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Application performance monitoring

APM solution

Enterprise applications are constantly becoming more complex, and monitoring their performance is becoming an increasingly urgent task. Application Performance Monitoring, called APM (Application Performance Monitoring), allows you to measure the performance of WEB-applications, availability and, critically important for the company's business, to ensure compliance with the services provided by SLA (Service-level agreement).

The Internet has not only simplified all areas of our lives, but also made us hostage to WEB-applications. They surround us everywhere - email clients, foreign language learning programs, online maps or social networks. The use of corporate applications is becoming increasingly necessary for business efficiency, they are needed by both staff to facilitate access to corporate resources and customers (mobile banking or online shopping). Every company has a set of critical applications on which depends the profit, and sometimes its own image. The availability and performance of these applications can have a significant impact on business efficiency, especially when the Internet, social networks and mobile devices are increasingly used to attract large numbers of customers.

Advantages of using APM software solutions

Before moving on to a detailed description of the benefits of APM for business, it is worth noting that the abbreviation APM is used to describe two different practices that have similar goals and apply to applications. Application Performance Monitoring aims to study the components of the program. It allows you to track work at each stage or transaction. Application Performance Management operates with the overall picture of the software environment, allowing IT professionals through the performance management center to work ahead, detect and troubleshoot local, mobile or cloud applications before they become threatening.

Of course, management is impossible without monitoring. But if application performance monitoring is the monitoring of each stage in a specific application, then management involves tracking all enterprise applications for each end user. The APM accounting program helps IT professionals solve stability and performance issues, identify applications that need optimization.

Для цього проводиться моніторинг продуктивності сервера і збираються аналітичні дані про наступні показники продуктивності:

  • condition of physical equipment;
  • use of CPU and memory resources;
  • the number of simultaneous requests and the average response time;
  • errors and what percentage of these errors;
  • productivity;
  • influence of external factors;
  • comparison of current performance indicators with basic ones.
APM software tools interpret the entire array of data, analyze the root causes, identified problems and formulate a plan of action. Thanks to them, you can increase productivity, reduce operating costs, increase sales.

Speaking of monitoring or managing application performance, we must mention DevOps. The practice of interaction between developers and corporate IT specialists arose in response to new challenges that have arisen as a result of the transition of companies to software products of service-oriented architecture (SOA). The integration of APM and DevOps solutions will help not only to identify errors and problems, but also to improve the software product. Application Performance Monitoring tools will give an idea of ​​general trends, which functions are most needed, which are slower, and so on. As a result, it will be possible to set priorities more accurately by planning steps for improvement.
Modern solutions in the segment of cybersecurity and IT infrastructure optimization: iIT Distribution is an official supplier of software and equipment for the implementation of advanced infrastructure solutions. Our advantage is that we not only sell hardware and software, but also take over the support of projects. Our proposed software for monitoring the performance of applications will help to analyze many key indicators, see possible problem areas, compare programs for resource consumption at the enterprise level. IT professionals will be able to use this information to identify the least productive or most used applications.
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