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CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox

The world's most powerful malware sandbox. It exposes state-of-the-art targeted attacks, going beyond general static and dynamic file analysis to control all malicious actions and connections in systems.

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Full understanding of complex and unknown threats

When an organization is attacked, the visibility of the attack must be given the highest priority. You need to quickly understand what malware is trying to do and how it works so that you can minimize damage and know how to prevent such attacks in the future.

Today, malware analysis takes too much time and often provides incomplete information about the threat, which prevents security professionals from having confidence in their conclusions and leads to the endless need for further analysis. Worse, attackers are becoming smarter, constantly developing their malware to evade and find blind spots in common malware tools and methods.

CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox defeats even the most secure hacking programs by working at the kernel level and using sophisticated techniques and techniques that make it almost invisible. This allows Falcon Sandbox to provide a wide range of compromising metrics in the industry.

Falcon Sandbox also saves you time and makes security teams more efficient: the solution provides clear and accessible reports for your SOC team. These malware reports include practical guidelines for prioritizing and responding to threats, while allowing teams to delve into memory captures and stack traces. The Falcon Sandbox API and pre-built integrations make it easy to interact with existing security solutions.


Detection of unknown threats:

  • Hybrid analysis
  • Anti-evasion technologies
  • Settings for the existing environment

Achieve full visibility:

  • Analytical reports
  • Extensive file support
  • Malware search

Faster response to threats:

  • Immediate sorting
  • Flexible deployment
  • Easy integration

How Falcon Sandbox Improves Threat Response

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