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CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection Enterprise

A new standard of reliability with the world's first cloud security platform, which provides a single solution to prevent endpoint compromise, combining NGAV, EDR, managed threat detection and automation of threat analysis in a single agent.

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Unsurpassed coverage protects against all types of attacks, from malicious software to the most complex and daring attacks by government groups. Integration with Threat Intelligence and powerful real-time response capabilities accelerate investigation and recovery and provide a deep understanding of attacks on your network.


Reinforced AI NGAV:

  • Protects against the full range of attacks without requiring daily and cumbersome updates.
  • Combines the best threat prevention technologies - machine learning, AI, attack indicators (IOA), exploit blocking - to stop ransomware, malware-free and file-free attacks.
  • Covers the gaps left by traditional AVs and completely protects end devices online and offline.

Intelligent EDR:

  • Prevents complex attacks, collects raw data on events for automatic detection of harmful activities, provides unparalleled visibility of processes, active threat hunting and criminal investigation.
  • Decomposes the entire attack into an easy-to-use CrowdScore Incident Workbench, enriched with context and threat intelligence.
  • Provides powerful response, isolation, research and recovery of compromised systems.

24/7 managed Threat Hunting:

  • A team of security experts actively investigates and advises on activities in your environment, ensuring that threats and high-priority alerts do not go unnoticed.
  • Prioritizing notifications highlights the most dangerous threats in your environment and prevents False Positives.
  • Controlled reaction provides an understanding of the attack and shows what to do next.

Endpoint Detection and Response: Reduce Costs without Scrimping on Protection

Модулі Falcon Endpoint Protection Enterprise:

  • Falcon Prevent – Next Generation Antivirus
  • Falcon X – Integrated Threat Intelligence
  • Falcon Device Control – USB Device Control
  • Falcon Firewall Management – Firewall
  • Falcon Insight – Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Falcon Overwatch – managed Threat Hunting

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