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Data storage systems

Corporate storage systems

The characteristics of devices designed to solve the problem of data storage are constantly improving, there are new schemes and architectures of storage. There is no universal method of building a corporate storage system that would suit most companies. Only taking into account all the features of the company and its needs in information support will build a solution. However, there are basic principles and schemes that define the general methods of organizing work with information and determine the main types of corporate systems. Only after the organization has chosen one of the possible architectures, you should proceed to the selection of specific hardware models.

What are the systems and subsystems of data storage, their principle of operation - a review of effective solutions

Before implementing a new DSS at your company, you need to understand their varieties and principles of operation. A personal computer hard drive or hard drive is the first storage system, and despite the constant increase in its volume, this equipment in many cases no longer copes with its tasks. Modern centralized disk storage (DAS) can consist of 16 drives made outside the personal computer, can handle a large flow of information, but the speed of its transmission to other network users may not be high enough.

This problem was to be solved by a network data warehouse (NAS), the architecture of which allows you to work centrally with information using a highly specialized device integrated into the local network. However, over time, cloud storage began to require more volume, clear distribution of devices, increasing processing speed. To do this, SANs were made into a separate network, which looks like a large hard drive.

Which DSS to choose and where you can buy it profitably?

Modern data protection methods are responsible not only for the storage of information, but for its analysis, protection, archiving and recovery. In the real world, companies can't do without storage, they need to resort to new data protection methods technologies in order to be competitive in the market. Architectural features of different data protection methods do not allow to unambiguously allocate the leader, at the choice of the corresponding decision it is necessary to consider tasks with which it is necessary to cope. For small companies, you can limit the purchase of data protection methods organized by type DAS, because it:

  • easily implemented and managed;
  • has a low cost compared to other solutions.

But it does not have high reliability and has limitations on connecting servers.

A NAS-type system is fairly easy to connect and simple to administer. It is quite flexible and allows you to quickly increase the volume of information storage, it is easy to simultaneously access, no matter what operating system is installed on personal computers.

High speed and low latency can provide SAN. With its help it is possible to organize remote archiving and data recovery without any additional costs on your part, to unload a subnet from office traffic.

Every year, the amount of data used around the world is growing exponentially, and Ukraine is no exception. Computer accounting is now used at all stages of production of goods: from the receipt of raw materials in the warehouse to the release of finished products to customers. Many large companies use electronic document management, remote form of tax and accounting reporting. All this leads to the constant growth of electronic information that requires storage on a file server. Eventually, it runs out of space and any data is slowly extracted and recorded, and some is even lost during the hang. Then it is necessary to order the construction, connection or implementation of centralized storage and data processing (data center) systems of large volumes, the main function of which is to establish fast and uninterrupted transmission of information, its storage. Modern disk, software-defined, cloud and virtual storage systems allow for fast and reliable transfer of information and its storage, the company iITD (Kiev, Ukraine) offers its customers to buy inexpensive but effective solutions. It will not be easy to make the right decision to buy a product on your own, so it is better to turn to iITD specialists, who will help you make the best choice, taking into account all your needs. We are a supplier of software and hardware in the field of IT. The company specializes in building a professional security system and infrastructure using new technologies and software methods.

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