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International Conference "Go Digital - 2021: acceleration and migration. Money goes online"



09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +3)


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We invite you to take part in the International Conference "Go Digital - 2021: Acceleration & Migration. Money goes online!

An event designed to highlight the problems of information infrastructures in banks and financial companies as a complex multifaceted ecosystem that needs enhanced protection against advanced threats.

iIT Distribution, as one of the leading independent companies in the field of CyberSecurity, which helps banks and non-bank financial companies to solve problems in the field of information security, prevent persistent attacks, comply with regulatory requirements, act as an official partner of the event and share their cybersecurity knowledge with participants.

Issues to be considered at the conference:

  • Smart automation. Electronic document management and optimization of business processes, based on CRM, ERP, BPM, BPA technologies for financial and credit institutions.
  • Migration of banks and non-bank financial institutions in the Cloud. Big Data, IoT. Opportunities for mobile and internet banking.
  • Introduction of tools for remote identification of clients and remote drawing up of contracts. Data management.

Topic of the report:

"Review of network documentation and automation from NetBrain"

Taras Andrievsky will talk about network documentation and automation from NetBrain. This technology platform is designed so that engineers have full visibility of hybrid environments, as well as the ability to easily automate them for working IT processes. NetBrain allows you to get a functional and comprehensive analysis of physical, virtual and software-defined networks of the organization.
As an official distributor and partner of NetBrain, we will deeply explore the issue of automation and response to events with NetBrain, as well as the key capabilities and tools of the platform.


Taras Andrievsky

Taras Andrievsky

Network Engineer iIT Distribution


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