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A highly reliable solution that provides synchronous replication over any distance without data loss. InfiniSync bypasses the limitations of synchronous replication and asynchronous replication (RPO), ensuring data integrity.

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InfiniSync avoids data loss. When using two data centers, it provides a simple and cost-effective upgrade with zero RPO value. The InfiniSync system has been tested in the most extreme conditions and is able to continue working during fires, destructive loads and even after immersion in water. InfiniSync has its own battery for LTE data transmission. Built-in data capabilities ensure that your data gets where you need it.

The main advantages of a solution

Disaster resistance:

InfiniSync successfully copes with a range of threats to business continuity: fires, floods, earthquakes, operational failures.


Ability to withstand extreme influences: open fire with a temperature of up to 1093 ° C, prolonged immersion in water, abnormally high pressure during the collapse of the building, the impact of falling valves, extremely strong shocks.

100% readiness:

Can transmit data over radio, wired and cellular networks using appropriate protocols. The internal battery allows the system to operate autonomously for several hours after the disaster, so that the "black box" can contact the backup data center and transmit protected data. In addition, InfiniSync supports data transmission over both the broadband LTE cellular network and Wi-Fi, so that in the event of a cellular failure, data can be transferred to the nearest laptop.

Low total cost of ownership:

It is not necessary to have three data centers, it is not necessary to increase the bandwidth of channels, low costs on the communication line, restoration on site by local IT specialists.

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