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Active networking hardware from iIT Distribution

Every company, regardless of the field of activity, needs a reliable and secure corporate network, for example, for data exchange and optimization of document flow. Recently, wireless solutions have been preferred because they are as fast and efficient as wired ones, but offer more benefits. Active networking hardware is used for their implementation.


You can buy WiFi wireless access points, routers, routers and other means of implementing a corporate WiFi network in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine at an affordable price on the iIT Distribution website. We sell quality and reliable equipment from market leaders and provide cybersecurity solutions for businesses that works.

What is active networking hardware and what is it used for?

Active networking hardware are devices needed to organize a computer local wired or wireless network and support its operation. There are active and passive types of devices. Active not only capture signals or transmit them, but also process technical data, which is redirected and distributed by streams based on built-in algorithms. Such equipment works from an electric network or accumulators.

The active network equipment includes:

  • personal computers in all their variety and components;
  • routers that allow you to combine multiple workgroups and filter network traffic;
  • switches — multiport bridges;
  • receivers for converting the signal between two physically different media of the communication system;
  • adapters (required to connect devices to the network);
  • hubs to unite connected users);
  • medium converters for processing network signals from coaxial and fiber-optic cables;
  • repeaters that allow you to repeat the signal to increase the distance of its action;
  • access points — base stations designed to provide wireless access to an existing network.

Learn more about the most popular active network devices

Router (the similar to Wi-Fi router) is a device for signal distribution through the cable and wireless Wi-Fi technology. It allows you to connect all connected devices to a network and facilitate access to the Internet or local operating interface.

Also popular are access points. They are often confused with routers, but they function completely differently. They do not share IP addresses, do not connect to the provider, do not have a built-in firewall. The point accesses the network from a router or modem, and distributes it over Wi-Fi. Extremely convenient thing for a large office.

No wireless network of a large enterprise can work properly without switches. These are devices that combine multiple nodes within a single network segment. Unlike hubs, which transmit signals from one device to another, switches transmit data exclusively to the receiver.

You can purchase Wi-Fi access points, routers, hubs, switches, and other active network equipment on the iIT Distribution website. We provide the best solutions from innovative companies leading their fields. We work not only in Kyiv, because high-quality network solutions are needed throughout Ukraine. The price of the products is extremely attractive due to the official cooperation with well-known manufacturers. You can buy an access point, router, router to the office to organize corporate WiFi from iIT Distribution. We are the official distributor of manufacturers who provide the best solutions on the market.

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