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Transformation to Zero Trust: Safe-T ZoneZero SFA - secure file access



12:00 - 13:00 (GMT +3)


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iIT Distribution, ambassador of unique cyber security solutions in Ukraine, together with the company Safe-T - developer of a solution for secure and simplified access to applications and files based on architecture ZTNA, are invited to a series of webinars to get acquainted with the vendor's product portfolio.

The Safe-T platform is designed to implement centralized secure user access to the corporate network in a "zero trust" paradigm for hyperconvergent environments. Safe-T components control access to local and cloud resources and services, public cloud services, devices, and files. Safe-T has no restrictions on scaling and works without agents, although it also supports working with them.


Today, most files are accessed using SMB (Server Message Block) protocols. SMB is the standard for file access in almost every field, from manufacturing and financial institutions to healthcare and government agencies. Created by IBM in the 1980s, the protocol allows users to share folders and files over networks as if they were on a local machine. But for all its usefulness, SMBs have some security vulnerabilities.

The problem is that all organizations use shared files to provide their users with access to data, as well as to provide regular data backup. Although they provide easy access to files, standard file sharing protocols, such as SMB, cannot provide a high level of access control and usage. Instead, they use basic user rights, so there is no way to enforce additional authorization and role allocation. If an employee, contractor, or malicious IT administrator accesses files, they should not be able to view them, which can lead to disaster. The epic Snowden incident has shown that SMB threats are not only possible, they are likely - unless proper precautions are taken.

Solutions Safe-T Secure File Access are designed to solve this problem. This is a simple and smart way to provide employees and customers with secure shared access to SMB corporate files without establishing a direct SMB connection on Terminal 445 to end devices.

So the second webinar in our series of virtual meetings will focus on the ZoneZero SFA file access management solution.

Safe-T ZoneZero SFA - secure file access

With Safe-T SFA, organizations can transform SMB servers on the principle of Zero Trust Network Access, eliminating direct access to distributed SMB servers and networks and providing the ability to work with important information only on the principle of business necessity.

To provide secure access to the distributed SMB server repository using HTTPS only, SFA acts as a distributed file system proxy for Microsoft Windows SMB servers, using the ADFS authentication mechanism that allows users to authorize domain credentials and inherit already configured rights. access to network repositories used within the corporate network.


  • An overview of Safe-T's key solution for organizing secure remote access to SFA files
  • Review of the patented Safe-T reverse access technology
  • Demonstration of the solution
  • The most interesting use-cases
  • Question and answer session


Sasha Lishinevski

Safe-T Engineer

Inna Lazarenko

iITD Sales Engineer

Mobile Marketing