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Achieve petabyte-scale data protection with lightning-fast recovery!


Modern data protection and disaster recovery architectures require the minimum possible recovery time to ensure seamless data handling and application availability.

Infinidat InfiniGuard offers unmatched speed and reliability in data backup and restore capacity for high-performance business continuity and disaster recovery. Learn more about Infinidat by link. Built using the market-leading InfiniBoxto optimize performance and target-side dedup processing, InfiniGuard enables you to maximize effective capacity for multi-petabyte environments. Learn more about InfiniGuard or order a consultation on this solution by following the link. In this article we will consider all the benefits of the InfiniGuard backup solution!

Restore Speed: realize the fastest possible recovery time to ensure uninterrupted access and availability to your data.

CyberRecovery: protect your backup from malicious cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks and ransomware target backup solutions and storage with ease never before seen and backup is no longer the last line of defense. InfiniGuard’s CyberRecovery capabilities neutralizes the growing threats from ransomware into data centers of large companies, as well as cloud service providers, and provides high protection for the entire backup environment.

CyberRecovery capabilities help you fight back by protecting your backup with immutable snapshots that cannot be deleted, encrypted, or changed. Leverage InfiniGuard’s unique capabilities to validate your recovery environment and begin your recovery process near-instantaneously. As a result, you can be confident in your ability to recover from cyberattacks, technical malfunctions, or human error, without compromise to data integrity.

Reliability: attain exceptional reliability and security.

InfiniGuard is designed using the unmatched availability of the InfiniBox with an innovative self-healing architecture and redundant hardware components. Redundant deduplication engines, in an active/active/passive configuration utilizing stateless recovery, means a fast recovery of the engine state on the standby node if a primary node failure occurs; resuming normal backup/recovery operations quickly and with full data integrity.

Consolidation: reduce data center footprint and consolidate data protection.

With effective capacity up to 50PB+ and multiple protocol support (NFS, RMAN, OST, CIFS, and VTL), it is easier than ever to consolidate data protection for multiple systems in a single high-capacity solution. Consolidation with InfiniGuard also reduces data center footprint, lowers power and cooling costs — significantly reducing your data protection TCO.

Performance: accelerate restore performance for the most demanding applications.

Intelligent read-ahead caching, driven by massive parallelism, is core to InfiniGuard’s ability to address business continuity goals. Predictable performance, based on this next-generation cache management and efficient media orchestration, dramatically reduces restore times to meet the most demanding service-level agreements.

Ease of Management & Integration: simplify operations with InfiniGuard.

Built using the market-leading InfiniBox includes an easy and intuitive HTML5 GUI that makes typically complex backup, replication, and recovery operations simpler. The result is an enterprise data protection system that’s highly efficient and simple to manage. It supports most major backup applications already deployed in the data center.

Total Cost of Ownership: the market leader in price and performance.

InfiniGuard presents considerable savings in acquisition costs as well as operational costs. This solution has the lowest TCO for a solution at this usable/effective capacity. InfiniGuard subscription model is a proportional usage fee in which customers can increase or decrease usage as needed. As a result, customers receive a 100% guarantee of uninterrupted operation and secure data migration!

iIT Distribution qualified technical specialists (iIT Distribution is the official distributor of Infinidat in Ukraine)and Infinidat product managers are ready to provide any support to partners and customers at every stage of the project. To buy Infinidat InfiniBox or InfiniGuard backup, recovery and data protection solution, get advice on choosing a solution or additional information, please call +38 (044) 339 91 16, via the feedback form on the website or by e-mail [email protected]


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