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A series of training workshops from CrowdStrike: an introduction to the Falcon platform



13:00 - 14:00 (GMT +2)


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The best way to learn about technology is to test it in your own realities. This is exactly the opportunity provided by the company CrowdStrike - a world leader in the field of protection of terminal devices! The company provides overview access to its main solution - the platform Falcon — the industry's first cloud platform to protect end devices, and creates a series of interactive workshops every Wednesday!

We invite you to join the CrowdStrike seminars, where the company will present various aspects of using the Falcon platform in 45-60 minutes. The workshops will feature three streams of interactive seminars that will allow you to fully familiarize yourself with the company's product: familiarization with CrowdStrike Falcon, responding to threats in real time and their detection.


Participants will learn about the Falcon Platform by simulating a real attack scenario: an Mummy Spider attacker will break into an organization where he will look for a network port that is used to block it. Participants will navigate the console, read the prompts and mark the features that are presented in Falcon X, Falcon Prevent and Falcon Insight.


The CrowdStrike Falcon solution is the only cloud security platform for single-agent endpoints on the market. It integrates easily into the existing environment, allowing the security team to effectively detect and block malicious activity, preventing negative impact on organizations by protecting next-generation SaaS-based endpoints. Thanks to the interactive seminars, you will be able to get acquainted with the functionality of the platform, test the work, emulate the prevention of the attack: from its penetration, investigation of the incident, and to its neutralization.

Our partners will be able to:

  • Increase your knowledge in the field of innovative methods and tools to protect against the latest attacks.
  • Improve your competencies and skills in implementing and supporting CrowdStrike solutions for end customers.
  • Note the value of using the Falcon platform compared to competitive solutions.

End users will be able to:

  • Get to know and test the work of the Falcon platform.
  • Develop live incident scenarios and their investigations.
  • Evaluate the ease and speed of deployment and operation of the platform.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and blind spots in the existing cyber security infrastructure of the enterprise and take the necessary measures to eliminate them.
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