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IIT Distribution received the status of distributor solutions RedSeal Networks in Ukraine


Company iIT Distribution has signed a distribution agreement with RedSeal Networks, Inc. - developer of software solutions in the field of information security intended for visualization and analysis of network security risks. As part of this agreement, the IIT Distribution team provides distribution and promotion of decisions in Ukraine.

Redseal is a corporate information security risk management platform that allows you to automate the process of collecting configurations of network devices (routers, switches, load balancing) and information protection tools (firewalls, attack prevention systems). Receiving a configuration is carried out by connecting to devices or read configuration files from a specified repository (CMDB, file resources). Based on the received REDSEAL information automatically builds an actual network card.

REDSEAL platform capabilities:

  • Detection in the automatic mode of network infrastructure components, their configurations and monitoring their condition, as well as the construction of the visual structural scheme of the corporate network of any complexity, indicating the routes of traffic, considering the rights of access to IT resources.
  • Analysis of changes in the components of the network infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities and vectors of possible attacks with detailed information on detected vulnerabilities and recommendations for their elimination
  • Providing compliance with both regulatory requirements (PCI DSS, NERC CIP, NIST 800-53, DISA STIG and HIPAA) and intended for users corporate Ib politicians
  • The only control panel, on which is reflected in the general IB risk index of the corporate network, calculated on the Digital Resilience Score methodology

"Currently, one of the main problems facing most of the information security departments is the lack of current information on network topology, as well as about the changes that occur in it, comments the director of the company IIT Distribution, Yuri Gatupov. RedSeal solution allows real-time to receive information about the configuration of network devices, build a virtual network model and analyze its current configuration for compliance with information protection requirements. Unlike other solutions, RedSeal allows you to evaluate information security not at the level of a separate network device, but at the level of the Network of the organization. That is why we stayed on the organization of strategic cooperation with RedSeal. Our technical experts are ready to familiarize partners and end users with the benefits of the RedSeal platform. "

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