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Advanced anti-DDoS solutions from A10 Networks are available for installation!


Whether we like it or not, our systems are in the zone of cyber warfare to one degree or another in today's environment. You must be prepared for the worst, as threats are waiting for their potential victims at every turn, and that' s why the iIT Distribution team understands how important it is to be committed to an ongoing process of customer protection.

Due to the temporary constraints on the supply of hardware from the leader in developing solutions for balancing traffic, network perimeter protection and optimization of IP addressing A10 Networks, we would like to draw your attention to high-performance anti-DDoS solutions A10 Thunder TPS, available for seamless and fast deployment in a virtual environment.

High scalability, performance and deployment flexibility make the vThunder TPS a leader among other cyber products for detecting / preventing DDoS attacks., This solution, depending on the type of license and hardware capabilities of the virtual environment, can work with up to 100 Gbps, supporting flow detection of up to 1.5 million frames per second.A wide range of implementations on any virtual platform (ESXi, KVM, Hyper-V) makes vThunder TPS easily adapted to all possible deployment options.

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We are ready to provide our customers with A10 Thunder TPS trial licenses with full functionality for the required term (pilot period, setup, and start-up periods). Please pay attention that after signing the contract for purchasing the solution, the license replacement will take minutes without causing the customer's system to stop. This also applies to other products from A10 (A10 Thunder ADC and A10 Thunder CGN).

iIT Distribution is an official distributor of A10 Networksproviding distribution and promotion of vendor's solutions in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia, as well as professional support in their design and implementation.


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