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The ZTNA model helps reduce the stress loading of employees from remote work

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As a result of the current pandemic, there are more and more people who must adapt to working at home. At the same time, many businesses are beginning to realize that these changes can be long-term.

Recent report of Gartner "The Best Networking Solutions for Telecommuting " (September 2020), contains a chart showing the percentage of employees who worked remotely before the pandemic and now. As you can see, the number of such employees has grown.

Not only do individual workers struggle with sudden changes and do their best to maintain efficiency in the new environment, but a significant portion of the problems are borne by the business itself. Companies are trying to adapt to the reality of remote workers, which are growing at an unprecedented rate.

In particular network security and network monitoring can create unforeseen difficulties for people who work remotely. Most corporate networks are not designed to handle the sudden increase in remote user activity, which can lead to errors and network disruptions, leading to security, functionality, and financial problems. Traditional solutions for network security and network monitoring fail to provide the necessary corporate requirements for users working from home. Therefore, companies must focus on ensuring the highest level of network security.

The Gartner report includes a recommendation section that includes a recommendation and how network security evolves towards zero-trust network access (ZTNA) principles. ZTNA is a service or product that allows users to securely access the services of an organization with the assurance that no attacker can gain access to applications. Under this model, users, devices, and applications are subject to validation every time they request access to any corporate resource.

Part of the functionality of ZTNA includes the provision of VPN, in addition to other services. ZTNA develops speed, flexibility and adaptability for remote access at a relatively affordable cost. To facilitate the remote user experience and reduce unnecessary traffic, ZTNA can be used as a powerful tool. It will help you successfully improve the security of your network and help reduce security risks or external tampering. Therefore, ZTNA is the ideal model for providing users with uninterrupted access without compromising security.

As corporate security experts, we recommend using ZoneZero from Safe-T. It is not only compatible with most of the leading VPNs that you likely already have in your organization, but it is also compatible with other components of your current network, including security solutions. ZoneZero provides users with authentication based on various factors, increasing the level of security and reducing the likelihood of threats. The solution also offers the ability to migrate from network access to application access to ensure users are not online.

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