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NetBrain Dynamic Network Documentation

Document the work of thousands of applications "from and to". Automatic network documentation, thanks to Dynamic Maps, provides end-to-end visibility of all critical data streams.

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Dynamically document the structure of networks

The NetBrain solution determines the topology of your network and documents the control plane, including the Tier-2 and Tier-3 configurations. By viewing the map, you can dynamically visualize any aspect of the network structure.

    • Document and share for know-how professionals.

    • Give each expert on your team the opportunity to participate in the development of new technologies or the solution of complex problems.

    • Document specific knowledge that is stored only in the minds of your experts and make it available through detailed instructions.


Instant cyberattack recognition:

As soon as your system detects an intrusion, you receive a notification of a potential attack - even before your IT specialist pays attention to the problem, Just In Time Automation maps the route of the attack.

Documenting the complex structure of the date center:

NetBrain Dynamic Documentation provides the ability to dynamically structure and document the most complex multicomponent infrastructure systems, such as Cisco ACI and VMware NSX.

Office auto documentation of 1 000 divisions:

Complete documentation of your entire environment can be done as needed. Need to provide charts and reports on infrastructure elements for a cybersecurity audit? Export to Visio, Word or Excel.

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