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iITD is the official partner of the International Grand Forum "BIT & BIS-2021"!


On March 3, Kiev will host the main event of the domestic ICT market - the International Grand Forum "BIT & BIS-2021"!!

This annual unique industry event promises visitors a unique atmosphere and an impressive informational charge.

Partners and experts of the event will share the latest in the IT industry, their personal experience and advice.

Company iIT Distributionan official partner of the event, together with NetBrain and CrowdStrike, will share their knowledge in the field of information security.

The main problem for cybersecurity departments in most companies remains the lack of the necessary level of automation and visual control over the cyber environment. The lack of an automated mechanism for collecting data, contextual understanding of security incidents and visual control over hidden potential threats in the network significantly increases the risk of an organization becoming a victim of a cyber attack and reduces its confidence in its own security.

That is why Sergey Aleinikov, Head of Technical Department at iIT Distribution, will tell you about CrowdStrike – Identity Threat Detection. A solution for tracking the authentication process, questionable user behavior and detecting threats in real time! Identity Threat Detection correlates events around the user, their activity and the device to improve response to a threat, thereby reducing the need for complex, time-consuming analyzes by SOC employees, and shortening the response time to events.

Expect our second talk from Andrievsky, network engineer at iIT Distribution, who will tell you how to get rid of heavy manual work and save time and money with the Network Automation from NetBrain.

Organizations are constantly adding new solutions and connected devices to their networks. Traffic is increasing, and there is no understanding of the maximum capabilities of many products and ways to provide protection. During the pandemic and the transition to remote work, new devices were added spontaneously, and there was not enough time to fully study the functionality. It is time to structure the work of IT resources and build a unified and functional information security system! How exactly? We are ready to answer all your questions!


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