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Safe-T ZoneZero

Management of the entire perimeter access scheme from a single integrated and easy-to-use platform with patented reversible access technology and a unique ability to implement the ZTNA principle.

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Safe-T uses patented reverse access technology installed between deployed product components, creating a "zero trust" zone. Users, devices, and applications will not be able to access the requested information until the connection is allowed and established using a logical one-way connection initiated by the access controller from the corporate network.

With transparent and easy deployment, Safe-T provides an innovative and unique opportunity to implement the ZTNA principle in VPNs, firewalls, and enterprise network application services, helping to integrate solutions into legacy infrastructure and authentication services.

ZoneZero SDP: Software-driven perimeter

The ZoneZero SDP (Software Defined Perimeter) component provides secure and transparent access for all types of objects (users, applications and connected devices) to any internal application, service and data (HTTP / S, SMTP, SFTP, SSH, APIs , RDP and WebDAV). ZoneZero SDP uses Safe-T's patented external loop technology, which allows you not to open input ports in the organization's firewall.

ZoneZero SDP can run in parallel with existing technologies (such as VPN), supports cloud, local and hybrid deployment, as well as scaling and fault tolerance.

Protect access to applications

ZoneZero VPN: Increase network security

Unlike a software-based perimeter, a VPN does not support the concept of "zero trust" and therefore does not share authorization and authentication flows.

The ZoneZero VPN solution changes the approach to secure access, truly providing a division into the data plane and the management plane, monitoring and enhancing policies in the application plane, and integrating MFA into any application or service. ZoneZero VPN is independent of the VPN provider, which makes this component universal.

ZoneZero MFA: Multifactor authentication

One of the important components in the platform is the ZoneZero MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) solution, which provides constant multi-factor user authentication. The centralized solution approach allows customers to easily integrate multi-factor authentication and authentication awareness into all access scenarios - for remote and internal users, VPN, web and non-web applications.


  • Built-in MFA or integration with third-party MFA / authentication providers.
  • Support for permanent authentication.
  • Control access to applications for internal users.
  • Options for using "User> Application" and "Application> Application".

ZoneZero SFA: Secure access to file storage

With Safe-T SFA, organizations can transform SMB servers on the principle of Zero Trust Network Access, eliminating direct access to distributed SMB servers and networks and providing the ability to work with important information only on the principle of business necessity.

To provide secure access to the distributed SMB server repository using HTTPS only, SFA acts as a distributed file system proxy for Microsoft Windows SMB servers, using the ADFS authentication mechanism that allows users to authorize domain credentials and inherit already configured rights. access to network repositories used within the corporate network.

Secure file access

Usage scenarios

Segmentation of the company's internal infrastructure

Secure remote access with support for adaptive 2FA, MFA

Organization of secure remote access for contractors and remote employees

Secure data transfer to a secure network

Secure access to SMB file storage from public networks (SFA)

Zero Trust, The Right Way!


Integration with all modern solutions for multifactor authentication, including biometrics.

Integration with all market analysis tools (UEBA, SIEM, SOC).

Patented reverse access technology allows you to initiate the transmission of traffic not by an authorized user, but by the access controller Safe-T.

Physical separation of data streams and continuous authentication provides protection against hacking at the architectural level.

Easy to deploy (virtual machines) and administration.

Microsegmentation to the elementary level "application - user".

Continuous monitoring of access to the company's resources.

Work without agents.

Aruba Wi-Fi

The best enterprise-class Wi-Fi is simple, secure, stable and scalable.

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Wi-Fi is one of the key destinations in Aruba, where the vendor has historically specialized. The company's long experience in the development of wireless technologies makes the Wi-Fi solution one of the best on the market. The versatility of access points (APs) allows you to implement many additional wireless services: All-in-One. The versatility of AR provides an opportunity to build networks of different functionality and configuration.

The main differences and advantages of wireless networks from Aruba HPE

  • AR scalability when deploying a network: the same AR can operate both in a network from a single point and in a network with hundreds of ARs.
  • Implementation of the solution both without controllers (built into the AR) and with an external controller (hardware or cloud).
  • Built-in routing and switching functionality in the AR.
  • Built-in AR Firewall.
  • Support for Bluetooth technology.
  • Zigbee support for IoT devices on the AP.
  • Geopositioning function (Beacons).
  • Support for NFC technology.
  • Monitoring, management and analytics software based on both On-Promise (hardware) and SaaS (cloud) solutions.
  • Network access controller for various devices, including BYOD.
  • Solutions of object movement analytics (with reporting and visualization).
  • Artificial intelligence for network optimization and security.
  • Large model range of AR with different functionality and compliance with a wide range of tasks.
  • All APs (500 series) are certified under the Wi-Fi 6 standard (802.11ax).

The future of Wi-Fi is here

Discover a wide selection of high-performance access points

Internal access points

When performance and lightness matter, Aruba access points support artificial intelligence capabilities, the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, and several form factors for deployment in any environment.

External access points

Provide seamless connectivity in large public places. Point-to-point wireless options provide a Wi-Fi transit network.

Remote access points

Work from home with solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to manage. Aruba access points are configured automatically, so employees simply connect them to any Internet connection and they are ready to go.

Aruba access points provide fast and stable wireless data transfer in the corporate network. Aruba offers both simple devices to provide the basic functionality of the Wi-Fi network, and very powerful, for networks with high user density and speeds up to 1.73 Gbps, as well as secure models for work in harsh conditions, such as the open air.

Aruba Central

Powerful cloud solution (SaaS) based on artificial intelligence for monitoring, management, control and optimization of all network nodes, including access points / controllers, switches, gateways, located in both local and geographically distributed networks.

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Aruba Central does not require lengthy installation and deployment, works immediately upon activation of the license (trial license available). The intuitive management interface does not require a highly paid, highly qualified professional in the staff. It is enough for an employee in remote offices to scan the device code and physically connect the device to the network. Then the device is automatically initiated and configured in the network. The dashboard can be accessed from any device using the Central mobile application. Network management is getting easier than ever.

Central includes three solutions that simplify all work: the setup wizard, Zero Touch Provisioning and a mobile application-installer. The setup wizard saves time, increases accuracy, and reduces the resources required to connect devices to your environment. Zero Touch Provisioning simplifies network deployment, and the Amobile installer allows you to delegate device installation and deployment to a trusted resource or third-party service provider.


Fast, error-free deployment

Centralized workflows with a graphical interface

Monitoring and troubleshooting thanks to artificial intelligence

Unified threat management

Track contacts and location

Open interfaces for integration with other services and applications

The smart, simple, and secure way to manage your network

Aruba ClearPass

Access controller (NAC), which provides secure connection of users to the network. It is a software and hardware complex that analyzes, monitors and provides access to devices that connect to the corporate network.

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The NAC checks the device for compliance with the company's security policies, and then determines the level of access for that device to the company's network. Aruba ClearPass supports all connection types (wired / wireless), BYOD and IoT solutions, both Aruba solutions and third-party solutions.

The three principles on which the Aruba ClearPass solution is based:

    • Visibility of all devices of the network user, their type, location.
    • Access to resources only after authorization and authentication.
    • Protect all network resources in real time.

Basic modules

  • Policy Manager - a module that allows you to create access policies based on roles or device types for all types of networks.
  • Onboard - module for automatic verification of connected devices for compliance with all company security policies. Provides the concept of BYOD technology.
  • QuickConnect - a module that simplifies and automates 802.1x authentication settings.
  • Profile - a module that applies advanced security policies (OS type, location, device type, manufacturer, etc.). Allows you to dynamically change user privileges.
  • OnGuard - a module that allows for in-depth inspection of devices. In case of non-compliance with the policy, it locks the device with the issuance of recommendations on compliance with security policies.
  • Guest - a module that allows you to automate the process of providing guest access. Automatically creates a temporary login and password for each user.

Support for most modern devices

Integration with solutions from other manufacturers (Palo Alto, Checkpoint, MDM, etc.)

Flexibility, adaptability and scalability

Aruba ClearPass: Get a crystal-clear view of your networks

NetBrain Dynamic Network Documentation

Document the work of thousands of applications "from and to". Automatic network documentation, thanks to Dynamic Maps, provides end-to-end visibility of all critical data streams.

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Dynamically document the structure of networks

The NetBrain solution determines the topology of your network and documents the control plane, including the Tier-2 and Tier-3 configurations. By viewing the map, you can dynamically visualize any aspect of the network structure.

    • Document and share for know-how professionals.

    • Give each expert on your team the opportunity to participate in the development of new technologies or the solution of complex problems.

    • Document specific knowledge that is stored only in the minds of your experts and make it available through detailed instructions.


Instant cyberattack recognition:

As soon as your system detects an intrusion, you receive a notification of a potential attack - even before your IT specialist pays attention to the problem, Just In Time Automation maps the route of the attack.

Documenting the complex structure of the date center:

NetBrain Dynamic Documentation provides the ability to dynamically structure and document the most complex multicomponent infrastructure systems, such as Cisco ACI and VMware NSX.

Office auto documentation of 1 000 divisions:

Complete documentation of your entire environment can be done as needed. Need to provide charts and reports on infrastructure elements for a cybersecurity audit? Export to Visio, Word or Excel.

NetBrain Day-2 NetOps Automation

Automation of network operations of the second day (Day-2 Network Operations). Reduce the average recovery time by using three-phase automation in response to incidents.

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The average company has to perform thousands of IT operations every day, and all of them require manual intervention, which significantly slows down the entire business. The NetBrain solution is designed to permanently reduce such interference, so it provides three stages of automation:

    • trigger automation - before the intervention of an IT specialist;
    • interactive automation - during active troubleshooting;
    • proactive automation - after solving the problem.

The critical phase of troubleshooting is the initial response and diagnosis. Because these first steps are predictable, any IT investigation should begin with zero touch or trigger automation.

Features of NetBrain Day-2 NetOps Automation

Minimize downtime

By connecting NetBrain to your ITSM or event management solution, you can easily implement initiated diagnostic automation. It will allow you to detect problems faster and automatically eliminate potential ones. Once an event is detected, NetBrain Automation provides the ability to use two main features: dynamic problem area mapping and priority diagnostics. By applying trigger automation in response to an accident, NetBrain bridges the gap between fault detection and diagnosis.

Instant visualization of the entire infrastructure

As soon as the action is performed, NetBrain automatically creates a map of the relevant part of the network. This can be a sitemap or application path. The URL of this dynamic map is returned to your ITSM for quick access to anyone involved in the event.

Automated network diagnostics

NetBrain provides automation mechanisms for fast data scanning, such as CLI outputs, device configurations, and network telemetry. This automation supports full-scale configuration, so you can turn common troubleshooting procedures into repetitive procedures called Executable Runbooks.

Day-2 NetOps Automation від компанії NetBrain

When you connect NetBrain to an ITSM or monitoring solution, you can define rules and conditions that initiate different diagnostics for different types of events. For example, a ticket for a slow application can run NetBrain to dynamically display the flow of applications, and then perform a 3-step launch, which:

  • collects general CLI data,
  • performs a health check at the device level,
  • analyzes interface congestion.

Lepide Remote Worker Monitoring Pack

Easy to deploy, lightweight security stack that provides immediate protection to corporations during unstable remote work.

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Monitoring and analysis of remote users

  • Session monitoring: recording user sessions.
  • Login / Logout Audit: Ensure desired performance by tracking user logins and logouts.
  • Monitoring user behavior: detailed audits and flexible reports on each user's interaction with sensitive data.
  • Analysis of user behavior: detection of behavioral anomalies in real time.
  • Isolation of confidential data: classification of confidential data and establishment of access to them according to the principle of Zero Trust.
  • AD Self-Service Portal: Users can change their own AD passwords using a secure portal.

Data security:

Obtain information about how data and resources are used to ensure data security and reduce the risk of data leakage.

Early detection of risks:

Track important tasks, mark abnormal user behavior, and take immediate action to eliminate the threat.

Increase productivity:

Monitoring the working hours of employees allows you to maintain corporate standards and increase productivity.

An effective approach to tracking and monitoring the work of remote workers

Session monitoring

Record the actions of each employee regardless of location. Fixing time-indexed frames of each action. Ability to quickly deploy to any end device or server. Easy installation, deployment and management, easy and secure program. Run with or without the user's knowledge.

Login / logout audit

Detailed reports on all inputs and outputs from the system. Determining the exact time and location. Ensuring the desired level of productivity, promoting safety and compliance with industry standards.

Monitoring user behavior

Detailed audit of each interaction of each user with all confidential data stored in any data warehouse of the enterprise. Flexible reports that show when files have been copied, modified, deleted, accessed, or attempted. Start and work take less than 30 minutes.

Analysis of user behavior

Notification of employee behavior that deviates from previously studied behavior. Prevent data leakage, detect compromised user accounts, detect the spread of extortionate programs, and prevent insider threats.

Isolation of confidential data

Detection and classification of confidential data for their further protection against external threats. A clear understanding of who has access to sensitive data. As a result, it is possible to provide access to confidential data only to those people who need it.

Self-service portal for AD passwords

Users can change their passwords themselves through a secure web portal. Employees can recover passwords via OTP via SMS or by answering a few questions. It only takes a few minutes to resolve blocked AD accounts immediately.

NetBrain Hybrid Network Visability and Automation

Through visibility for hybrid networks. NetBrain detects and decodes the entire hybrid infrastructure to allow you to automatically scan and manage the network from a single interface.

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Visibility for any network

In order for IT professionals to ensure a stable level of uptime, they need better visibility to respond to problems in the hybrid infrastructure. In large and dynamic environments, outdated approaches to working with documentation do not work - you need to use automation.

Dynamic map of application flow through a hybrid network

Traditional network

With NetBrain, you dynamically visualize every aspect of your traditional network - the data center or the global network - at the layer-3 and layer-2 levels.

Cisco ACI

NetBrain helps you visualize your ACI infrastructure from multiple angles, overlay and underlay, as well as a software-oriented landscape. This allows the entire IT team to configure ACI and troubleshoot, not just the architects who design the ACI.


NetBrain helps teams visualize the NSX infrastructure and show the relationship between the network and virtual machines.


The WAN has undergone many changes, from Frame Relay technology to MPLS and IPSec VPN. Now SD-WAN is rapidly gaining popularity. With NetBrain, you can easily and dynamically map your global network no matter what technology you use.

Public Cloud

When there is a problem with a cloud application, it is often difficult to determine the cause. When working with a hybrid cloud, it is often difficult to answer the question "which network is the problem?". NetBrain helps IT teams avoid this problem by providing visibility across the shared network.

End-to-End visibility for hybrid networks

Visibility from any perspective

Different types of visibility are required to solve different problems. If you are solving problems with a slow application, you need to know the path it takes over the network. You may need to visualize the routing configuration or the state of BGP peers to evaluate the project. You may need to check your filtering traffic for security checks. Whatever your task, NetBrain will help you visualize the correct answer. Dynamic NetBrain maps are an effective user interface for visualizing almost any data related to the current tasks of IT professionals.

Visualize hotspots and performance anomalies in real time. Traditional network diagrams show what the network was like, not its current state. You need to log in to each device manually to get up-to-date information, such as interface statistics or device usage. NetBrain data view templates visualize all this data automatically - for each device on the network card.

To evaluate a project, upgrade a network, or troubleshoot, you need to know the configuration and basic design for technologies such as dynamic routing, load balancing, QoS, and more. With NetBrain Data Views, you can easily enable and disable device-level and interface-level configuration details, minimizing the time spent searching for this information through the CLI.

Full Stack monitoring

The only APM solution that is built specifically for cloud-native microservice architectures. Instana uses automation and AI to instantly deliver important information to DevOps.

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Instana is a fully automated application performance monitoring (APM) solution that makes it easy to visualize and manage the performance of your business applications and services. For developers, Instana AutoTrace technology automatically captures the context, displaying all available programs and microservices without the need for constant additional configuration.

Instanta's solution differs significantly from others in its ability to automatically detect and monitor the ever-changing infrastructure used by modern applications, especially when it comes to launching container microservices. The solution is specially built for automatic cataloging and control of all components of the modern infrastructure of microservices. Thanks to Instanta, it is possible to obtain a fully tested and effective solution for professional monitoring of applications and infrastructure.

The main differences between Instana and other monitoring tools

  • The product has been designed from the beginning to monitor applications in a dynamic microservice environment (Kubernetes, OpenShift and others).
  • One agent per host automatically detects hundreds of supported systems and application components (without plug-ins and advanced settings).
  • Constant discovery of new services.
  • Automatic collection of metrics (no need to constantly describe manually).
  • Automatic collection of traces of each transaction for 10 languages (end to end).
  • Automatic construction of dependencies of components.
  • Automatic problem alerting (no need to adjust sensitivity thresholds).
  • Automatic detection of root cause problems with applications and infrastructure.

Deliver Better Software with Instana


Kubernetes / OpenShift automatic monitoring:

  • asily detects and monitors the entire stack for OpenShift, GKE, EKS, AKS, IBM BlueMix or other Kubernetes management platforms.
  • Does not require installation of plug-ins and manual adjustment.
  • Shows the status status of your Kubernetes platform in real time.

Automatic monitoring of microservices:

  • Automatically tracks and traces each request that passes by microservices (end-to-end).
  • Determines which services have the greatest impact on program performance.
  • Automatically records each error, correlates it with each request and analyzes.

Automatic container monitoring:

  • Easily detects and depicts all containers as they unfold and the relationship between them.
  • Shows the effect of each deployment or change, even in 1 second.
  • Identifies the source of problems anywhere on the stack.

Automatic monitoring of Cloud Native:

  • Gives full visibility to all your Cloud Native applications no matter where they are deployed.
  • Imports all cloud tags and labels to maintain correlation between monitoring data and the real environment.
  • Determines the impact of autoscaling and orchestral events to reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure.

CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox

The world's most powerful malware sandbox. It exposes state-of-the-art targeted attacks, going beyond general static and dynamic file analysis to control all malicious actions and connections in systems.

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Full understanding of complex and unknown threats

When an organization is attacked, the visibility of the attack must be given the highest priority. You need to quickly understand what malware is trying to do and how it works so that you can minimize damage and know how to prevent such attacks in the future.

Today, malware analysis takes too much time and often provides incomplete information about the threat, which prevents security professionals from having confidence in their conclusions and leads to the endless need for further analysis. Worse, attackers are becoming smarter, constantly developing their malware to evade and find blind spots in common malware tools and methods.

CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox defeats even the most secure hacking programs by working at the kernel level and using sophisticated techniques and techniques that make it almost invisible. This allows Falcon Sandbox to provide a wide range of compromising metrics in the industry.

Falcon Sandbox also saves you time and makes security teams more efficient: the solution provides clear and accessible reports for your SOC team. These malware reports include practical guidelines for prioritizing and responding to threats, while allowing teams to delve into memory captures and stack traces. The Falcon Sandbox API and pre-built integrations make it easy to interact with existing security solutions.


Detection of unknown threats:

  • Hybrid analysis
  • Anti-evasion technologies
  • Settings for the existing environment

Achieve full visibility:

  • Analytical reports
  • Extensive file support
  • Malware search

Faster response to threats:

  • Immediate sorting
  • Flexible deployment
  • Easy integration

How Falcon Sandbox Improves Threat Response

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