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CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection Pro

Get the benefits of true next-generation AV with a combination of the most effective prevention technology and full attack visibility, with built-in Threat Intelligence and comprehensive threat response.

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Using cloud computing and a single lightweight agent, Endpoint Protection Pro works without the need for constant signature updates, local management infrastructure or comprehensive integration, and allows you to quickly and easily replace legacy AV and get even more: improved prevention, integrated threat collection and instant response.

The solution architecture is built on a workstation-based agent and a cloud platform that is responsible for extending functionality through cloud applications (from NGAV to Threat Intelligence and Sandboxing), agent management, and providing third-party integration APIs.


Reinforced AI NGAV:

  • Protects against the full range of attacks without requiring daily and cumbersome updates.
  • Combines the best threat prevention technologies - machine learning, AI, attack indicators (IOA), exploit blocking, etc. - to stop ransomware, malware-free and file-free attacks.
  • Covers gaps left by traditional AVs and completely protects end devices online and offline.

Full visibility of the attack:

  • Decomposes the attack into one easy-to-understand event tree, which is enriched with contextual and Threat Intelligence data.
  • Provides unprecedented informativeness and clarity of notifications.
  • Stores details of detected threats for 90 days.

Device control:

  • Provides detailed visibility of the use of USB devices.
  • Provides detailed policies to ensure complete control over the use of USB devices.

Built-in Threat Intelligence:

  • Allows you to fully explore the threats in your environment and easily identify priorities by assessing the complexity of the hazard.
  • Automatically detects the complexity and impact of threats detected on your network.

Firewall management:

  • Allows you to easily create, manage and apply policies.
  • Protects against network threats and provides instant visibility to increase protection and awareness of hazards.

Control and reaction:

  • Provides a powerful response to block and investigate compromised systems.
  • Provides instant remote access to the end device for immediate action to neutralize threats.

Introduction to CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Security Platform

Falcon Endpoint Protection Pro modules:

  • Falcon Prevent – Next Generation Antivirus
  • Falcon X – Integrated Threat Intelligence
  • Falcon Device Control – USB Device Control
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