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A10 Thunder CGN

An advanced operator-class solution that provides productive and transparent translation of network addresses and protocols. Allows service operators and large enterprises to expand IPv4 connectivity and make a smooth transition to IPv6.

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The solution is represented by a wide range of equipment from virtual platforms (vThunder CGN) to hardware, with a bandwidth of 370 Gbps (Thunder 7650CGN). The highly reliable Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) provides advanced functionality in a wide range of hardware form factors.

The A10 Thunder CGN line has a performance of up to 370 Gbps with the number of simultaneous sessions up to 512 million in one device, so it is characterized by the best performance in the industry and outperforms the nearest competitors by 2.5 times. At the same time A10 Thunder CGN has a minimum of weight, size and power consumption, which significantly reduces the cost of ownership of this equipment (TCO) compared to competitors.


Advanced IPv4 connectivity:

Address the lack of IPv4 addresses and extend the life of IPv4 network infrastructure to ensure the continued availability and reliability of critical applications and services.

IPv6 migration management:

Smooth transition to IPv6, supporting translation and tunneling between IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Ability to operate different protocols simultaneously, which allows operators to gradually introduce transition mechanisms as needed.

Scalability for IoT and BYOD:

The introduction of IoT and BYOD facilitates the rapid spread of devices connected to the Internet. This depletes the available IPv4 address space. Planning to meet the needs of IP addresses in expanding connectivity and scalability of the infrastructure to ensure continuity of service.

Decrease in total cost of ownership (TCO):

High performance in the compact form factor leads to a reduction in OPEX and CAPEX due to efficient use of rack space, reduced power consumption and cooling requirements.

Improving protection and availability:

Improve infrastructure security by protecting the NAT IP address pool from large-scale DDoS attacks. Ensuring high connection reliability through the use of application layer gateways (ALG) and other important features such as high availability (HA).

Flexible deployment options:

Ability to deploy Thunder CGN according to the software and hardware strategy of the organization: using a hardware device, a virtual device, a platform without an operating system and CGN containers.

The Rise of Multi-Vector DDoS Attacks

Management and integration

Thunder CGN deployments can be customized through centralized device management and third-party integration as needed. Thunder CGN software options provide fast deployment and flexible operation along with available high-performance hardware options.
  • Global governance based on analytics
  • Ready service for SDN and NFV
  • Hypervisor (software support)
  • Platform without operating system
  • The actual deployment of the container
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