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Data loss prevention

Data loss prevention

Damage from leakage of various data and various information can be in any field of activity. Journalists of print media and television channels spend a lot of effort to be the first to learn exclusive news and convey it to their readers and viewers. They constantly run the risk that competitors may steal the sensational news and pass it off as their own, thereby distracting the audience. Any company engaged in the development of new products and services has information of limited access, which should not fall into the hands of competitors and requires reliable protection.

Protection of clients' personal data is necessary in the financial services sector, medical institutions, and public administration.

There are various methods, tools, forms and devices to protect important reports, documents and other confidential information in the enterprise, blocking technical channels of leakage and dissemination of restricted information, other data on the Internet, but before choosing them must be checked and audited enterprises. Intelligent IT Distribution specialists will help to carry out inspections in computer systems of Ukrainian enterprises, identify places where the most probable leakage of confidential personal data, information about the company's activities and ensure the protection of distribution channels.

How is it possible to protect the company and prevent information leakage through various channels?

Initially, technical methods of information protection were subject to requirements to prevent external influences on the activities of the enterprise, only later under the control of possible leakage were taken and internal distribution channels.
In recent decades, Ukraine has undergone a process of rapid computerization. Document flow in most firms and companies has long been translated into electronic form, and the necessary information is transmitted and received by employees using:

  • e-mail;
  • Internet networks;
  • printing;
  • removable media;
  • messengers.

Now you do not need to attend the meeting to hear the report, meetings are increasingly held in the form of video conferencing. Control of these information flows can provide special DLP systems. They are able to continuously analyze all transmission channels, identify data in the most modern ways and prevent their spread in suspicious cases. Such modern systems are brought to perfection, have a small number of false positives.

There is a fundamentally different way to secure IRM information. It is based on restricting employee access. In this case, all content has certain labels that correspond to the class of secrecy, so that it becomes available only to persons who have the appropriate rights to read, edit, copy, and so on. The best efficiency can be obtained by combining both systems. You can lose important information due to the penetration of malicious software into the company's computer network, accidental removal, and the archiving device will help to avoid this. Regular archiving will help to recover all the necessary data in case of loss.

The structure of different companies can differ significantly from each other. In small firms, all employees communicate more often with each other, and many issues are resolved through face-to-face meetings and live conversations. This method of business management is quite effective, because the leader is always at the center of events, has a good knowledge of all issues, but can not be implemented in large companies.

Intelligent IT Distribution - reliable security solutions

Employees of large international holdings and concerns, as a rule, can be located not only in different offices, but also in cities and countries, so they do not have the opportunity to communicate in person to resolve work issues. They communicate with each other through correspondence in e-mail, various messengers. Such methods are able to provide high speed content transfer, but confidential information is exposed to various threats. Intelligent IT Distribution is able to ensure the safe operation of any company with the help of modern software solutions from the most reliable developers.

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