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Infinidat - a leading Israeli supplier and developer of multi-petabyte solutions for enterprise-class data storage for primary storage (InfiniBox solution) and disk backup (InfiniGuard solution).

Infinidat was founded in 2011.At that time a group of storage experts decided to conduct an analysis that would help to escape the problem when there is a hard trade-off between the performance, availability and cost of storage networks for corporate use. The group of specialists, who had many years of experience in the field of storage network development and several successful projects, became a confident leader in this field. The company has developed technologies for storing and reliably protecting thousands of terabytes of data at the lowest possible price.

The company offers so-called flexible pricing - a model of acquisition that gives corporate customers the flexibility and ability to forecast costs in conditions of market uncertainty. Customers receive the solution in full configuration, but pay only for the initial base capacity they need, which can easily be increased independently if necessary and paid next month.

Available solutions

In 2013, Infinidat began shipping its first InfiniGuard, which was developed from scratch as a truly unified storage solution that offered several protocols for SAN, NAS, and Object clients in the open systems market. The first versions of the product were delivered as a SAN (block) solution. From InfiniBox version 2.2, the manufacturer has launched the NAS file platform. As part of the integrated system, the NAS uses all the available capabilities of the InfiniBox array, including: snapshots without affecting performance, new data protection capabilities (such as RAID), 99.99999% availability and more.

Also among the solutions - Built using the market-leading InfiniBox. The technology allows you to quickly restore and back up important data as a result of their loss. This ensures business continuity due to the emergency backup, in the process of which the client does not even have time to understand what happened. InfiniGuard is based on InfiniBox and a data array compression method that uses as a algorithm to eliminate duplicate copies of duplicate data from the source. The innovation not only protects information, but also effectively saves storage in the thousands of terabytes.

Data replication is the main function of the enterprise to implement their protection. Synchronous replication allows you to store an identical copy of files elsewhere. Although synchronized replication is not a panacea for all problems, they simplify the process of protecting servers and applications that are contained on one or more LUNs or volumes. Infinidat has its own unique solution in this area - InfiniSync. It is needed to provide synchronous replication over an infinite distance on the InfiniBox platform. The system is protected from fires, floods, earthquakes, operational failures and is able to transmit data over any distance without loss.

All solutions are based on the same basic technology, which provides high availability, productivity and minimum total cost of ownership, which allows to achieve business continuity and the creation of independent cloud storage. Infinidat's software approach uses special data organization logic, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms to increase productivity by processing the vast majority of RAM operations. The use of Infinidat solutions allows the business to achieve a data availability of seven nines - 99.99999%, so that companies from around the world, included in the list of Fortune 500, choose this manufacturer.

All Infinidat solutions include up to delivery set:

  • technical support in 24x7x365 mode,
  • storage system installation service,
  • training of administrators on work with the equipment.

This provides the highest level of service, which eliminates the scaling of critical incidents from customers.

iIT Distribution is the official distributor of , provides distribution and promotion of solutions in Ukraine, professional support for their implementation.

Why is it necessary to contact with iIT Distribution?

We are the official distributor of the company Infinidat, we provide the organization of sale of unique products in the field of safe storage of large volumes of data. IIT Distribution also promotes advanced solutions from Infinidat in Ukraine, provides professional support in the design and implementation of corporate data storage systems.

iIT Distribution - Value Added Distributor, which not only supplies software and hardware, but also provides customer project support services. Our key goal is to create a branded tool that reveals the topic of cybersecurity and Internet resource protection solutions to users.

The advantages of cooperation:

  • qualification of specialists and a high level of professional expertise, which is confirmed by the certificates of the manufacturers we represent;
  • comprehensive information security solutions and solutions for building IT infrastructure, integration and service from leading global manufacturers;
  • the most flexible solutions on the market are available;
  • has its own rebate program.

Official distribution from the world's leading manufacturers allows you to perform projects of any complexity. We work exclusively through the channel of our partners.

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Infinidat's approach to securing 100% availability

In our webinar on the Infinidat solution, we looked at:

  • Infinidat's work in the VMware ecosystem;
  • current business requirements that Infinidat 100% meets;
  • integration of Infinidat and VMware, Active-Active solution and vSphere Metro Storage Cluster.
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