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The invitation to the third virtual forum of CrowdStrike


CrowdStrike, the world leader in endpoint protection invites everyone to join on the 17 - th of June the third CrowdStrike Virtual Forum 2021 to get a huge experience from the first people in the field of cybersecurity online!

This exclusive digital event provides an unparalleled opportunity to hear the opinion of a research team of security strategists and technical experts from around the world, as well as CrowdStrike customers who will share their experience in implementing and integrating CrowdStrike cybersecurity solutions and, which is important, impact on their business and results.

New threats appear every day, and the use of new generation technologies and methods — is the only way to stop criminals.

Why it is important to participate?

With the help of this forum you will learn how to transform effectively your security system, how to prioritize security and invest in it with a result oriented approach, how to protect and defend against the risks of information security breaches.

The program

Like cybersecurity the event is evolving at an exorbitant pace, and new speakers are being added to the CrowdStrike Virtual Forum discussion panel every day. You can always watch the latest program by the link.

We encourage you to pay attention to the speeches of CrowdStrike Product Director Amola Kulkarni and Humio Strategic Alliance Director Ken Green. Humio is the only journal management platform that provides complete real-time and full-scale tracking of all streaming logs and it is now a part of CrowdStrike. Through the collaboration of two leaders, Humio and CrowdStrike can open a enterprise-level solution that can handle the processing of large and ever-increasing amounts of event data, enabling organizations to collect, monitor, analyze and interact with all structured and unstructured data in their environment, which help to solve corporate IT tasks, including within the DevOps and DevSecOps models. You can learn more about the merger of Humio and CrowdStrike and its benefits for customers in our news by the link.

The most interesting cases

Business executives and security executives from companies such as Ernst & Young, the multinational human resources consulting firm Randstad, technology company MED-EL and even global universities will share their practical experience of using CrowdStrike products and the business results of their implementation.

The hottest and most anticipated event within the forum for partners and clients from Ukraine will be the speech of Adrian Pavlykevych, who is the Director of Information Security of ukrainian company SoftServe, which is known worldwide! It is an IT company working in the field of software development and consulting services. SoftServe has extensive experience in software development in the areas of Cloud, Security, UX Design, Big Analytics, Internet of Things.

Speed and flexibility in software development is of paramount importance for the company, as these factors allow better customer service and more effective competition in the market. But security is often seen as a barrier to DevOps, as many believe it hinders the rapid delivery of new applications and the ability to scale the infrastructure to meet business opportunities.

CrowdStrike knows how to implement the DevOps model without sacrificing security through automated compliance policies, detailed controls, and configuration management techniques.

In addition, the development of cloud technologies, as well as containers and microservices, has radically changed the way software is developed, but at the same time has led to new security risks that need to be considered. Organizations that want to integrate IT operations, the security team, and application developers need to make security a key component of the software development workflow. SoftServe will tell how they succeeded from its experience .

Choose the right tools for continuous security integration! Learn how CrowdStrike can help maintain the health and stability of your cybersecurity at CrowdStrike Virtual Forum 2021!



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