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Webinar series: transition to the Zero Trust model



11:00 - 12:00 (GMT +3)


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iIT Distribution, ambassador of unique cyber security solutions in Ukraine, together with the company Safe-T - developer of a solution for secure and simplified access to applications and files based on architecture ZTNA, are invited to a series of webinars to get acquainted with the vendor's product portfolio.

The Safe-T platform is designed to implement centralized secure user access to the corporate network in a "zero trust" paradigm for hyperconvergent environments. Safe-T components control access to local and cloud resources and services, public cloud services, devices, and files. Safe-T has no restrictions on scaling and works without agents, although it also supports working with them.


Today, the protection of confidential data has become important and complex. Modern scanning and hacking tools prove that attackers target any organization, regardless of its size and vertical, which makes every company a target. Therefore, ensuring completely secure access to files and applications is a key element in creating a reliable and sustainable security strategy. Cybersecurity experts and CTOs from around the world are unanimous in advocating the need to evolve secure access based on the Zero Trust architecture in today's realities. In order to facilitate your transition to the concept of zero trust and make it as convenient and efficient as possible, Safe-T develops advanced access protection solutions.


Traditional principles of protection of the perimeter of the internal network are no longer enough. Remote work has become a significant driver of this, which is increasingly becoming the norm, rather than something temporary. Now the boundaries are blurred, so the security department has a task to protect organizations without a clear perimeter. The zero-confidence model is designed to solve this problem. IIT Distribution helps businesses rethink perimeter security, as well as build a ZTA architecture based on the best solutions from market leaders. That is why we have created a series of training webinars that together would move to a new level of protection!

The first webinar will be dedicated to the solution for managing external access to ZoneZero SDP services.

Safe-T ZONEZERO SDP — безпечний доступ до додатків

Safe-T's ZoneZero SDP solution is changing the way organizations manage external access to their services. This product is part of the ZoneZero Perimeter Access Orchestration platform, provides centralized management of all secure access technologies, and helps organizations achieve Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

The ZoneZero SDP solution provides secure and transparent access for all types of objects (users, applications and connected devices) to any internal application, service and data (HTTP / S, SMTP, SFTP, SSH, APIs, RDP and WebDAV). ZoneZero SDP uses Safe-T's patented reverse access technology, which allows you not to open input ports in the organization's firewall.


  • An overview of Safe-T's key solution for secure remote access to SDP applications
  • Review of the patented Safe-T reverse access technology
  • Demonstration of the solution
  • The most interesting use-cases
  • Question and answer session


Sasha Lishinevski

Safe-T Engineer

Inna Lazarenko

iITD Sales Engineer

Mobile Marketing