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NetBrain Day-2 NetOps Automation

Automation of network operations of the second day (Day-2 Network Operations). Reduce the average recovery time by using three-phase automation in response to incidents.

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The average company has to perform thousands of IT operations every day, and all of them require manual intervention, which significantly slows down the entire business. The NetBrain solution is designed to permanently reduce such interference, so it provides three stages of automation:

    • trigger automation - before the intervention of an IT specialist;
    • interactive automation - during active troubleshooting;
    • proactive automation - after solving the problem.

The critical phase of troubleshooting is the initial response and diagnosis. Because these first steps are predictable, any IT investigation should begin with zero touch or trigger automation.

Features of NetBrain Day-2 NetOps Automation

Minimize downtime

By connecting NetBrain to your ITSM or event management solution, you can easily implement initiated diagnostic automation. It will allow you to detect problems faster and automatically eliminate potential ones. Once an event is detected, NetBrain Automation provides the ability to use two main features: dynamic problem area mapping and priority diagnostics. By applying trigger automation in response to an accident, NetBrain bridges the gap between fault detection and diagnosis.

Instant visualization of the entire infrastructure

As soon as the action is performed, NetBrain automatically creates a map of the relevant part of the network. This can be a sitemap or application path. The URL of this dynamic map is returned to your ITSM for quick access to anyone involved in the event.

Automated network diagnostics

NetBrain provides automation mechanisms for fast data scanning, such as CLI outputs, device configurations, and network telemetry. This automation supports full-scale configuration, so you can turn common troubleshooting procedures into repetitive procedures called Executable Runbooks.

Day-2 NetOps Automation від компанії NetBrain

When you connect NetBrain to an ITSM or monitoring solution, you can define rules and conditions that initiate different diagnostics for different types of events. For example, a ticket for a slow application can run NetBrain to dynamically display the flow of applications, and then perform a 3-step launch, which:

  • collects general CLI data,
  • performs a health check at the device level,
  • analyzes interface congestion.
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