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Why should hosting providers pay attention to Infinidat data storage solution? Practical experience of use

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Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise-class storage solutions, noted that Virtual Data Corp. (VDC) a managed cloud hosting provider has been running smoothly for the past two years using the InfiniBox platform. This high availability allowed the VDC to combine multiple arrays into one for ease of management and cost savings without any disruption. At the same time VDC expanded its storage capabilities with InfiniBox beyond the petabyte to flexibly leverage storage as needed and to support the company's growth strategy.

The move to the InfiniBox storage platform has retooled high-quality, state-of-the-art VDCs in Canada. As an IT solutions provider, VDC provides customers in Canada, the United States and worldwide with public and private cloud hosting, cloud backup, managed server hosting and disaster recovery.

The company was able to combine five to six SANs into a single SAN, thereby simplifying the management of each individual SAN. In addition, VDC has moved on to the broad range of integrations and capabilities that the Infinidat storage platform provides with VMware and Veeam, in particular a disaster recovery (DR) solution.

With 24/7 hosting providers operating in an ever-growing data and workload environment, VDC appreciated the ability to pay for storage incrementally in response to growing business needs. Infinidat provides the ability to purchase and use storage when needed, giving customers a complete picture of their budget.

“The increasing data usage of VDC customers and other service providers has created a significant need to rescale storage capacity. Because we treat our customers as partners, our service and support team calls VDC monthly to help maximize the capabilities of the InfiniBox platform. The predictability, low total cost of ownership, and ease of use that VDC has gained are also enjoyed by all of our customers. "Steve Sullivan, executive vice president of sales at Infinidat.

Infinidat helps businesses and service providers scale their competitive advantage with petabyte data. Infinidat's architecture provides 100% availability and scalability with a significantly lower total cost of ownership than other vendors' solutions.

To read the full VDC case, click here.


The ZTNA model helps reduce the stress loading of employees from remote work

Articles and reviews

As a result of the current pandemic, there are more and more people who must adapt to working at home. At the same time, many businesses are beginning to realize that these changes can be long-term.

Recent report of Gartner "The Best Networking Solutions for Telecommuting " (September 2020), contains a chart showing the percentage of employees who worked remotely before the pandemic and now. As you can see, the number of such employees has grown.

Not only do individual workers struggle with sudden changes and do their best to maintain efficiency in the new environment, but a significant portion of the problems are borne by the business itself. Companies are trying to adapt to the reality of remote workers, which are growing at an unprecedented rate.

In particular network security and network monitoring can create unforeseen difficulties for people who work remotely. Most corporate networks are not designed to handle the sudden increase in remote user activity, which can lead to errors and network disruptions, leading to security, functionality, and financial problems. Traditional solutions for network security and network monitoring fail to provide the necessary corporate requirements for users working from home. Therefore, companies must focus on ensuring the highest level of network security.

The Gartner report includes a recommendation section that includes a recommendation and how network security evolves towards zero-trust network access (ZTNA) principles. ZTNA is a service or product that allows users to securely access the services of an organization with the assurance that no attacker can gain access to applications. Under this model, users, devices, and applications are subject to validation every time they request access to any corporate resource.

Part of the functionality of ZTNA includes the provision of VPN, in addition to other services. ZTNA develops speed, flexibility and adaptability for remote access at a relatively affordable cost. To facilitate the remote user experience and reduce unnecessary traffic, ZTNA can be used as a powerful tool. It will help you successfully improve the security of your network and help reduce security risks or external tampering. Therefore, ZTNA is the ideal model for providing users with uninterrupted access without compromising security.

As corporate security experts, we recommend using ZoneZero from Safe-T. It is not only compatible with most of the leading VPNs that you likely already have in your organization, but it is also compatible with other components of your current network, including security solutions. ZoneZero provides users with authentication based on various factors, increasing the level of security and reducing the likelihood of threats. The solution also offers the ability to migrate from network access to application access to ensure users are not online.

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New Forrester study shows all the economic benefits of using the Falcon Complete!

Articles and reviews

A recent large-scale study commissioned by Forrester Consulting commissioned by CrowdStrike, entitled “The Overall Economic Impact of Using CrowdStrike Falcon Complete,” uncovered the full benefits of CrowdStrike's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) approach.

Based on customer surveys, independent analysis, and financial simulations, Forrester estimates that a customer can save nearly $ 6 million in 3 years, representing an estimated return on investment (ROI) of 403% for Falcon Complete with a ROI in less than three months.

In interviews with a diverse group of Falcon Complete customers, Forrester assessed several distinct benefits that organizations can benefit from using Falcon Complete:

    • Operational efficiency and expansion.
      Organizations gain additional capabilities equivalent to 11 full-time SOC analysts.

    • The risk of being hacked is significantly reduced.
      Forrester's analysis found that the proactive management and customization provided by the Falcon Complete team, coupled with CrowdStrike's breach prevention guarantee, almost eliminates information security risks.

    • Eliminate redundant tools.
      CrowdStrike provides improved protection and performance while reducing costs by replacing many other security tools.

    • Reduced downtime due to security incidents.
      Falcon Complete can fully remediate violations in minutes, rather than relying on reimaging or replacing compromised endpoints.

Naturally, it is necessary to evaluate all the advantages in terms of the cost of certain solutions. Throughout its research, Forrester closely monitored the costs incurred by security services throughout the endpoint security lifecycle, including costs associated with:

    • acquisition and deployment of endpoint protection technologies;

    • 24/7/365 global monitoring and control;

    • 24/7/365 proactive threat search;

    • complete remediation and recovery of systems affected by incidents;

    • service and customization.

Comparing these overarching costs to the benefits organizations get from using Falcon Complete, Forrester has posted an astounding 403% ROI on the product.

More importantly, none of the organizations surveyed reported any serious intrusions since partnering with CrowdStrike Falcon Complete. As a result, Falcon Complete delivers amazing security results at a price far lower than purchasing and creating similar enterprise security environments with other solutions, manpower, and maintenance costs.

You can read the full study here.


Compliance with cyberrisk insurance

Articles and reviews

The threat of data leaks is now an important component of the operational risk of corporations, which is why data security insurance is in great demand. This area is showing rapid growth, its volume will soon become multibillion in US dollars.

Data insurance includes:

    • Data breach cases when unauthorized access to confidential, vulnerableor classified data has been obtained.

    • Data loss due to negligence or data leakage.

Most often, insurance covers legal costs, losses incurred, settlement of obligations in relation to customers or individuals who have suffered because of data breaches.

The cyber insurance contract warranty is not only about direct damages caused by data breaches. The current approach to data security regulation suggests that companies may have serious legal obligations in the event of a leak of confidential information.

Business at risk

The standards of modern data regulation, the European GDPR and the California CCPA, require a "secure by design" approach to the handling of confidential information (that is, data security must be ensured when developing software).

Thus, corporations are responsible for the storage and use of their customers' personal information. Data Security Insurance helps companies minimize risk and adhere to international best practices.

But data insurance is not easy to get.

As with other forms of insurance companies require companies to comply with safety standards. That is to qualify for this level of security, companies must demonstrate that they have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the security of their systems.

Role of DLP (Data Loss / Leakage Prevention)

Data loss protection plays an important role in compliance and data security insurance.

First, DLP strengthens the company's compliance control. While the installation of a DLP platform is not required by data regulation standards, experts point out that DLP is an important factor in demonstrating a company's efforts to protect its data.

That in the event of a data breach company executives will be able to point to these actions as evidence that modern and effective security measures have been taken.

Second, it will be easier for a company to insure its data. Insurance providers are unlikely to want to do business with companies that do not use corporate data loss prevention software.

Compliance with GTB standards

DLP GTB provides users with significant data security optimization benefits.

The artificial intelligence (AI) platform offers customers a high level of protection against data loss, ensuring that company processes comply with all current regulatory standards.

With the help of GTB, the company can take care of the level of confidentiality, which is the reason for the current regulation of the safety of the people, to seize their most valuable resources, as well as to change the potential of the specialists in the sphere of results.

About iITD:

The company Intelligent IT Distribution (iITD) is a classic Value-Added Distributor, which is a good service for the development of the IT system, as well as the service provided by the project support. iITD is the official distributor of GTB Technologies products in Ukraine.  

In English GTB Technologies
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PandaLabs Report: Understanding Threats 2020

Articles and reviews

In the Antivirus laboratory Pandalabs, Panda Security, registered and analyzed 14.9 million malicious events, stopping 7.9 million potentially unwanted programs (PNPs), as well as 76,000 exploit warnings intended for use of vulnerabilities in applications, networks or equipment to describe the basic threats of IB and trends in the report.

In 2020, the protection of finite devices from known threats will not be enough. IT Environment must be protected from unknown threats too, because they are trying to stay in the shade. For this it should review their IB strategies. New threats require a transition from one-tech IB to multi-level solutions using (in addition to other functions) behavioral monitoring to eliminate constant threats of increased complexity (APT), invalid attacks and other malicious activity.

To read the full-version of a report >>>.

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Lepide Remote Worker Monitoring Pack is a simple in deployment and lightweight security platform, which offers immediate protection of business data during an unforeseen period of remote work.

Articles and reviews

It is not surprising that in the current situation, the technical complexity of ensuring the protection of information has increased repeatedly. Traditional "perimeters", and without the blurred cloud solutions and BYOD were in fact completely destroyed. It is not enough to simply protect the perimeter. Now the safety of a large amount of data on the end devices, which are behind the protected perimeter and are often personal gadgets of users.

Lepide Remote Worker Monitoring Pack is a simple in deployment and lightweight security platform, which offers immediate protection for the business during an unforeseen period of remote work.

The main advantages of the product:

  • Data security support - Control as data and resources are used to ensure data security and avoid data leakage.
  • Early risk detection - follow important tasks, detect anomalous behavior of users and take immediate measures to curb threats.
  • Improving productivity - identify those workers who perceive work from home as an excuse for you can do anything.

Platform functions:

  • Monitoring sessions - imperceptible monitoring and recording of user sessions and audit of the entrance and exit system.
  • User behavior monitoring is a detailed control log for each user interaction with confidential data, custom reports.
  • User behavior analytics - analysis of user behavior and identify anomalies with alerts in real time.
  • Protection of confidential data - classification of confidential data and access control using Zero Trust model.
  • An audit of the entry / exit from the system - the control of employee productivity is maintained by tracking the input and output from the system.
  • Self-service portal for AD - allows users to change their own passwords to AD through a safe portal.

To learn more about the solutions Lepide Remote Worker Monitoring Pack.

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