monthly to help maximize the capabilities of the InfiniBox platform. The predictability, low total cost of ownership, and ease of use that VDC has gained are also enjoyed by all of our customers. "Steve Sullivan, executive vice president of sales at Infinidat.

Infinidat helps businesses and service providers scale their competitive advantage with petabyte data. Infinidat's architecture provides 100% availability and scalability with a significantly lower total cost of ownership than other vendors' solutions.

To read the full VDC case, click here.



A highly reliable solution that provides synchronous replication over any distance without data loss. InfiniSync bypasses the limitations of synchronous replication and asynchronous replication (RPO), ensuring data integrity.

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InfiniSync avoids data loss. When using two data centers, it provides a simple and cost-effective upgrade with zero RPO value. The InfiniSync system has been tested in the most extreme conditions and is able to continue working during fires, destructive loads and even after immersion in water. InfiniSync has its own battery for LTE data transmission. Built-in data capabilities ensure that your data gets where you need it.


Disaster resistance:

InfiniSync successfully copes with a range of threats to business continuity: fires, floods, earthquakes, operational failures.


Ability to withstand extreme influences: open fire with a temperature of up to 1093 ° C, prolonged immersion in water, abnormally high pressure during the collapse of the building, the impact of falling valves, extremely strong shocks.

100% readiness:

Can transmit data over radio, wired and cellular networks using appropriate protocols. The internal battery allows the system to operate autonomously for several hours after the disaster, so that the "black box" can contact the backup data center and transmit protected data. In addition, InfiniSync supports data transmission over both the broadband LTE cellular network and Wi-Fi, so that in the event of a cellular failure, data can be transferred to the nearest laptop.

Low total cost of ownership:

It is not necessary to have three data centers, it is not necessary to increase the bandwidth of channels, low costs on the communication line, restoration on site by local IT specialists.

Built using the market-leading InfiniBox

Provide protection and instant recovery for petabytes of data. Built to optimize performance using advanced InfiniBox technology and deduplication, InfiniGuard provides maximum effective capacity in petabyte environments.

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InfiniGuard provides unparalleled speed and reliability for data backup and recovery and is an effective tool for business continuity and disaster recovery. InfiniGuard has an intuitive HTML5-based interface that simplifies complex backup, replication, and recovery operations, making this enterprise data protection system highly efficient and easy to manage. The solution supports most of the common backup software already deployed in the data center.


The InfiniGuard system relies on the unsurpassed reliability of the InfiniBox with its innovative self-healing architecture and hardware redundancy. Redundant deduplication controllers (active / active / passive configuration using stateless recovery) mean that in the event of a failure of the main controllers, the process is quickly restored to spare, quickly returning the backup / restore operations to normal operation with full data integrity.

Flexible choice of replication options on-site and off-site ensure maximum efficiency and data availability. Intelligent caching with advanced reading and mass concurrency is exactly what allows InfiniGuard to ensure business continuity.

Predictable performance, based on next-generation cache management and efficient media management, drastically reduces recovery time, allowing you to meet the most stringent terms of service agreements.


High capacity:

High capacity:

Efficient capacity of more than 20 PBs with unsurpassed global deduplication of transmitted data using variable-length blocks and compression technology - all in one 42U rack.



Bandwidth up to 74 TB / h when using Accent acceleration technology (Natural bandwidth up to 48 TB / h).



Hardware redundancy, continuous data verification and fault detection.



Encrypted replication for bandwidth optimization and support for 1: 1, 1: 2 or N: 1 configurations.

Economic efficiency:

Economic efficiency:

50% less total cost of ownership compared to other solutions.



Support for unified protocols, including VTL (FC), NFS, CIFS, OST and RMAN.

Infiniguard coating


Enterprise-class data storage system with scalable up to several petabytes. InfiniBox allows organizations' IT departments and cloud service providers to exceed the targets set in service level agreements, as well as reduce and simplify storage operations on systems that can be up to several petabytes in capacity.

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Infinidat customers can easily consolidate a number of corporate databases into a single InfiniBox system, reducing the occupied area and cost of network ports tenfold. InfiniBox prevents the uncontrolled growth of arrays and file systems by allowing exploitation and resource planning teams to take advantage of the scale effect created by unified storage pools whose capacity is comparable to that of a data center. Flexible software quality and mainframe reliability ensure that key business applications run seamlessly in parallel with applications used for development and testing in a secure, scalable, and efficient storage infrastructure.

The InfiniBox enterprise-class storage system outperforms all-flash performance, provides high availability when working with mixed workloads and allows you to increase the capacity to several petabytes, and data replication on the "active / active" scheme significantly increases business flexibility.

InfiniBox is based on Neural Cache - a machine learning algorithm that takes into account the historical relationships between sections of data received by the system from the beginning of use. Observing all network traffic going to the storage system, Neural Cache analyzes the history of I / O operations, finds correlations in data access patterns and immediately begins to predict future requests, leaving them in the cache. Because most I / O requests are handled directly from RAM (where latency is more than 100 times less than in flash memory), any application on InfiniBox will run faster than on traditional all-flash arrays.

Access to the petabyte data set in milliseconds radically accelerates the digital transformation in any field, be it genetic engineering, precision medicine, training drones and creating virtual reality games, banking or fraud detection.



A truly innovative and efficient Neural Cache management algorithm combined with efficient data placement provides high bandwidth with microsecond delays. Support for NVMe-oF and Storage Class Memory (SCM) technologies allows you to maintain the competitive advantages of InfiniBox depending on the expansion of customer infrastructures.

Volume petabytes:

Extremely efficient "thin provisioning", continuous freeing of space and compression of data "on the fly" allow you to make the most of the system, which takes up to one rack height of 42U, expands to 8 PB and more (effective capacity), can to unite with other systems and differs in high economic efficiency.

Availability and reliability:

InfiniBox's robust architecture, combined with InfiniRaid's patented data placement technology and fault analysis, provide the industry's highest data availability and uninterruptible upgrade capability.

Clear management:

InfiniVerse's cloud analytics tool monitors, generates reports, assesses the state of Infinidat's client system, and forecasts the impact of infrastructure changes on performance. An intuitive HTML5-based graphical interface InfiniBox is used to manage the elements, which simplifies complex operations. The RESTful API and command line functional interface help automate complex tasks. Quality of Service functionality simplifies service level management for different users, workloads, and volumes.


InfiniBox provides integration with the interfaces of many applications, virtualization platforms, databases and backup systems. Thanks to Host PowerTools' fast and intuitive connection and configuration system, the management processes that used to take a few days are now completed in seconds!

The unprecedented reliability of InfiniBox begins with hardware and software redundancy. Each component in the data path is reserved according to the N + 2 scheme. The customer can sleep peacefully, knowing that each component of his system is carefully integrated, checked and tested before entering the data center and that his SZD will work continuously throughout its life cycle.

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