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The iIT Distribution team has signed a distribution agreement with Lookout!

Lookout — a leader in the field of mobile security for more than ten years. It is the only provider of mobile threat protection that has been on the Forbes Cloud 100 list for four years in a row!

Lookout provides and empowers our digital future in a privacy-focused world where mobile devices are needed for everything we do for work and play.

Lookout security platform protects mobile devices from malicious applications, extortionists, phishing, providing endpoint protection, vulnerability management and zero-trusted network access.

Lookout uses artificial intelligence to analyze telemetry data from nearly 200 million devices and over 120 million applications, so you can not worry about your mobile security.


Thanks to a study of more than 100 million analyzed programs, Lookout has the world's largest set of mobile data, which provides visibility of the full range of mobile risks. This allows Lookout to maximize control over the risks associated with applications. This security platform creates an imprint of each mobile device and compares it with the data of more than 185 million devices for continuous protection against mobile risks. Every day, the company tests more than 100,000 new applications. Lookout customers use Lookout App Risk to quickly detect risky application behavior and dynamically reject applications to protect their organizations.

The Lookout solution not only provides multi-level protection, but is also a mobile threat management (MTM) technology, widely used in organizations that strive for a zero-confidence model. Thanks to its competitive qualities, IDC MarketScape for Mobile Threat Management Software has named Lookout a leader for the third year in a row.

Many modern users are increasingly choosing mobile devices as their primary way to communicate with the network, including for workflows. It is obvious that cybercriminals have long regarded mobile devices as one of their priority goals. That's why protecting mobile devices is just as important as protecting any other device on your corporate network.

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