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More than enterprise antivirus: the first and only SaaS solution that combines the capabilities of computer and mobile device protection (EPP), technology to detect and respond to targeted attacks, protection against cryptographers, unknown threats and vulnerabilities "zero day" ( EDR).

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Panda Adaptive Defense 360 — is an innovative enterprise cloud information security solution for PCs, laptops, servers, Exchange mail and Android mobile devices. It automates the processes of preventing, detecting, deterring and responding to any existing or potential complex attacks, unknown threats, encryptors, phishing, exploits that run in memory, and attacks that do not use malware, both inside and outside. outside the corporate network.

The solution differs from similar ones in that it combines a wide range of traditional endpoint protection technologies (EPP) with automated EDR capabilities, thanks to two services managed by Panda Security experts, which are provided as a function of the solution:

  • Service 100% classification.
  • Threat Hunting Threat Hunting and Incident Investigation Service (THIS).

Simplifies and minimizes the cost of advanced and adaptive security:

  • Managed services reduce the cost of experts. No false positives, no additional responsibilities.
  • Managed services automatically learn about threats - no time is required to configure manually.
  • Maximum prevention on end devices. Almost zero operating costs.
  • You do not need to install, configure, or maintain a local management infrastructure.
  • Lightweight agent and cloud architecture - no effect on endpoint performance.

Automates and reduces Dwell Time:

  • Prevents the launch of threats, unknown malware, encryptors and phishing.
  • Detects and blocks harmful activity in memory (exploits) before they can cause damage.
  • Detects harmful processes that are invisible to traditional preventive measures.
  • Detects and blocks hacking techniques and procedures.

Automates and reduces time for analysis and investigation:

  • Automatic and transparent recovery.
  • Prompt restoration of normal operation of the end device.
  • Visibility of criminals and understanding of their actions, which speeds up the investigation process.
  • Helps reduce the surface of the attack. Increases the level of security.

Automated and centralized advanced security


Traditional preventive technologies:

Traditional preventive technologies:
  • Personal or managed firewall. IDS
  • Device control and application control
  • Ongoing malware protection and on-demand inspection
  • Managed whitelists / blacklists
  • Previous heuristics
  • Web access control
  • Antispam and antiphishing
  • Anti-tamper software
  • Email content filter
  • Recovery and rollback

Advanced protection technologies:

Advanced protection technologies:
  • EDR: continuous monitoring of end device activity
  • Preventing unknown processes
  • Cloud machine learning behavior to classify ALL unknown processes (APT, encryptors...)
  • Cloudy sandbox in real environments
  • Behavioral analysis and detection of IoA (scripts, macros...)
  • Automatic detection and response to exploits in memory
  • Managed Threat Hunting for attacks that do not use malware

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 integrates traditional security technologies with innovative technologies to prevent, detect and automatically respond to complex and unknown cyber threats.

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