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GTB Technologies comprehensive DLP solution received a certificate from the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine


The Administration of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine has issued a certificate of conformity to iB Distribution for GTB Technologies software products.

The results of the expert assessment confirm that the information security system GTB DLP Suite meets high standards of technical information protection, the requirements of the current legal framework for security and can be used to create comprehensive information security systems for various purposes in public and commercial organizations.

The obtained certificate allows iIT Distribution to work with information that contains a state secret in the implementation of comprehensive security systems based on the GTB DLP Suite solution in all government, financial, international and other organizations where certified software products are required. Dozens of government organizations and hundreds of businesses will now be able to appreciate all the benefits of comprehensive information protection against GTB DLP leaks, which allows you to track not only text documents, but also drawings, video and audio files; controls both cloud services and temporary files, webmail and the clipboard.

GTB Technologies has long entered the DLP market, but despite this, it is actively developing its products and constantly taking into account the growing requirements for information security. Its solution allows you to intercept and analyze different types of network traffic, control access to data on different network devices. And also to control access to the information in file network storages and on removable devices. The system easily integrates with other information security monitoring systems and supports a large number of protocols for interception and analysis.

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