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Lepide Data Security Platform 21.1 Live Demonstration



16:00 - 17:00 (GMT +2)


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Lepide has unveiled updated Lepide Data Security Platform 21.1 on March 8!
This data protection solution helps organizations meet the challenges of external threats, data loss, and compliance with a variety of information security standards.

Developers completely redesigned the platform to make it the most scalable platform on the market. In addition to the implementation of enterprise scalability, the Lepide Data Security Platform 21.1 enables security teams to report on open AWS S3 open buckets, report on permissions in OneDrive and automatically discover open shares.

As an official partner of Lepide iITD invites you to a live demo of the product, where you can get acquainted with all the key new features of the platform and its use.

Webinar language: English.

Key questions:

  • Where is my most sensitive data and why is it sensitive?
  • Who has access to this data and am I at risk of privilege abuse?
  • What changes are being made to data that could lead to a breach or incident?
  • What security states and changes pose a risk to my data?
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