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GTB Technologies — is an American company that offers innovative solutions in the field of data loss prevention (Loss Prevention - DLP). Founded in 2004, GTB Technologies is one of the leaders in the cybersecurity industry with offices around the world. An important advantage of GTB Technologies is a powerful office in Ukraine, which employs a team of experienced Ukrainian developers.

Features of DLP-system from GTB Technologies

Any company that has valuable data sooner or later decides to implement a DLP-system. Modern companies offer a large number of options. According to the method of finding the source of DLP-programs are divided into three categories:

  • data-in-use — in the process of using information;
  • data-in-motion — during the transfer of information ;
  • data-at-rest — during the storage.

The product GTB DLP Suite recognizes data when moving and storing. Recognition works for MS Office documents, PDF and regular images. Libraries are available in 75 languages. The company also offers a unique GTB Fingerprinting technology that protects huge databases with a minimum of hash-prints.

Unlike other companies' products, GTB provides full visibility of data that is moved in cloud services. The products also have the function of blocking unauthorized access to the cloud.

One of the key decisions of the company — GTB Inspector. The product classifies data in real time and provides real-time information about where users move information. Another GTB program - DLP for Intellectual Property protection - aims to protect intellectual property. With it, you can track all changes in documents and recognize users who have access to them.

iIT Distribution is the official distributor of , provides distribution and promotion of solutions in Ukraine, professional support for their implementation.

Why do we need a DLP-system?

Valuable data have always existed, and with them — there are methods of protection. With the advent of computer technology, data has become one of the main values of corporations, the state and individuals. Data leakage — is a serious problem for any bank, commercial company or government agency. The introduction of DLP- security systems helps prevent the loss of valuable information.

DLP is often referred to as data loss prevention — the prevention of data leakage. The term has been widely used since 2006, but the first DLP-systems existed before. DLP-technologies, on the one hand, have evolved as new data leakage incidents have emerged, and on the other hand - have been limited by law.

Many DLP-products are not limited to leak prevention. The systems also protect data from threats — both internal and external, keep track of working hours, monitor their actions on servers, including remotely. This has led to the fact that some DLP-systems are aimed solely at monitoring the corporate environment, they lack the main function — is blocking data transmission. Therefore, sometimes the term DLP is used in a broad sense.

Support for DLP-solutions with iIT Distribution

IT Distribution — is a team of experienced Ukrainian professionals. We present on the Ukrainian market the products of GTB Technologies — American developers, who began to develop DLP-systems one of the first. GTB Technologies offers functional solutions, original technologies and control of a large number of protocols. As official representatives of GTB Technologies in Ukraine, we implement and support DLP-solutions for Ukrainian business.

The cost of the DLP-system includes one-time costs when purchasing the product: examination, development of security policy, purchase of a license, implementation. The price of a DLP-system depends on the configuration, but in general it is affordable enough to buy it even for a small business.

To test the product you are interested in, you can request its demo version. To do this you need to fill out a short registration form, after which you will receive an access key on your e-mail.

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GTB Technologies: a new approach to preventing data loss

System GTB DLP Suite is one of the key products of the company. Due to its high modularity, the system effectively monitors confidential data in traffic, intercepts and analyzes all traffic transmitted over the network, establishes control for access to information on all devices, etc.

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