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Labyrinth Technologies offers to take advantage of a special offer - a license for 12 months at a price of 6 months


A huge number of remote devices that have access to the company's internal resources have repeatedly increased the difficulty of ensuring information protection. In the current situation, it became almost impossible to secure its infrastructure relying only on such technologies like antiviruses and firewalls. Traditional perimeter protection in essence has become ineffective and things appeared that it is almost impossible to prevent. For example, if an attacker managed to get or guess the user credentials and give yourself to one of your employees, there is a high probability that no prevention technology will notice this. These are those called Silent Failure or a quiet failure. The protection of the perimeter silently fell, and you have a hacking that you do not know about. And according to statistics, most organizations will not learn about this another 100 and more days.

DECEPTION Platform from Labyrinth Technologies effectively detects intruders who have penetrated the protected perimeter of the network and allows you to secure companies from the threats of the Insider Threats.

In the current crisis situation the company Labyrinth Technologies offers to take advantage of a special offer - a license for 12 months at a price of 6 months.
The main advantages of the product are:

-effective detection of hidden threats, targeted attacks and insiders due to imitation of vulnerabilities and not resources;
- high reliability of alerts, False Positive Rate less than 1%;
- adaptation for our region - Emulation of specific resources (1C, ACD, etc.) from the box;
- does not require purchasing licenses for third-party products (Windows, Oracle, etc.);
- support and product development are located in Ukraine, which ensures the highest level of service directly from the manufacturer.

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