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Забезпечення кібербезпеки для віддалених користувачів

Ensuring cybersecurity for remote users

Given the revolutionary nature of the introduction of remote work, most companies have no time or the ability to qualitatively prepare for this kind of changes. Security issues were solved on the residual principle and many made only basic things in this direction, such as protection of connections with a corporate network using VPN. This is categorically insufficient - access details via VPN can be stolen by intruders or the user can connect from an infected device, putting the company's assets, not even realizing this.
Therefore, it is very important that the computer trying to connect to the corporate network has been protected. In the current situation, for this, the cloud solutions from Panda Security are better suited for this. These solutions are easy to implement and maintain a separate infrastructure. Panda Security allows the shortest possible time to ensure the safety of all end devices located both in the office and beyond.

Three reasons to use Panda Fusion 360:

  • The solution is cloud and does not require time and resources for deploying in the corporate network. The cloud control console allows you to obtain the visibility of all processes on all end devices that are outside the protected perimeter. It is enough for you to make sure that the Panda agent was installed on a finite host.
  • In addition to the endpoint protection functions, the product also provides the capabilities of an integrated RMM solution for centralized and remote control, control and maintenance of corporate networks, devices and IT infrastructure.
  • A subscription to use the product can be purchased for a period of one month (not for a year with payment monthly). Why it is convenient - think about the question that you will do with solutions that purchased to ensure the remote work of employees when quarantine will end. With Panda, you cannot spend extra money, and only the period you need to pay for this solution.

Panda Security will help solve the task of ensuring the remote work of employees:

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is the integration of two Panda cloud solutions, which can be purchased separately if necessary. The EPP functions perform one of the best solutions in Panda Endpoint Protection Plus, which offers simple and centralized protection based on profiles, recovery system, real-time reporting and monitoring, centralized control of devices and web monitoring with URL filtering. To combat targeted attacks and threats of the "zero day", the possibilities of solving Panda Adaptive Defense, which is an EDR cloud service that can unmistakably classify each application running on the company's computers by allowing the launch of only legitimate programs.

Panda System Management Panda System Management is a comprehensive RMM solution (Remote Monitoring and Management) for centralized and remote control, control and maintenance of corporate networks, devices and IT infrastructure. The product allows you to organize control, monitoring, inventory, remote support and reporting for laptops, mobile phones and tablets that are outside the protected perimeter and are often personal user device devices.

Panda Fusion 360 - bandl PАD360 + PSM

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