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Міжнародна конференція: "Online Banking - Час інновацій!"

International Conference "Online Banking - Time of Innovation!" Conference


12:00 - 12:20 (GMT +3)


Міжнародна конференція:

For IT specialists and IT security specialists!

We invite you to the International Conference: "Online Banking - Час інновацій! Live DEMO”.

The topic of our report: "Crowdstrike is all the advantages of a cloud platform to overcome modern challenges in the field of protection of workstations and servers."

Crowdstrike is the most efficient solution in the world to protect the final devices from all types of cybergroms. Unconditional leader according to Gartner and Forrester. Main advantages of solutions: Using Big Data and Machine Learning mechanisms, the complete visibility of all processes occurring on end devices, protection against any species of attacks, including APT, Fileless, Zero-Day, etc. Modules Solution: NGAV (Next Generation AntiVirus), EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), Threat Intelligence (Collecting Cyber Study Data), Threat Hunting (Projective Threat Search), Sandbox (Sandbox), IT Hygiene (Inventory used on computers and patch Management), Vulnerability Assessment (vulnerabilities scanner), Mobile Protection.

Питання, які будуть розглянуті на конференції:

  • Cybersecurity в нових умовах. Практичні кейси та рекомендації


Гатупов Юрій Сергійович

Гатупов Юрій Сергійович

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