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International forum BIT-2021 on the waves of the Black Sea!



09:00 - 16:00 (GMT +2)

Hotel «Gagarinn», Gagarin Plateau, 5B

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On July 1, Odessa will host the main event of the domestic ICT market – International Forum "BIT-2021"

This unique industry event, characterized by an integrated approach, quality of information and unique atmosphere will traditionally bring together the best representatives of the ICT community and business environment in the region.

Partners and experts of the event will share the latest in the IT industry, their personal experience and advice.

IIT Distribution is the official partner of the event, together with the brand CrowdStrike, will share their knowledge in the field of information security.

Changes taking place in the organization for the use of corporate IT resources, among which first of all should be noted the expansion of the range of access devices used in offices (including through the use of personal devices, BYOD), as well as users beyond the traditional perimeter protection (due to the popularity of office work, staff mobility and the proliferation of public cloud IT services designed to support collaboration), necessitate a review of approaches to building endpoint security that provides users with access to corporate resources.

In these circumstances, the main task of each company's cybersecurity department is to provide each employee with uninterrupted access only to those resources assigned to his work functionality, compliance with security policies (determination of connection time and place, type of connection device and software installed on it, software updates, channels access) without prejudice to information security.

Solving these problems is aimed at minimizing the likelihood of threats such as unauthorized actions with data, attacks on the information channel between centralized resources and the endpoint, authorization of another person under the name of a legitimate user, phishing attacks and more.

How to provide all the above conditions? Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), which analyzes files and programs, tracks complex threats, helping to detect and respond to attacks at an early stage!

The topic: The best endpoint protection in the industry

That is why Maksym Kryvokhyzha, Head of CrowdStrike Department iIT Distribution, will tell you about the best endpoint protection in the industry from CrowdStrike – Falcon platform.

CrowdStrike Falcon protects customers from all types of cyberattacks by using sophisticated threat prevention, based on artificial intelligence and attack indicators, to prevent threats in real time. Falcon provides real-time protection in minutes, and effective artificial intelligence algorithms allow you to see the result from the first day. Cloud infrastructure and architecture eliminate the complexity of working with different applications to provide manageability and speed.


Maksym Kryvokhyzha

Head of CrowdStrike Department iIT Distribution

Mobile Marketing