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Lepide Remote Worker Monitoring Pack

Easy to deploy, lightweight security stack that provides immediate protection to corporations during unstable remote work.

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Monitoring and analysis of remote users

  • Session monitoring: recording user sessions.
  • Login / Logout Audit: Ensure desired performance by tracking user logins and logouts.
  • Monitoring user behavior: detailed audits and flexible reports on each user's interaction with sensitive data.
  • Analysis of user behavior: detection of behavioral anomalies in real time.
  • Isolation of confidential data: classification of confidential data and establishment of access to them according to the principle of Zero Trust.
  • AD Self-Service Portal: Users can change their own AD passwords using a secure portal.

Data security:

Obtain information about how data and resources are used to ensure data security and reduce the risk of data leakage.

Early detection of risks:

Track important tasks, mark abnormal user behavior, and take immediate action to eliminate the threat.

Increase productivity:

Monitoring the working hours of employees allows you to maintain corporate standards and increase productivity.

An effective approach to tracking and monitoring the work of remote workers

Session monitoring

Record the actions of each employee regardless of location. Fixing time-indexed frames of each action. Ability to quickly deploy to any end device or server. Easy installation, deployment and management, easy and secure program. Run with or without the user's knowledge.

Login / logout audit

Detailed reports on all inputs and outputs from the system. Determining the exact time and location. Ensuring the desired level of productivity, promoting safety and compliance with industry standards.

Monitoring user behavior

Detailed audit of each interaction of each user with all confidential data stored in any data warehouse of the enterprise. Flexible reports that show when files have been copied, modified, deleted, accessed, or attempted. Start and work take less than 30 minutes.

Analysis of user behavior

Notification of employee behavior that deviates from previously studied behavior. Prevent data leakage, detect compromised user accounts, detect the spread of extortionate programs, and prevent insider threats.

Isolation of confidential data

Detection and classification of confidential data for their further protection against external threats. A clear understanding of who has access to sensitive data. As a result, it is possible to provide access to confidential data only to those people who need it.

Self-service portal for AD passwords

Users can change their passwords themselves through a secure web portal. Employees can recover passwords via OTP via SMS or by answering a few questions. It only takes a few minutes to resolve blocked AD accounts immediately.

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