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Infinidat — is the best choice for Gartner Peer Insights 2021 customers!


Infinidat has received the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice in the "Primary Storage Arrays" category.

The company becomes the owner of this award based on reviews and evaluations of customers and end users for the third year in a row!

This recognition is especially important for the manufacturer Infinidat, because the choice is made directly by customers. In total Infinidat has received 390 reviews (160 of which in the last 12 months) from verified customers with an average overall rating 4.9 stars of 5.

Companies recognize Infinidat for its reliability, performance, scalability, unique architecture and best support. There are some striking examples of reviews that have been used in hundreds of Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice ratings:

«We have Infinidat arrays that have emerged over the last two years, and their systems are great for our environment. We have moved from the old XIO to the Ibox and they work great. Infinidat support is the best, it's nice to solve any issues with them», – said the SZD administrator at the service company.

«Fantastic system, excellent performance, reliability and observability. During 25 years of working in the field of corporate storage, I have never met a supplier and a system with which it would be so easy to work», - said an expert in the field of IT infrastructure of large retail.

Infinidat creates products that have a huge impact on the success of people and organizations, because they help thousands of companies achieve more. The careers of millions of IT professionals and the work of IT - teams around the world depend on the quality and performance of these vendor products and services. That is why recognition from engineers and executives who use Infinidat's solutions on a daily basis is critical.

«We are delighted that the experience of our customers has led to the recognition of the best vendor for enterprise-class data storage in a highly competitive industry, – said Phil Bullinger, CEO of Infinidat. . – We not only provide large-scale innovative storage technologies to create a flexible private cloud, but also strive to provide exceptional customer service».

About Peer Insights

Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice — is an online - platform for vendor ratings verified by real customers. IT - professionals and management of departments and companies working with technology leave honest feedback and evaluate the various software products they work with. Because of this evaluation system Gartner Peer Insights helps company executives to make informed decisions about purchasing new technologies and for their suppliers — the opportunity to improve their products based on objective, unbiased feedback from their customers.

About Infinidat

Infinidat's software-focused architecture provides less millisecond latency, 100% availability, and scalability at a much lower total cost of ownership than competing storage technologies. To learn more about the manufacturer on our website. The company expanded its InfiniBox product line with the first 100% solid state technology of the InfiniBox SSA storage system recently, which allows to achieve 3 times more performance with 40% less delay. Tpo learn more about the innovative solution is possible by the link.

About iIT Distribution

iIT Distribution is the official distributor of Infinidat solutions in Ukraine. We provide the opportunity to order, buy, test or receive additional information about the vendor's solution. We also work closely with our partners to meet the needs of end customers and provide full support for the design and implementation of projects based on Infinidat solutions. We remind you that Infinidat has previously launched a new partner accreditation program that helps respond to complex requests from corporate customers. Improving the affiliate program helps to improve the quality of customer service and exceed their expectations. You can get acquainted with the intricacies of the affiliate program by the link or get advice from our certified professionals by filling out the feedback form on our website.


CrowdStrike took first place in the market share of Modern Endpoint Security 2020!


According to an IDC report, CrowdStrike is «on its track to become the first vendor to have annual revenue in the enterprise endpoint protection market to exceed $ 1 billion».

CrowdStrike took first place by the share of revenue in 2020 in the global market of corporate security endpoints according to IDC Worldwide Corporate Endpoint Security Market Shares. The report is further evidence of CrowdStrike's market leadership and demonstrates the proven effectiveness of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform as the company continues to outperform its competitors in performance, strategy and innovation.

The report said the COVID-19 pandemic facilitated a rapid transition to a remote work environment and forced organizations to prioritize increased costs for EDR solutions to enhance security in a high-risk environment. Organizations around the world have moved from local data centers to public clouds and expanded the need to protect both endpoints and workloads in their environments at a time when ransomware and phishing attempts were growing daily as attackers used the pandemic.

Unlike customers who choose other endpoint security vendors, those who choose CrowdStrike get the most out of crowdsourcing data, which can be scaled across enterprise networks and different ecosystems through the use of cloud and machine learning-based automation.

CrowdStrike is a pioneer in the field of modern endpoint security through innovations such as the introduction of the first and largest cloud knowledge base on security, which receives about 6 trillion unique data from endpoints per week. The CrowdStrike security cloud helps protect customers of all sizes with automated threat analysis and next-generation EDR.

According to Michael Suby, research vice president, Security and Trust at IDC, “The corporate endpoint security market is highly competitive and evolving. With threat actors relentlessly targeting end users and their devices as their first steps in attack campaigns, endpoint security is an essential first line of defense. As a first line of defense, organizations want more. They are expecting vendors to deliver a broader set of integrated and synergistic prevent, protect, and post-compromise detect and respond capabilities.”

CrowdStrike completely handles this. Customers get better protection, better performance, and lightning-fast payback with CrowdStrike from the Falcon cloud platform.

CrowdStrike recently took the lead in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant among endpoint protection platforms. In addition, CrowdStrike received the highest score in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Endpoint Protection Platforms Report. The company was also named the leader in endpoint security software in the Forrester Wave Q2 2021 report, receiving the highest scores on 17 criteria.

iIT Distribution is the official distributor of CrowdStrike. Our partners, customers and organizations of all sizes can get access to CrowdStrike Falcon, ordering a trial version from us.


A10 Thunder ADC application delivery controller in our warehouse!


In today's digital business environment, companies of all sizes and industries (financial institutions, service providers and cloud operators, retail, etc.) should remain flexible and innovative to compete, grow and thrive. They all manage large and critical applications. Without their reliable productivity and availability the work of employees can stop, customer service will become impossible which will cause the wave of disruptions in the work of the whole business. More than 40 percent of businesses report that one hour of downtime can cost their business between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.

All these requirements have led to such a decision as application delivery controller (ADC), has become one of the most important components of a modern digital infrastructure of any company. An application delivery controller can help maintain a high quality of user interaction by providing a unified approach to performance management, troubleshooting, and traffic optimization in complex environments with holistic visibility of devices, applications, policies and users.


Special application delivery controller Thunder ADC from the leader in the development and production of traffic balancing solutions A10 Networks ensures high availability, performance and security of applications. It is possible to learn more about the manufacturer by the link. The A10 Networks load balancer helps reduce network downtime, sustain business continuity, and create high-availability systems that span global data centers and numerous clouds. In addition the Thunder ADC lineup has the highest bandwidth in the industry when transmitting application traffic which makes this solution one of the best in the industry. Learn more about the Thunder ADC line by the link.

As part of its global web traffic management capabilities the A10 Networks load balancer can evaluate the performance and response time of each resource in your environment and then make smart adjustments to application traffic to prevent the impact of server failure on users. Also the A10 Networks ADC solution can help you use the public cloud as a backup for your on-premises data center by using global load balancing on the server to determine when and how to use that capacity and then redirect traffic accordingly.

While application performance and availability are key to choosing the right ADC, A10 Networks does not stop there and pays special attention to cybersecurity prevention.

Load balancers from this vendor provide the ability to apply uniform policy compliance schemes to each platform you use which simplifies the provision of the same consistent information security for applications and services:

  • Sequential authentication management on cloud and local platforms allows you to support the Zero Trust security model.
  • Thunder ADC security measures such as security analytics, DDoS attack protection, web application firewalls (WAF), modern SSL / TLS encryption standards and threat analysis provide a multi-tiered approach to cybersecurity for deep protection.

Thunder ADC can be applied as a virtual machine or container. Its placement is possible in the core of the network, in a multi-cloud environment (in private and public clouds). The A10 Networks application delivery controller supports a multi-user environment which allowing you to configure application delivery partitions (ADPs) that are virtual ADCs.


One of the representatives of the model range of load balancing solutions — А10 Thunder ADC 1040 already presented in our warehouse! This device can be commissioned to ensure efficient application delivery, load balancing and information security. In addition, the model 1040 can act not only as a controller: it contains carrier-grade NAT functions to expand the use of IPv4 address space and migration to IPv6. Using these various functions is possible by switching operating modes.

This decision:

  • load balancing at levels L4-L7;
  • provides several levels of security: WAF (Web Application Firewall) and DAF (DNS Application Firewall) functionality, single sign-on authentication (SSO), advanced encryption methods (including PFS / ECC).

Thunder ADC 1040 is characterized by high capacity, scalability and the ability to program to adapt to a constantly changing environment. This solution reduces the complexity of the network and the total cost of owning it.


By choosing a load balancing solution from A10 Networks you will get:

High application readiness.

Thunder ADC uses several load balancing techniques to efficiently distribute the workload across all available servers while constantly assessing the status of the program. Client requests are forwarded to servers that contain the required content and are able to respond as quickly as possible to requests for optimal delivery of applications and content.

Application protection.

Thunder ADC provides protection against zero-day attacks and other new application-level threats with WAF and DAF, and allows you to centrally manage several aspects of authentication, authorization, and accounting.

Advanced encryption capabilities.

Thunder ADC undertakes complex calculations related to the implementation of the latest cryptographic standards. This maximizes content protection, speeds up delivery and reduces infrastructure costs.

Management automation.

Thunder ADC allows you to fine-tune more than 1 000 individual partitions in your work to implement system policy rules for applications, services and users, as well as to consolidate devices.

Business continuity.

Thunder ADC performs the advanced function of global load balancing on servers (GSLB) to optimize the delivery of applications from different sites.

Competitive advantages.

Thunder ADC overcomes the negative effects of long delays in packet transmission over WAN- channels and inefficiency of programs, providing fast customer service.


iIT Distribution is the official distributor of solutions from A10 Networks. Request a demo of the A10 Thunder ADC application delivery controller or other products to ensure cybersecurity and deploy reliable, optimized, and secure services for your infrastructure on our site.

We work only with market leaders and innovators in their fields, so customers get the best products that solve specific problems, rather than imposing unnecessary functionality. The leadership of A10 Networks products is proven by numerous successful experiences of use by the largest telecom operators, cloud providers and companies from the Global Fortune 500 list worldwide!

Want to know more? All the necessary additional information will be gladly provided to you by our certified specialists! Contact us in any convenient way specified in the section "Contacts" on our site.


The first deliveries of Aruba network equipment


Recently, iIT Distribution received Aruba Certified Partner status, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company and began supplying and selling high-performance, reliable, durable equipment from Aruba — a world leader in wireless networking with a wide range of functionality. You can read the official press release about the beginning of the partnership between iIT Distribution and Aruba by the link.

Aruba focuses on wireless solutions, developing innovative products to ensure mobility in the corporate space. You can learn more about the manufacturer by the link. So in this way in our warehouse appeared the first positions of the Aruba equipment!

Network switches of the Aruba 6100 series

The Aruba 6100 line of switches — is an advanced family of entry-level switches based on the Aruba ASIC architecture with the CX operating system, designed for corporate small and medium business networks.

On the Aruba 6100 12G PoE Class4 2G / 2SFP + 139W L2 switch you can build a small office or branch office network with 1Gb links. The switch ports support Roe (Power over Ethernet) functionality up to 139W. This means that both PCs and camcorders, wireless access points, IP phones, and other equipment that supports Roe functionality can be connected to the switch througt the Ethernet. This switch has a high bandwidth (up to 45 million packets / sec), compactness and no fan. High functionality, ease of installation and ease of management make this switch one of the best on the market.

Aruba gateways of the 9000 series

Aruba 9000 series gateways provide high network performance, SD-WAN and security features in a compact and economical form factor. Ideal for branches and small campus networks. The gateways of this series provide a key role in the Aruba SD-Branch solution, which combines WLAN, LAN, SD-WAN and security for distributed enterprises. Designed with the flexibility to support the most demanding branch environments and they are up to 10 times the maximum bandwidth of typical SD-WAN devices.

The versatility of the Aruba 9004 (RW) Gateway allows it to work as a router, wireless access point controller, SD-WAN device, firewall, VPN hub, etc.

Management of these network devices is possible both from the console, and through software Aruba AirWave or Central, which can also be purchased from us as from a certified partner Aruba. Learn more about the benefits of a cloud solution for monitoring, managing, controlling and optimizing all nodes based on Aruba Central artificial intelligence by the link.

Aruba access points

In addition that we expect the delivery of Aruba AP-505 (RW) and Aruba AP-303 (RW) access points soon, on which you can build a full-fledged, multifunctional wireless network of a small office or branch.

Aruba network access points provide the convenience of expanding and scaling networks while maintaining security and performance. They allow you to manage and protect your network without having to control its individual components. Aruba offers both simple devices for providing basic functionality of the Wi-Fi network, and very powerful, for networks with a large number of users and speeds up to 1.73 Gbps, as well as secure models for work in harsh conditions, such as the open air.

By purchasing network equipment of these series, you get ease of operation, reliable and long-lasting network operation at the optimal budget. Because of these solutions companies can upgrade their network, reach a new level of fast and secure connection of new devices and processing lightning-fast traffic.

Like the official partner of Aruba, we are constantly expanding our product range and making solutions from the global brand available to end customers throughout Ukraine.

You can find out if you are currently available or purchase Aruba equipment by calling us on our website or by filling out a short feedback form. Our highly qualified specialists will promptly provide you with complete information and advice on Aruba solutions for building corporate networks of any scale, as well as help with the audit of your existing infrastructure and the selection of optimal solutions for your business!


A series of training workshops from CrowdStrike


The best way to learn about technology is to test it in your own realities. This is exactly the opportunity provided by the company CrowdStrike - a world leader in the field of protection of terminal devices! The company provides overview access to its main solution - the platform Falcon - the first in the field of cloud platform for protection of end devices, and creates a series of interactive workshops!

At its webinars, CrowdStrike will present various aspects of using the Falcon platform in 45-60 minutes. The workshops will feature three streams of interactive seminars that will allow you to fully familiarize yourself with the company's product: familiarization with CrowdStrike Falcon, responding to threats in real time and their detection.


In this workshop, participants will learn about the Falcon Platform by simulating a real attack scenario: an Mummy Spider attacker will break into an organization where he will look for a network port that is used to block it. Participants will navigate the console, read the prompts and mark the features that are presented in Falcon X, Falcon Prevent and Falcon Insight.


At the workshop, participants will learn part of how to fix an attack and learn about the Falcon Console by actively detecting various types of attacks. The goal is to work out attack scenarios and effectively stop violations. After testing the active detection feature, participants will open the RTR console and move from the main tasks in the RTR to the more advanced features available in the Falcon Console.


Participants will begin a threat warning workshop and receive interesting information, after which they will continue to investigate the incident. The basic principles of threat detection will be presented using the Falcon Console. Participants will also learn the value of using a visual search for compromise indicators compared to standard IOC analysis and will be able to assess the importance of integrating these search results with CrowdStrike Intelligence.


The CrowdStrike Falcon solution is the only cloud security platform for single-agent endpoints on the market. It integrates easily into the existing environment, allowing the security team to effectively detect and block malicious activity, preventing negative impact on organizations by protecting next-generation SaaS-based endpoints. Thanks to the interactive seminars, you will be able to get acquainted with the functionality of the platform, test the work, emulate the prevention of the attack: from its penetration, investigation of the incident, and to its neutralization.


Our partners will be able to:

  • increase their knowledge in the field of innovative methods and tools to protect against the latest attacks;
  • increase their competencies and skills in implementing and supporting CrowdStrike solutions for end customers;
  • note the value of using the Falcon platform compared to competing solutions.

End users will be able to:

  • get acquainted and test the work of the Falcon platform;
  • work out live scenarios of incidents and their investigation;
  • evaluate the ease and speed of deployment and operation of the platform;
  • identify weaknesses and blind spots in the existing cyber security infrastructure of the enterprise and take the necessary measures to eliminate them.

Workshops will take place every Wednesday. You can follow the current schedule on our website in the section "Events and webinars". Choose a convenient time and register!

It is necessary to remind that iIT Distribution is the official distributor of CrowdStrike, which provides distribution and promotion of solutions in Ukraine, as well as professional support for their design and implementation. We always provide the necessary level of information support to our partners and customers for each product and solution and are ready to provide advice on any issues to improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and its protection.



CrowdStrike has become the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021 for the second time among endpoint protection platforms!


Gartner has recognized CrowdStrike as a leader in endpoint security (EPP) security vendors.

CrowdStrike became the only company that not only maintained its position as a leader, but also for the second time in a row took the best position among Visionaries in Magic Quadrant EPP! This demonstrates the extent to which CrowdStrike is committed to meeting the needs of companies around the world and helping them to stay ahead of the changing threat landscape.

This quadrant evaluates innovations that enable organizations to protect their corporate endpoints from attacks and hacks. The development of technologies and practices in this area is due to two trends: the growth and complexity of attacks on endpoints and the sudden surge of remote work. As a industry pioneer, CrowdStrike continues to set standards and change the way organizations deal with security threats. That's why no other vendor has been able to reach CrowdStrike's explosive trajectory within this quadrant.This quadrant evaluates innovations that enable organizations to protect their corporate endpoints from attacks and hacks. The development of technologies and practices in this area is due to two trends: the growth and complexity of attacks on endpoints and the sudden surge of remote work. As a industry pioneer, CrowdStrike continues to set standards and change the way organizations deal with security threats. That's why no other vendor has been able to reach CrowdStrike's explosive trajectory within this quadrant.

"This recognition of CrowdStrike's Falcon platform shows that organizations seek to adapt to the complexities of today's work environment through a cross-cutting platform that offers them the security transformation they need to thrive.", - said Michael Sentonas, CrowdStrike CTO.

Falcon includes an EDR product that focuses on detection and response capabilities to identify and address complex threats; at the same time, it also has a malware prevention file system that uses static and behavioral machine learning to protect against known threats. CrowdStrike continues to invest in additional features, such as the acquisition of Preempt Security and Humio for its platform, advanced firewall management, and mobile security options.


  • CrowdStrike Falcon provides all the basic features of EPP in one agent. Customers appreciate the low use of resources and opportunities for integration with additional third-party solutions. Also note the easy-to-use management console and simplified deployment experience.
  • CrowdStrike has a strong reputation in the marketplace as the only endpoint protection solution for organizations looking to integrate their agents / EPP and EDR solutions. Falcon X threat analytics and Threat Graph cloud data analytics allow you to detect complex threats and analyze user and device data to detect abnormal activity.
  • CrowdStrike is widely known for its brand and has earned a reputation for its professional services. Falcon OverWatch and Falcon Complete are very popular with customers who do not have their own SOC / threat detection teams and those who want to develop their own internal security teams.
  • CrowdStrike has a client base that is highly attacked by attackers. As a result, the company is constantly adapting to changes in attack methods and has achieved positive results in MITER Phase 2 with a consistent definition of tactics and methods.

In addition, CrowdStrike has the highest rating among vendors reviewed in Gartner Peer Insights' Voice of the Customer reports on endpoint attacks detection and response solutions for 2019 and 2020.


A world leader in cybersecurity, rethinking security for our new, cloud-based era through an end-to-end and workload protection platform designed to prevent hacking. The architecture of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform with a single light agent uses cloud artificial intelligence (AI) and provides real-time protection and transparency across the enterprise, preventing attacks on endpoints and workloads on or off the network. CrowdStrike Falcon, based on its own CrowdStrike Threat Graph, correlates in real time over 5 trillion endpoint-related events from around the world, providing one of the world's most advanced data platforms for security. With CrowdStrike, customers get better protection, better performance, and immediate payback with the Falcon cloud platform. Learn more about CrowdStrike by the link.


2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

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Infinidat is launching a partner accreditation program


Infinidat, a leading independent manufacturer of petabyte storage systems, announces the launch of an accreditation program for partners around the world!

The new program, designed to train and assist in business development, consists of several educational online courses. Accreditation will help partners respond to complex corporate customer inquiries with Infinidat storage solutions. With Infinidat's new accreditation program, partners now have the opportunity to demonstrate to end-users that they have been trained, tested and accredited to sell Infinidat storage products.


It consists of four tracks, which ultimately lead to full accreditation:

  • Partner-Ready,
  • Sales Accreditation,
  • Tech Accreditation,
  • Solutions Track.

Starting this month, partners will have access to a choice of two of the four available tracks to help learn how to sell Infinidat and make money. Partners will have the opportunity to use them to achieve full accreditation by October 2021. And already in the fall Infinidat will expand the course program with deep knowledge to complete the technical accreditation. For example, topics such as virtualization / containerization, data protection, and the Cloud will be included as separate accreditations.

Infinidat cooperates with integrators and companies that create their own solutions based on Infinidat and provides them with training and support for over 10 years. The emergence of an affiliate program is a logical step, as Infinidat is constantly evolving and has recently become even more closely involved with large organizations. These changes will cover a wide range of product knowledge and customer engagement scenarios. The new accreditation program will help increase the readiness of partners to provide assistance to corporate customers and cloud service providers.

As an official distributor of Infinidat, iIT Distribution is pleased to provide professional advice on Infinidat solutions, as well as full support in passing this accreditation to its partners. We have already prepared for you information with a detailed program of each of the four tracks, which ultimately lead to full accreditation as a partner.

iIT Distribution helps its partners build partnerships and friendships with the world's leading manufacturers of unique solutions in the market of IT infrastructure and cybersecurity, which lead to ten years of cooperation and amazing results!

Contact us in any way convenient for you and we will provide you with a detailed overview of the accreditation program and professional support!

Learn more about Infinidat


iIT Distribution is the official distributor of Lookout


The iIT Distribution team has signed a distribution agreement with Lookout!

Lookout — a leader in the field of mobile security for more than ten years. It is the only provider of mobile threat protection that has been on the Forbes Cloud 100 list for four years in a row!

Lookout provides and empowers our digital future in a privacy-focused world where mobile devices are needed for everything we do for work and play.

Lookout security platform protects mobile devices from malicious applications, extortionists, phishing, providing endpoint protection, vulnerability management and zero-trusted network access.

Lookout uses artificial intelligence to analyze telemetry data from nearly 200 million devices and over 120 million applications, so you can not worry about your mobile security.


Thanks to a study of more than 100 million analyzed programs, Lookout has the world's largest set of mobile data, which provides visibility of the full range of mobile risks. This allows Lookout to maximize control over the risks associated with applications. This security platform creates an imprint of each mobile device and compares it with the data of more than 185 million devices for continuous protection against mobile risks. Every day, the company tests more than 100,000 new applications. Lookout customers use Lookout App Risk to quickly detect risky application behavior and dynamically reject applications to protect their organizations.

The Lookout solution not only provides multi-level protection, but is also a mobile threat management (MTM) technology, widely used in organizations that strive for a zero-confidence model. Thanks to its competitive qualities, IDC MarketScape for Mobile Threat Management Software has named Lookout a leader for the third year in a row.

Many modern users are increasingly choosing mobile devices as their primary way to communicate with the network, including for workflows. It is obvious that cybercriminals have long regarded mobile devices as one of their priority goals. That's why protecting mobile devices is just as important as protecting any other device on your corporate network.

Learn more about Lookout


iIT Distribution expands its portfolio with networking solutions from Aruba Networks


We provide supplies for the entire product line of the vendor, which is annually ranked among the leaders in the wired and wireless access networks market according to IDC MarketScape and Gartner Magic Quadrant (the leader of the quadrant for 15 years in a row!).

Aruba is a leading provider of innovative solutions for access control, network infrastructure, data network equipment (access points, controllers, routers and switches) and mobile applications for corporate networks. Aruba recently launched a line of devices that support the new wireless standard, Wi-Fi 6.

The technologies and approaches of this vendor make it possible to very quickly deploy and easily manage wireless data transmission networks. Aruba solutions are characterized by low cost of ownership relative to offerings from other manufacturers, versatility of use, ease of deployment and maintenance (installation, configuration and configuration of equipment takes little time) and high level of security. These characteristics have made the demand for Aruba solutions in the corporate sector consistent with strong leadership and worldwide recognition for over a decade.

2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure Report 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure Report.

iIT Distribution company forms its product portfolio in such a way that partners and customers can get the best and most popular solutions for their projects. Having expanded it with products in the field of network infrastructure, our specialists are ready to provide partners with qualified advice on the choice of Aruba equipment, considering specific requirements, business tasks and goals.

To learn more about Aruba


IIT Distribution received the status of a Business Partner in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise affiliate program


Obtaining this status opens even more opportunities for our partners to implement projects based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions, as well as receive qualified support from our specialists. By joining our efforts to drive innovation, we help our customers keep pace with today's economic reality.

HPE Business Partner status means that our specialists have been trained, successfully passed exams and have the skills and experience to ensure the most effective development of corporate IT infrastructure of enterprises.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a leading global manufacturer of software and hardware solutions for creating IT infrastructure of any level. HPE technologies improve the performance, efficiency and security of your IT infrastructure, making it responsive and flexible in the face of rapidly changing competitive environments. The company is a leading provider of servers, storage systems, wired and wireless networking equipment, converged systems, software services and cloud technologies. Hewlett Packard Enterprise tirelessly continues to innovate and improve best-in-class products.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise includes Aruba is the premier manufacturer of wireless networking equipment and other advanced networking equipment. Today Aruba is one of the three absolute world leaders in this segment. Aruba solutions have earned thousands of companies' commitment to being highly secure, easy to deploy and integrate with existing networks, and easy to manage and maintain.

As an official partner we have a unique opportunity to help clients at all stages of their transition to new hybrid technologies we guarantee high-quality consulting and implementation of enterprise-class solutions based on the manufacturer's technologies.

To learn more about Aruba solution


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