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Information leakage protection system. GTB DLP Suite consists of only two main components, while competitors need it at least 6 servers to achieve the same functionality.

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GTB DLP Suite supports optical data recognition for both moving and storage (Discovery). Unlike others, the recognition function supports regular images, as well as images in files such as MS Office and PDF. Libraries are available in 75 languages.

GTB supports local digital fingerprint detection for all its aspects of DLP (network scanning, endpoint device detection and control). The unique patented GTB Fingerprinting technology allows you to protect a huge amount of data with a minimum number of hash prints. Some competitors are limited to only 100,000 hash prints, others do not support fingerprinting properly, or due to inaccurate algorithms, they need to "call home" to get digital prints.

GTB is the only supplier that:

  • It has a built-in data classification: for both files and Outlook. No need to buy tools from Bolden James or Titus Labs. The system can classify data based on the DLP content in the file by comparing classification levels with DLP classifiers.
  • It can give companies full visibility of data moving in the clouds, including the ability to prevent access / block unauthorized access.
  • Implemented a complete DRM / IRM system as part of the package. Nobody has it anymore. File-level access control is based on DLP classifiers.

Reliable opportunities to protect intellectual property:

Combination with data fingerprinting, OCR recognition and native SSL decryption.

Analysis of large amounts of data and rapid classification:

In various data warehouses, including local and cloud platforms.

Monthly set of managed service:

GTB offers its own set of managed service. However, because of the ease of use and management, customers typically feel that they do not need to continue working for three to six months. Thus, GTB offers this option as a monthly, without binding customers to a term commitment.

Wide cloud search coverage:

With support for Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for business through their own API-based integrations.

The Failure of Traditional DLP Solutions

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