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iIT Distribution is the official distributor of Automox


The iIT Distribution team is pleased to announce a new partnership: we are now the official distributor of Automox - a cloud Patch management platform for managing and protecting endpoints!

Given the massive transition to remote work and cyberattacks, which have intensified recently, companies have to realize the fact that their processes are rapidly decentralized, including the work of IT teams. Companies of different sizes are faced with the task of managing devices and systems that differ greatly within the organization and go beyond it. They must support multiple domains, various additional software, and configuration and security requirements for all of these devices located around the world. And while the transition to cloud tools is already being successfully implemented in many organizations, installing updates, fixes, and endpoint management often still remains largely local.

That is why iIT Distribution starts distributing the Automox solution and makes it available to every organization in Ukraine. It is a comprehensive cloud solution for automated update / patch deployment for endpoints on Windows, macOS and Linux, which also provides support for third-party application updates. With the solution, your IT teams can easily deploy patches and updates to desktops, laptops, servers, other devices, and virtual machines using a single, intuitive web console.

Together with the Automox platform, IT professionals can scan endpoints for missing patches, automate the deployment of patches / updates in OS and third-party applications to eliminate security risks, collect information and monitor device status, and integrate this device and configuration data with platforms safety monitoring from other manufacturers.

The adjusted and automated process of management of updates allows to keep in advance reliability and operability of all infrastructure of the company at constant installation of updates and check providing the necessary level of information security. Appreciate all the benefits of using the Patch management platform Automox from iIT Distribution! Contact us via the feedback form on the website or request a demo of the Automox cloud platform in just a couple of clicks!

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