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The only APM solution that is built specifically for cloud-native microservice architectures. Instana uses automation and AI to instantly deliver important information to DevOps.

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Instana is a fully automated application performance monitoring (APM) solution that makes it easy to visualize and manage the performance of your business applications and services. For developers, Instana AutoTrace technology automatically captures the context, displaying all available programs and microservices without the need for constant additional configuration.

Instanta's solution differs significantly from others in its ability to automatically detect and monitor the ever-changing infrastructure used by modern applications, especially when it comes to launching container microservices. The solution is specially built for automatic cataloging and control of all components of the modern infrastructure of microservices. Thanks to Instanta, it is possible to obtain a fully tested and effective solution for professional monitoring of applications and infrastructure.

The main differences between Instana and other monitoring tools

  • The product has been designed from the beginning to monitor applications in a dynamic microservice environment (Kubernetes, OpenShift and others).
  • One agent per host automatically detects hundreds of supported systems and application components (without plug-ins and advanced settings).
  • Constant discovery of new services.
  • Automatic collection of metrics (no need to constantly describe manually).
  • Automatic collection of traces of each transaction for 10 languages (end to end).
  • Automatic construction of dependencies of components.
  • Automatic problem alerting (no need to adjust sensitivity thresholds).
  • Automatic detection of root cause problems with applications and infrastructure.

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Kubernetes / OpenShift automatic monitoring:

  • asily detects and monitors the entire stack for OpenShift, GKE, EKS, AKS, IBM BlueMix or other Kubernetes management platforms.
  • Does not require installation of plug-ins and manual adjustment.
  • Shows the status status of your Kubernetes platform in real time.

Automatic monitoring of microservices:

  • Automatically tracks and traces each request that passes by microservices (end-to-end).
  • Determines which services have the greatest impact on program performance.
  • Automatically records each error, correlates it with each request and analyzes.

Automatic container monitoring:

  • Easily detects and depicts all containers as they unfold and the relationship between them.
  • Shows the effect of each deployment or change, even in 1 second.
  • Identifies the source of problems anywhere on the stack.

Automatic monitoring of Cloud Native:

  • Gives full visibility to all your Cloud Native applications no matter where they are deployed.
  • Imports all cloud tags and labels to maintain correlation between monitoring data and the real environment.
  • Determines the impact of autoscaling and orchestral events to reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure.
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