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A10 Thunder ADC application delivery controller in our warehouse!


In today's digital business environment, companies of all sizes and industries (financial institutions, service providers and cloud operators, retail, etc.) should remain flexible and innovative to compete, grow and thrive. They all manage large and critical applications. Without their reliable productivity and availability the work of employees can stop, customer service will become impossible which will cause the wave of disruptions in the work of the whole business. More than 40 percent of businesses report that one hour of downtime can cost their business between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.

All these requirements have led to such a decision as application delivery controller (ADC), has become one of the most important components of a modern digital infrastructure of any company. An application delivery controller can help maintain a high quality of user interaction by providing a unified approach to performance management, troubleshooting, and traffic optimization in complex environments with holistic visibility of devices, applications, policies and users.


Special application delivery controller Thunder ADC from the leader in the development and production of traffic balancing solutions A10 Networks ensures high availability, performance and security of applications. It is possible to learn more about the manufacturer by the link. The A10 Networks load balancer helps reduce network downtime, sustain business continuity, and create high-availability systems that span global data centers and numerous clouds. In addition the Thunder ADC lineup has the highest bandwidth in the industry when transmitting application traffic which makes this solution one of the best in the industry. Learn more about the Thunder ADC line by the link.

As part of its global web traffic management capabilities the A10 Networks load balancer can evaluate the performance and response time of each resource in your environment and then make smart adjustments to application traffic to prevent the impact of server failure on users. Also the A10 Networks ADC solution can help you use the public cloud as a backup for your on-premises data center by using global load balancing on the server to determine when and how to use that capacity and then redirect traffic accordingly.

While application performance and availability are key to choosing the right ADC, A10 Networks does not stop there and pays special attention to cybersecurity prevention.

Load balancers from this vendor provide the ability to apply uniform policy compliance schemes to each platform you use which simplifies the provision of the same consistent information security for applications and services:

  • Sequential authentication management on cloud and local platforms allows you to support the Zero Trust security model.
  • Thunder ADC security measures such as security analytics, DDoS attack protection, web application firewalls (WAF), modern SSL / TLS encryption standards and threat analysis provide a multi-tiered approach to cybersecurity for deep protection.

Thunder ADC can be applied as a virtual machine or container. Its placement is possible in the core of the network, in a multi-cloud environment (in private and public clouds). The A10 Networks application delivery controller supports a multi-user environment which allowing you to configure application delivery partitions (ADPs) that are virtual ADCs.


One of the representatives of the model range of load balancing solutions — А10 Thunder ADC 1040 already presented in our warehouse! This device can be commissioned to ensure efficient application delivery, load balancing and information security. In addition, the model 1040 can act not only as a controller: it contains carrier-grade NAT functions to expand the use of IPv4 address space and migration to IPv6. Using these various functions is possible by switching operating modes.

This decision:

  • load balancing at levels L4-L7;
  • provides several levels of security: WAF (Web Application Firewall) and DAF (DNS Application Firewall) functionality, single sign-on authentication (SSO), advanced encryption methods (including PFS / ECC).

Thunder ADC 1040 is characterized by high capacity, scalability and the ability to program to adapt to a constantly changing environment. This solution reduces the complexity of the network and the total cost of owning it.


By choosing a load balancing solution from A10 Networks you will get:

High application readiness.

Thunder ADC uses several load balancing techniques to efficiently distribute the workload across all available servers while constantly assessing the status of the program. Client requests are forwarded to servers that contain the required content and are able to respond as quickly as possible to requests for optimal delivery of applications and content.

Application protection.

Thunder ADC provides protection against zero-day attacks and other new application-level threats with WAF and DAF, and allows you to centrally manage several aspects of authentication, authorization, and accounting.

Advanced encryption capabilities.

Thunder ADC undertakes complex calculations related to the implementation of the latest cryptographic standards. This maximizes content protection, speeds up delivery and reduces infrastructure costs.

Management automation.

Thunder ADC allows you to fine-tune more than 1 000 individual partitions in your work to implement system policy rules for applications, services and users, as well as to consolidate devices.

Business continuity.

Thunder ADC performs the advanced function of global load balancing on servers (GSLB) to optimize the delivery of applications from different sites.

Competitive advantages.

Thunder ADC overcomes the negative effects of long delays in packet transmission over WAN- channels and inefficiency of programs, providing fast customer service.


iIT Distribution is the official distributor of solutions from A10 Networks. Request a demo of the A10 Thunder ADC application delivery controller or other products to ensure cybersecurity and deploy reliable, optimized, and secure services for your infrastructure on our site.

We work only with market leaders and innovators in their fields, so customers get the best products that solve specific problems, rather than imposing unnecessary functionality. The leadership of A10 Networks products is proven by numerous successful experiences of use by the largest telecom operators, cloud providers and companies from the Global Fortune 500 list worldwide!

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