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Review of the new version of NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0

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The network is the basis of a modern enterprise. If the network fails, troubleshooting will not be cheap, and the reputation will suffer. We often see examples of the negative impact of network failures when payment and communication systems fail, or when digital processes are shut down, requiring a return to manual configuration. And with the advent of rapid growth in work at home and remote work, the role of the network has grown significantly. Therefore, you need to use automation to manage and maintain your network.

Therefore, NetBrain has doubled its commitment to automate the scaling of network operations for any network, any specialist and any problem and has released an updated version of its platform with a significant list of new and unique functionality.

NetBrain is an adaptive network automation platform that provides instant visualization and analysis of critical data through integration with hardware and software, as well as with virtualization systems. NetBrain allows you to speed up the response and processing of various IT processes, serves as a universal interface and reduces the manual work of engineers with CLI.

With the release of the updated NetBrain v10.0, the company has expanded the industry's best set of tools for network automation with a wide range of new features that scale automation for end-to-end hybrid network operations.

NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 introduces innovative technologies, including Network Intention, Feature Decode, and Adaptive Monitoring, to enable network automation at scale. This release also streamlines the troubleshooting collaboration and escalation via a new Incident Portal and enhanced Smart CLI features. By incorporating the public cloud support – Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure – and enhanced Auto Update capabilities, NetBrain offers a more powerful and expandable platform than ever before. Other new features, including Feature Intent Template, SPOG with Cloud Management Tools, are also delivered in IEv10.0 to further enhance the troubleshooting automation.


Enterprises look to cloud networking to achieve agility and linear scalability, but often find operational inefficiencies make it difficult to get started. In many cases, they rely on siloed cloud monitoring tools that don’t provide true end-to-end visibility across the physical, virtual, software-defined, and multi-cloud segments of the network. NetBrain for Visual Multi-Cloud in v10.0 allows users to add Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure environments into their NetBrain deployment for true end-to-end network visibility, with additional cloud platform support coming in future releases.


Like cloud, SD-WAN is increasingly a mission critical part of enterprise networks. NetBrain continues to add support for market-leading SD-WAN solutions adding support for FatPipe in v10.0.


Enterprise network infrastructures operate by means of thousands of network designs, configurations, and tunings, all of which can be represented by a network intent. Intents include any network design, performance expectations, security policies, application paths, among other things. Intent-based automation is designed to automate around intents, opening the door to more complex network operations workflows through triggered, interactive, and proactive automations.


NetBrain 10.0 introduces the Feature Intent Template to accelerate automation creation and value. Operations engineers require flexible mechanisms that can scale to today’s multi-vendor, multi-platform environment. Feature Intent Template provides template-based feature decoding and automation building, enabling network operations team members to quickly scale automations across hybrid networks. This significantly increases the number of tasks and issues that can be addressed through automation.


When working with network data, enterprises need a robust no-code/low-code toolkit that not only allows network engineers to quickly create advanced automations, but also enables more people to develop these automations. Network automations no longer require years of coding experience.


Anyone who’s worked in network operations knows that troubleshooting is a team sport, pulling in players from across networking, applications, security, and other areas of IT, depending on the issue. Thus, teams should be able to share knowledge in real-time, using visual data to quickly resolve issues. With NetBrain’s new Incident Collaboration capabilities, we bring together dynamic maps with real-time messaging, so you can harness the knowledge and experience of your entire team to get to resolution. With Incident Portal, you can bring non-NetBrain users into the mix, sharing a secure URL to facilitate collaboration outside the Network Operations team when needed.

All of these new features complement NetBrain's existing automation and documentation capabilities, strengthening NetBrain as a platform for large-scale automated network operations. In the following review, we will look at the new features of NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 in more depth from a technical point of view.

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